If you want to know stillness move until you are unmoved by it!

I was deeply touched, first by a dance performance by Tate McRae, and again when choosing to transcribe the words shared by John Butler in an interview by Iain McNay. (it's the voice over in the dance performance). As we step into this Memorial Weekend I invite you to entertain stillness, engage presence of mind to truly BE in the experience and have an extraordinary time. Find things to do that engage you completely for sustained periods so your ability to be there, just be there, starts to return. If you're near Houston I can help this happen! Come dance! I'm teaching Rock Opera at 8am and Medicine Woman at 9:15am at NiaMoves

I run, I swim laps, and appreciate the level of stillness created in my mind from the endless monotony of these activities.

I also LOVE how the multi skilled task, of teaching a Nia class, demands I must go to an intensely silent place in my mind. The experience feels like I'm at the center of a whirling storm of senses, thoughts and feelings. I'm in a silent still place with the constant flow of potentially distracting random, unique things occurring constantly (music, moves, ideas, people, expression, noises, memories, nervousness), a well of inspiration I can draw from at any time without feeling the necessity, or desire, to "attach" at any time. It's a fabulous "vacation of presence" for an hour and I'm rather addicted!

Transcript from "Stillness - dance performance"

"When you find yourself deeply absorbed in just doing something, whether it is making an airfix model or painting a picture, whatever it is, see if you can see the really moving part of the experience is when you are so absorbed with it, for a moment you loose all sense of yourself.

The other thing is because we feel so unsettled, if we did have the space, we need distraction to draw us out of how we actually feel... so the point is.... One thing is to create space by bringing less into our lives so we have more space to enter into things. And the other is to settle ourselves enough so we can actually enjoy being there in the experience…    All the stress, agitation, tension we feel, shaking in the heart, the tension in our nerves from being constantly over stimulated, means we constantly need to be distracted from that thing.

When you are really attuned to what is going on, life is utterly exquisite, it’s extraordinary, everywhere you look…. Far more extraordinary than it looks, you understand, the real depth of it comes from how we feel when we enter it and that is what makes it exquisite...  That capacity to feel what we are part of. That stillness comes when you are utterly immersed in what you are doing… your mind is not arriving to disturb the stillness in the heart so …. we say….

If you want to know stillness move until you are unmoved by it!

Even if you don’t do that, find things to do in life that engage you completely for sustained periods so our ability to be there, just be there, starts to return.

What moves you to stillness? What speaks to you from this performance, words, interview? I'm curious to know and appreciate what you choose to share.  

A bonus of self love is getting to feel good


"one of the 

bonuses about

loving yourself

is that you get to

feel good" 

Louise Hay ~ Heart Thoughts 

"We have so much love in this world, and we have so much love in our hearts, and sometimes we forget. Sometimes we think there isn't enough, or there is a small amount. So we hoard what we have or we are afraid to let it go. We are afraid to let it out. But those of us who are willing to learn, realize that the more love we allow to flow out from us, the more there is within us, and the more we receive. It is endless and timeless. Love is really the most powerful healing force that there is. Without love we could not survive at all. If little tiny babies are not given love and affection, they wither and die. Most of us think we can survive without love, but we cannot. Love for ourselves is the power that heals us. Practice as much as you can."

Something I LOVE about providing retreats at Soma Ranch and teaching Nia is there are so many great opportunities to practice self love AND feeling good. We have some super retreats coming up. Come practice wonderful self-love, self-care and feel fabulous!

Congrats Nia Blue Belts

Oh what an amazing week! We had a wonderful time with 4 fabulous participants, several guests staying over night, local participants dropping by for public classes and special events. The joy of hosting at Soma Ranch seems to sustain and increase with every training/retreat.

Nia Blue Belt Guests

Please welcome guests arriving for our Nia Blue Belt training at Soma Ranch, May 3 - 8, 2017.

The Blue Belt focuses on Relationships, Communication and Intimacy (defined as paying attention to the details). 

Feel the joy of movement by joining us for public classes every day at 10am and deepen your experience by attending a special event. 

