Congrats Nia White Belts

Congratulations Nia White Belts! A wonderful week was experienced at Soma Ranch. We had weather from sunshine to heavy rain. We enjoyed "Triple Spa" (Sauna, Hot Tub and Lap Pool) in the full moon light! Every participant was faced with challenges to be at this training! They each showed amazing tenacity to do their best and contributed to a most memorable experience.

  • Christine flew in, all the way from New Zealand, having experienced one class with Helen the week before!
  • Kathy amazingly worked out her schedule, quit her job, accepted a new job with the provision she could have the week off in between for this training.
  • Cristi managed her landscaping business and family with 2 small boys to make this happen.
  • Kristi has been wanting to take the Nia White belt for over a year, she experienced family challenges during the week, made choices day by day to support her family first & foremost and attended as best she could. Kristi is now closer to graduating and will finish up the course as soon as possible.
  • Cynthia, a recent white belt and blue belt graduate, accompanied throughout the week. She also assisted Helen, even getting up early to prepare breakfast!
  • Thank you Darlene and Amy who choose to get up at 4am, to drive all the way from Dallas to surprise and congratulation Fellow Nia Dallas sista, Kathy!
  • Helen was trainer, chef and host at the beginning of the week with Joe having oral surgery.
  • Joe healed quickly and was back by the end of the week to pick up the pieces and bless us with delicious meals, prepared with "food as art".

Congratulations Nia White Belts!

Delicious Food & Fabulous Amenities

Nia Public Classes for December

Our classes are growing, coffee after class on Mondays is becoming a "thing"! With the upcoming Nia White Belt, we've added some classes to the regular schedule for December

10am Nia (as usual) Every Monday and Thursday, + extra days and special events (see below).

10am Nia.jpeg
  • Friday, Dec 1 (Helen)
  • Saturday, Dec 2 (Helen)
  • Saturday, Dec 2 (Helen) (7:30pm)
  • Sunday, Dec 3 (Helen)
  • Sunday, Dec 3 (Helen) (7:30pm)
  • Monday, Dec 4 (Helen)
  • Tuesday Dec 5 (Helen)
  • Wednesday, Dec 6 (Helen)
  • Thursday, Dec 7 (Helen)
  • Monday, Dec 11 (JoAnn)
  • Thursday, Dec 14 (Cynthia)
  • Monday, Dec 18 (Barbara)
  • Thursday, Dec 21 (Helen)
  • Mon Christmas Day!
  • Thursday, Dec 28 (Helen)
  • Sunday, Dec 31 CASL (Creating A Sacred Life) Special Event

Evening Classes/Special Events:

Price: $15 drop in or $40 for 4. Show up! no pre-registration required. 

Synchronicity of Connection

I dropped by to see my parents in the UK, on my way to Budapest. While putting on the kettle, my Mum mentioned my brother had received a message from a school friend, showing how our local pub had closed down and the building demolished for new apartments. Curiously on the side bar was a story about how Phil Garrett had broken the World Speed Record for a motor Bike with side car. Phil Garrett was a friend I'd not seen since my early twenties, after much digging around on line I sent a message to Phil. He replied with the most funny reply,.... 

phil and helen.jpg

"Hi Helen, Thank you for the email .. while reading... your happy smiling face came into my mind straight away… I read your profile and I didn’t recognize any of your notable achievements or skills.. so just before I jump up and down in sheer happiness at being in touch with you after so long I would like to ask you one question just to make sure you are the one and only Helen I remember…What album cover did your brother paint on his bedroom wall at your folks house in shenfield?  I so hope you know the answer…"

phil gar.jpg

Of all the questions Phil could ask, the answer is Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. The crazy thing is the following Saturday I would be in New Zealand and the city where I'd be providing the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon experience was Christchurch, New Zealand where Phil now lived!

We met up! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Phil, we had coffee and spent a little time at his home, mostly in the garage!  A dream come true to hear amazing stories about choices Phil had made, adventures he'd had,  and to witness the life he's created, choosing to live in joy day by day. 

