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Soma Simplicity Retreat
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Soma Simplicity Retreat

With great pleasure, our 8th annual Soma Summit is a Simple Nia Retreat with Helen Terry

Enjoy a weekend retreat guided by one of Nia’s fabulous trainers here at Soma Ranch, in the heart of Texas. 

You are invited to a remarkable experience with Helen Terry, with a splash of pizzaz grand finale from a Team of great Nia teachers. (a jam class!)


Treat yourself to weekend of simple Nia ease and fun.

Soma Ranch Owner and Nia training faculty member Helen Terry invites you to a fabulous Nia retreat where you

  • connect with like minded Nia fans
  • make new friends, dance and play
  • have fun, eat great/healthy food and relax
  • explore how to simplify, adapt and hone your Nia skills.

Deepen your Nia Practice

Come experience how to simplify Nia routines, how to learn Nia routines rapidly, how to adapt Nia routines and hone your Nia 52 moves skills.

We're shifting gears for the 8th Annual Soma Summit at Soma Ranch with simplification as our focus. Enjoy a weekend retreat of exploration with Helen Terry. Beginners through all the colors of the belts come together to have fun and dive deeper into their Nia practice.

  1. Learn the Nia 52 moves
  2. Simplify how to learn Nia routines
  3. Create Nia experiences with a simple “one Kata per song” technique. 

Bathe in the Joy with a Nia Grande Finales Jam, led by an assortment of Nia teachers.  

Discover how you can bring more Joy and Aliveness into every cell of your body, every day of your life.

Soma Summit is an epic annual event. Enjoy a weekend for your Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit.

Party includes the invitation to Boogie by Bonfire, Swim in the moon light, Roast S’mores over Fire Pit, Dance and Play! 


The Retreat includes the entire program, meals and accommodation.

We have open classes Friday 7:30 - 8:30pm Saturday 10:00 - 11:00am Saturday 7:30 - 8:30pm

$15 drop in or 3 for $30

and Team Taught Nia Jam Sunday 2:00 - 3:00pm

$20 drop in

3 Day Inclusive Retreat, Non Residential $295

3 Day Incl. Retreat, Shared Accommodation $395

3 Day Incl. Retreat, Semi Private Accommodation $495

3 Day Incl. Retreat,  Private Accommodation $595

Sunday 1:00 - 2:30 p.m., Jam: Team Nia Class $20

Spaces limited to 18 residential & 4 non residential.

Here’s a taster slideshow of our 2011 Soma Summit: Men of Nia Retreat

Transportation Recommendations ~
Fly into Houston, IAH.

Arrive at airport by 2pm Friday 9/22, Depart from airport after 5pm Sunday 9/24
Friday: Arrive by 2pm, for 3pm limo pick up, to arrive at Soma Ranch by 4pm.
Sunday: Depart after 5pm. Limo leaves Soma Ranch 3pm, arrive at IAH 4pm.
(cost of the ride is split by passengers, about $30 per person)

Plan B. 
Rent a car (often very reasonable) enjoy the 1 hour drive to Soma Ranch and freedom.

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