Brown Belt Bliss

Congratulations Nia Brown Belts. Oh how joyful to explore the Art of Perception and Energy with these wonderful women. A couple of quotes gleaned from Esther Arends new book "Journey Through The Body"  portrayed our thread, focus and experience.

"Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle." Marilyn Monroe

"Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand." Confucius

Dare to Dream, Dare to Dance

I’m filled to the top with delight, to witness how this adventure has unfolded.  Starting NiaMoves over 2 decades ago. I birthed an idea from the dream to create a community of people who loved to dance, connect and make a difference. When Kristie Bryant gallantly came along as my business partner in 2004, we took NiaMoves to the next level. It’s like we co-guided NiaMoves through middle and high school and when we sold the business last May it felt similar to when my daughter went off to college. Under the guidance of Angela Mestre, and the wonderful support of her husband John, they have pulled off an amazing feat. In only one year Studio NiaMoves has transformed beautifully in all realms. Physically the construction is breath taking (House transformed to a cafe, Studio redesigned). Mentally the ideas, creativity and follow through is off the charts. Emotionally the teachers, staff and key community members have come together. And the spirit of Studio NiaMoves is dancing vibrantly.

Wow! I only began to realize what a mile stone the Studio NiaMoves event was as I returned home last night. The evening was a fabulous celebration of 10 years in the present studio in the Houston Heights and raising funds for the Center for Success and Independence, to bring healing movement classes to the teens served at the Center.

Complete with wonderful food, performances and dancing, I felt both weird and wonderful to walk in, as a guest, to the studio and experience others organizing, welcoming and serving.

Angela, congratulations on dreaming big, for daring to step in, for having more courage than fear, for taking the Studio NiaMoves business to the next level and most of all for the amazing community you have cultivated. From the key teachers and members of staff, to blossoming community, you have weaved a beautiful web. Taking on a business with heart, that was birthed and developed by others, was a risk and I’m sure the transition has had many challenges. You have achieved so much in the past year and, as the founder of Studio NiaMoves, to step back and see what this wonderful business, studio and community has become, is awe inspiring. The future of Studio NiaMoves looks bright with Angela at the helm, guiding an amazing team, serving a wonderful community of like minded, big hearted people. Thank you for stepping in Angela, I wish you all the best.

Nia Brown Belt Guests

1504 Brown throw belts.jpg

Next Wednesday guests arrive from around the globe to attend the Nia Brown Belt training at Soma Ranch

These wonderful Nia participants have the opportunity to go deeper into their Nia Practice, learn more about energy and have a GRAND TIME! The Nia Blue Belt is pre-requisite for the Nia Brown Belt course.

The Nia Belts levels are: White, Green, Blue, Brown, Black, 1st Degree

Helen ordered 2 extra packets of materials today... would you like to join us? call Helen at 832-567-4550 or email helen@somaranch.com and dive in.

Nia Brown and Black belt graduates are invited to revisit the belt, fully inclusive accommodation is only $424 for the entire week.

Daily classes and special events are open to the public, Click HERE for details

Please welcome: 

Best Sleep Ever

One of the comments we love hearing (again and again, here at Soma Ranch) is how well folks sleep. Some of the things that contribute to this are

  • Great beds, pillows and linens
  • Quiet environment
  • Eating at least 2 hours before bed
  • Fresh Air
  • Daily exercise
  • Hot tub and Far infrared Sauna
  • Good conversations and company!
  • Dance! Joy Love and Peace ;-)

We've been REALLY enjoying our Lull bed, and as needed, we hope to change out all beds at Soma Ranch with these fabulous mattresses (click HERE to check Lull out AND receive $50 off!). Lull have the BEST SERVICE ever, they are giving every person we refer $50 off and we also receive $50 (keeps the donkeys happy ;-) Here's the link: http://get.lull.com/g67bw

I've also found taking Calm magnesium near to bedtime to be wonderfully helpful.

Hope these little hints/suggestions help in a big way. Here the full article from Lull:  


How to Start Hacking Your Sleep and Master Your Energy Levels

By Lull Team on Apr 06, 2017 in Sleep Better

A good night’s rest is the great re-boot for your body and brain. It restores, resets, and regenerates. Yet, as we’ve noted before, most people are not getting enough sleep and what slumber we do get is of lower quality than it could be.

How much shut-eye you actually need fluctuates from person to person, but on average most adults function best on 6-8 hours of rest a night.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a good night’s slumber is necessary for processing information, increasing attention, and maximum creativity. They found that a good night’s rest strengthens the connections between brain cells (by helping the brain transmit information from one area to another).

A good night’s rest is like money in the bank. Literally. According to researchers at the University of California–San Diego, “sleeping one extra hour each night increased average earnings by 16 percent. For their average study participant, this meant an extra $6,000 per year.”

To help your body and mind re-set through rest, learn how to hack your sleep and master your energy levels.

The Right Tools for the Task at Hand
Make sure that your mattress is comfortable for you. Whether you prefer a firm or soft mattress, a futon, or sofa, if it supports your body and is comfortable for you, with no lumps, bumps, or caving in the middle, then you’re on the way to blissful rest. A good quality mattress should last ten years. If yours is older than that, consider replacing it.

An often over-looked part of the rest experience is your pillow. Experiment to find the best one for you. Consider firmness, filling, and materials (such as allergy-resistant). Many people find that they get their best rest when they use the right neck support. Most people are unaware that pillows should be retired between 6 months and 3 years.

John MacEwan, managing director of Ergoflex, advises that people are “risking sustained periods of sleeping without an adequate level of support for the neck and head.”

Winding Down
Help your body wind down before bedtime and let your mind know that slumber is coming. Turn off anything with a cord leading to a monitor half an hour before bedtime. On the other hand, soft, soothing music, especially instrumental works, can help you drift off, so can reading for twenty minutes before bedtime.

Try a nice soak in a moderately warm tub or a shower; the body rests best at temperatures between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s possible and practical, leave a window opened a bit to allow fresh air into the room.

If It Works, Use It
An easy and inexpensive method for creating a low-sensory environment, as any experienced traveler will tell you, is by using an eye mask and earplugs. And consider investing in an inexpensive white noise machine. A humidifier may make your room more conducive to slumber, as well as a fan. Conversely, if money and time allow, soundproofing and blackout drapes are excellent!

Good Rest Habits
Exercise is a great way to work out tension before lights out. You may also want to enjoy a light snack of lean protein, whole grains, or veggies or fruits. The caveat is that while these are fine ways to keep your body and brain in maximum running order, they will rev you up just when you want to wind down. Therefore, snacks and exercise are best enjoyed two hours before hitting the sack.

Keep to a Schedule
To prepare for your most restful and refreshing snooze session that will leave you with maximum energy levels the next day, stick to a regular schedule of going to bed and waking up. This includes the weekends. While it may seem difficult to do this, your body will become accustomed to the schedule and your reward will be a day filled with more focus and drive.

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, then naps are not your friend; use Meditation and Cognitive Behavioral Skills to Get Quality Shut-Eye.

Whether using meditation techniques, enjoying a recording of guided imagery, or relaxing with light reading or music, the time immediately preceding lights out should be the time for releasing the concerns of the day for a most restorative rest and enhanced energy levels the following day.

Written by guest blogger Alex Moore

Balance Mindfulness with Absent-mindedness

I recently found comfort reading a recent JimDailyAwakening post, gleaning how my way of thinking (focused mindfulness and creative absent-mindedness) may perhaps be a good mix after all!..   

"According to psychologist Matthew Killingsworth, forty-seven percent of the time the average mind is wandering.  It wanders about a third of the time while we are reading, talking with other people, and taking care of our children.  It even wanders ten percent of the time during sex.  And all that mind wandering, says Dr. Killingsworth, is not good for our well-being.  A mind, he thinks, belongs in one place.  He says, "A wandering mind is an unhappy mind.  A mind belongs in one place."

I agree--in part.  We could all do a better job of managing our distractions, listening respectfully when other people are talking, and living in the present moment. 

But there is something to be said for letting our minds drift.  Entrepreneurs and creative people almost always appear to be daydreamers.  Their minds work like pinballs.  The ideas they encounter send their minds in unpredictable and unforeseen directions, creating counterintuitive thought combinations.  

There is something to be said for both focused mindfulness and creative absent-mindedness"


It wanders about a third of the time while we are reading, talking with other people, and taking care of our children.  It even wanders ten percent of the time during sex.  And all that mind wandering, says Dr. Killingsworth, is not good for our well-being.  A mind, he thinks, belongs in one place.  He says, "A wandering mind is an unhappy mind.  A mind belongs in one place."

I agree--in part.  We could all do a better job of managing our distractions, listening respectfully when other people are talking, and living in the present moment. 

But there is something to be said for letting our minds drift.  Entrepreneurs and creative people almost always appear to be daydreamers.  Their minds work like pinballs.  The ideas they encounter send their minds in unpredictable and unforeseen directions, creating counterintuitive thought combinations.  

There is something to be said for both focused mindfulness and creative absent-mindedness.


B.A.R.E. Retreat

This weekend Soma Ranch provides space for the fourth B.A.R.E. Retreat.  

What is BARE Retreat? 

A two-day, two night gathering of women who believe in sisterhood and desire to gather, worship, have fun, fellowship and be transformed by God. It's life changing. It's personal. It's intimate. It's sacred. 

What Does it Mean to be BARE?


BARE Retreat is more than an event. It's a radical Embrace movement that will take your breath away. The Lover of your soul will Embrace you and meet you here. 

We have order but 'No agenda'.  

Prayer: "Lord, we're here to Embrace You, meet with You, commune with You, feel Your heart, and to Love you. Do something new in us. Have Your way. Surprise us, Lord!, in Jesus Name. Amen." 

1Embrace Inc. is a certified (501(c)(3) non-profit organization built on the mandate to promote unity, serve the community and share love by embracing one another – irrespective of their race, religion or cultural background.  

1Embrace Inc. exists to lead people into a growing relationship that leads to healing, deliverance and freedom.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to bring people from all walks of life together to experience true wellness in spirit, soul and body. 1Embrace programs are faith based and designed to embrace, encourage, educate and empower people to discover their identity and purpose.

For more information contact:

Sonja R. Lowe

Visionary/Executive Director of 1Embrace Inc.


Office: 832.365.7717 or 1.844.2EMBRACE


To offer a donation to support women on this retreat Click HERE

iBody Denver

News from Helen (Ranchess of Soma Ranch)

I've been looking forward to this day for a long time. I'm heading off to offer some special events at the new iBody studio in Denver. During the initial stages of building out and opening up this fabulous movement studio, fellow Nia teacher, and dear friend, Dana Hood, visited Soma Ranch for ideas and some moral support. Today I get to visit and see all the glory!

Dana is an amazing teacher, visionary and community leader.

If you're ever in Denver be sure to check out iBody and if you know anyone in the area please pass on details.

Helen is sharing Dark Side of the Moon tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday) a Playshop and Class around the movement experience "Arias" focusing on the 5 sensations of fitness. This blend of new age and classical opera creates an ambient treat for your ears and an energetic charge to your body and spirit! Aria uses popular melodies from Carmen, Madame Butterfly, The Magic Flute, Dido, Aeneas, and others.

Experience a magical journey, something beyond a workout, that leaves us feeling deeply connected with body, mind, emotion and spirit.

Here's a link to the studio: http://ibodydenver.com/

Here's a link to the special events: http://ibodydenver.com/workshops-and-events/

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are providing the space for the quarterly B.A.R.E. retreat.... read more

Feedback from Andree

Oh how we smiled. and jumped up and down, when we received this feedback. A super reminder of how appreciation and gratitude go a long way, helps us keep on keeping on with a smile and a skip in our step - thank you Andree, we're also thrilled to hear how you have support at home with an awesome studio "Shine" and team of teachers.....

"Helen, I've got Green Belt Joy, Soma Ranch Glow, and Helen Terry Inspiration...still brewing, doing magic a week after the training. I think I am gonna feel it for a long time!
What a week I had. I learned so much--including what I need to study. Just squeaking by on the test. I want to know everything I should have known. Beyond that, of course, is everything you shared. I am challenged, but not overwhelmed. Love my new driving game: 1 and 2 and 3 (gently squeeze steering wheel) and 4...until 6. Release for 7 and 8 and. I'll be cueing like a champ.
I have written a separate snail mail note...to thank Joe, too. And how did I get so lucky as to train with three women I enjoyed and admired so much?  
This past weekend, Shayne conducted a fantastic playshop on the 9 movement  forms of Nia. Knowing how fortunate I am to have great Nia mentors here. 
Thank you, again for guidance, sharing your knowledge ,humor, wisdom and dance with me.  I will be back for Green Belt 2018!
❤️ Andree

Experience: FAMSS ~ Sensations of Fitness


Arias ~ the 5 sensations: Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Strength, Stability. Public workshop & Class

A masterpiece of Nia (FAMSS) choreographed to a music masterpiece (Arias) 

Focus: Delve deeper into understanding and embodying the 5 sensations of Nia fitness. Explore how our 700 muscles tighten and loosen around our 200 bones to create these sensations and provide movements that open and close the joints. From this physical platform, we mentally and emotionally connect with the movement and music in a way that provide insight into a deep pleasurable relationship with our bodies, honoring our body’s way and gravitating towards the body’s way. 

Intent: experience a magical journey, something beyond a workout, that leaves us feeling deeply connected with body, mind, emotion and spirit.

  • Flexibility ~ the sensation of energy out (light, along the bones, like a laser beam)
  • Agility ~ the sensation of the start and stop of energy (spark, electric, short n sharp, like pop corn popping)
  • Mobility ~ the sensation of energy in constant motion (liquid, fluid, continuous, like honey)
  • Strength ~ the sensation of energy in (condensed, muscles packing bones, like a squeeze grip)
  • Stability ~ the sensation of equal and opposite energy moving into and from center (still, the base of all sensations, like a rock)

More about the Music: The blend of new age and classical opera creates an ambient treat for your ears. Very calming and pleasing. Aria uses popular melodies from Carmen, Madame Butterfly, The Magic Flute, Dido, Aeneas, and others. Music was composed by Paul Schwartz at the renowned Abbey Road Studio #1. All those involved are the best in the this field. Schwartz was Andre Previn's assistant conductor with the Pittsburgh Symphony and musical director for Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phanton of the Opera. You are in for a treat here.

Willow (after Verdi's Otello) - Aria
Un Bel Di (after Puccini's Madama Butterfly) - Aria
Secret Tear (after Donizetti's L'Elisir D'Amore) - Aria
Dido (after Purcell's Dido and Aeneas) - Aria
Pace Pace (after Verdi's la Forza Del Destino) - Aria
Pamina Blue (after Mozart's the Magic Flute) - Aria
Habanera (after Bizet's Carmen) - Aria
Home (after Verdi's Nabucco) - Aria

Experience: Dark Side of the Moon with Wizard of Oz

DSOTM thread.jpg

A fabulous movement experience, set to the music of Pink Floyd, accompanied by visual stimuli of the classic Wizard of Oz motion picture. The most requested event Helen offers. 

  • Focus: Music, Movement, Magic
  • Intent: increase our level of magic and pleasure in movement.

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon experience is an opportunity to be part of the “art in motion”. A delightful shared experience with other movers and groovers. 

“I consider myself an artist with Nia inspired moves as my “medium”. The Wizard of Oz movie plays on the big screen as we dance to Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. It’s a truly magical, multi-media feast. You’re invited to be part of a community collaborative experience.”

  • Explore how to listen to music more intimately and experience ways to deeply connect our movements to it. 
  • Receive “toys” to help you hear more details in the music and open up to more choices in Freedance. 
  • Envelop yourself in a unique, truly magical experience


Information about the interesting synchronicity between DSOTM and Oz!

  1. Begin playing your version of the Wizard of Oz and be ready to start the album. Begin play on Dark Side of the Moon as soon as the lion on the MGM opening begins its roar for the third time.
  2. Notice Roger Waters singing “balanced on the biggest wave” as Dorothy is balancing on the farm’s fence at her Kansas home.
  3. Listen to the chimes and bells begin on the album when the Wicked Witch appears for the first time.
  4. Notice “The Great Gig in the Sky” song begin to escalate as the tornado hits Dorothy’s house. Likewise, the music calms down as the scene does, when the house lands.
  5. Watch as side one of the original vinyl album ends as soon as the movie changes to color when the Good Witch of the North appears. Also the first song on Side B is Money (color of ...)
  6. Notice the song “Brain Damage” plays as the Scarecrow sings “If I Only Had a Brain,” and the album ends with a heartbeat as Dorothy is feeling for the Tin Man’s heart.
  7. Read more: How to Watch Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd | eHow.com (it even provides suggested snacks and crafts to create to enhance your Wiz Oz experience! 

This is part of a series of descriptions about movement experiences Helen Terry provides. For more information email Helen@SomaRanch.com.

Run 2017 in 2017

I experienced many wonderful moments, and incredible learning experiences, from running 2016 miles in 2016. I was deeply touched how Dee and Kathy from Dallas/FW chose to drive down, simply to see me cross the finish line! They strung up a banner that said "I ran 2016 miles".  Joe and Liliana surprised me with a home made ribbon to run through AND fireworks! I've not received many awards in my life, receiving the 2016 mile medal from Liliana, my daughter, was an honor!

Coming up the Soma Ranch drive way at the end of the year, completing my 2016 miles, felt wonderful, I was filled with the pleasure of celebrating what a fabulous place we've manifested, how dreams come true, how we can share the joys with others and celebrate friendships and fun created. Truly feeling blessed was a great way to end the year.

I’m committing to run 2017 miles this year! yay! This requires an average of 5.526 miles every day for 365 days (miss a day and I have to run 11 miles to keep up the next day). Put another way that’s 38.68 miles a week, about 1.5 marathons a week and the equivalence of 77 marathons in the year!

Want a fabulous health & wellness kick start to 2017?

Nia White Belt 7 day course begins this Thursday, Jan 5. Would you like to dive in? 

The Nia White Belt Training is the first level of a five-belt training series that presents a body-centered approach to health, wellness and fitness. Those who choose to pursue the path of personal enrichment use this training as a starting point for becoming a master student. If you have a desire to share Nia in a professional capacity, the White Belt Training is your entryway into teaching.

You are invited to choose from:

  • attend the course, $1599
  • revisit the training, $424
  • retreat for the week, $424
  • relax with an overnight stay, $105
  • enjoy the treat of a day retreat $25
  • pop in for a class! $15
Nia White Belt Options
from 15.00

Choose from investing in the entire course through to attending a class. We are providing many enriching experiences with extremely affordable all inclusive accommodation.

Nia White Belt Week Options:
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2016 miles in 2016

I'm ready with hat, shirt and medal!

At the beginning of 2016 I played with "what if I set the goal to run 2016 miles in 2016"...  I calculated this required an average of 5.51 miles a day. Jan 1 I decided to see if I could do 5.5 miles. I loved reaching the goal of "today I've run what I'd need as a daily quota to achieve 2016 miles this year". I was inspired to set the goal to run 5.5 miles every day for a week. My 7 day achievement spurred me to go for a month. New challenges (like travel, Nia training days, and the need to take a day off!) required more organizing, calculating and scheduling. I'd play with investing in a couple of longer runs to allow me to have a day off!

I soon realized when I missed ONE DAY, if I wanted to keep up I had to do 11+ miles the next day! I found a route at home that was 6 miles and another that was 8.5. miles. 6 mile daily run became my "usual" routine, I began to learn how "saving" a little each day helped build up my total (for example when I did 6.5 miles for 6 days, I had banked 5 extra miles and could then peacefully take a day off without the dread of "oh my! now I have to do 11 to keep up").

During the summer I travelled, taught and trained in Sweden, Hungary and Finland, I missed a day with travel, caught up great with some long early morning runs in Budapest (before long white belt days), only to experience "the great fall of 2016" at the end of a run. I missed running for 3 days in a row (deficit of 16.5 miles). Arriving late in Finland the next day I had a bus to catch at 1pm to take me to Kuoppio to begin another Nia white belt at 7:30pm that evening. The only time I had to run was in the morning, I chose to not set my alarm, to wake up naturally and if it was meant to be I would do a 9 mile run, (realizing I'd have to run 9 miles everyday for weeks to catch up on my deficit!) I woke up the next morning and EVERYTHING was working, I felt refreshed, with crisp, sunny yet cool weather, the air was clean and fresh, barely anyone out. I ran around a lake, all the way into the local town, loving the scenery. Everything was working well, before I knew it I was at 9 miles, hmmm... how about I go a little further, then at 10, I realized a half marathon was "only" 13.1 miles.... inspired I pushed through and completed 14+ miles.  

And so it was, for the rest of the year I'd get up each day, plan as best I could, have things happen, like guests changing/postponing/delaying at the ranch, unexpected weather, feeling unwell even injuring my toe by dropping mug on it! There were a couple of times when I thought I'd lost, the deficit of miles seemed so vast I couldn't see how I'd catch up.

I found tracking my runs on MapMyRun, posting them publicly, made me more accountable. Along the way some friends began giving me shout outs, encouraging notes, posts on Facebook. I was amazed at how this encouraged me to keep on keeping on. A lot of days I'd laugh when folks would share "you've got this Helen", as I'd think, they seem to have a lot more faith/belief in me than myself! In November, while sharing a Nia Week in Budapest with my parents, my "Amazing Math Wiz" Mum helped me create a spreadsheet with functions and "auto calculating" columns to summarize each of the remaining days: the total miles accrued, how many days left, and the required daily average to finish successfully by December 31.

Around this time a very dear friend (Bill Baun) died and I felt him spurring me on. Through my grief, I discovered how the long runs gave me relief. I also encountered strange moments where I could hear Bill's scratchy voice saying "look up Helen, you got this" - I'd look up and see an eagle, sunshine through the trees or some other "all inspiring nature" image. In December 2 friends from the Dallas/FortWorth area (Dee and Kathy) shared they drive down to see the finish line! I was (and still am) amazed they'd travel so far, taking time out of their precious lives, simply to see me cross the finish line.

So here I am, tapping away to share my story, while watching the clock, fully aware I need to get a run in before the sun goes down and a 5pm phone appointment "running on the edge" as usual. Today I need to do 6, to then bring my annual total to 2010 miles. Tomorrow I'm hoping for sunshine and perfect weather, and no matter what, I'm planning a 6 mile run, crossing the finish line at Soma Ranch. I'll share more later about what I've learned from setting such a far reaching goal that took me on a crazy journey of self discovery.

Summary: set goals, plan, be flexible and firm, be accountable, ask for help, share the need for and receive encouragement, small steps contribute to big things, believe in yourself and reach for your dreams, don't give up. I'm taking Dec 31 off and then yes.... I'm setting the goal to run 2017 in 2017. Would you like to be included in a motivational group? You could run/walk/ride 2017 solo, or "run the edge 2017" has a program that invites up to 4 folks run/walk 2017 miles as a team. I'd love you to be part of this. You won't be alone, we'll have fun, support each other, learn much and achieve greatness - how about it! Leave a comment below and I'll get back with you about details.

Pink Floyd ~ Dark Side of the Moon Experience

Friday, November 21, 7:30 - 9:00pm

Enjoy an amazing multi media, multi sensational experience. Dance to the notorious Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon Album, synchronized with the Wizzard of Oz Movie on a big screen, enhanced with sound to light and lazer show.

Around the world this is Helen Terry's most requested experience.

$15 in advance, $20 at the door.

Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon Experience
15.00 20.00

Saturday, February 4, 7:30 - 9:00pm (recommended arrival 7:15pm)

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