How funny to consider I could have gone to Christchurch, been presenting within blocks of where Phil lived and had no idea he was there, assuming, if he was still alive he was in the UK if not still in Brentwood! And then how mind boggling to realize the chain of all the synchronistic events that took place to make our reconnection happen. Awestruck

Click HERE to read more about Phil and the World Side Care Record he achieved

Nia New Zealand Tour

A fast, fun and amazing tour of Nia New Zealand. Yes! I think I saw more Nia than New Zealand ;-). 

Big thanks to Penny Adams, for persistently asking me to visit for the past 2 years AND for being an amazing organizer, companion and tour guide for the trip!

A full schedule: 

  • Friday: arrive Auckland, fly to Christchurch, 2 workshops, 1 class, group dinner, SLEEP!
  • Saturday: meet up with school friend, 1 workshop, 1 class, fly to Nelson, 1 workshop, 1 class SLEEP!
  • Sunday: early flight to Auckland, rental car drive to Hamilton, 2 workshops, 1 class, drive back to Auckland, meet up with Mariska, drive to Matakana, SLEEP!
  • Monday: beautiful walk on the beach and lunch in the little town, 1 workshop, 1 class, SLEEP!
  • Tuesday: 1 class, drive back to Auckland, fly home SLEEP! 

Best things about the trip:

  • meeting up with a friend I've not seen or heard of since early 20s!
  • meeting amazing Nia communities
  • spending time with Penny
  • walking on the beach
  • making new friends
  • a lady in the last class signed up for the white belt and arrived yesterday!

What's next?

  • The New Zealand tribe have initiated the idea of a 7-10 day Texas retreat at Soma Ranch! We'll have daily Nia classes, fun at the ranch, field trips, boating and include a night out at a true Texan dance hall!
  • I plan to return next year, hope Joe will accompany me and enjoy a balance between me teaching classes and having a vacation!
  • Possibility of providing a 5 day coaching retreat for Blue belts in New Zealand



Nia Christchurch



Nia Nelson



Nia Hamilton



Nia Matakana



Congratulations Nia Budapest Blues

Oh My! what an amazing week we had. Hanging around Kinga (Nia training host in Budapest) for the past 7 years has been a wonderful journey. Every training feels like it gets better, I'm at the point of awe wondering how it can improve from here. 

Pam Morris attended to revisit the blue, she took my 4th ever white belt in 2000, then Blue belt in 2002 and I've not seen her since. Amazing to see Pam after all this time, I'm inspired by the life and Nia community she has manifested through tenacity, passion, love and kindness. At the age of 65 Pam teaches 7 classes a week and consistently attracts 35+ per class.

It's ridiculously easy and affordable to travel to Budapest. We've had ladies join us from Austria, the UK, Sweden, Germany, Bulgaria, Transylvania, Romania, Turkey, Finland, France and more. Here Jane Lancaster shares her experience of coming to Hungary from the UK to revisit some of the Nia Blue Belt training.

Here's a slide show of the week, I hope it gives you a HINT of the joy experienced at these very special Nia training weeks.

Amazing Medicine Woman Retreat

We enjoyed a fabulous Medicine Woman Retreat. With so many laughs, some tears, lots of healing, bundles of joy and great friendships kindled. We had folks come who had never experienced Nia before, others were Nia participants and some were Nia teachers. 2 teachers went home and taught Medicine Woman THAT MONDAY i.e. the following day after the retreat. Kathy from Dallas was so inspired she signed up to take the Nia White belt in December.

The weekend was so great we've decided to make it an annual event. Hope you can join us in 2018.  Click for more information

Congratulations Nia Blue Belts

A wonderful week was enjoyed by all. Nia trainings at Soma Ranch seem to get better every time! 

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 4.29.48 PM.png

As I reflect on what an honor it was to host 15 folks during the week, my tail wags!

I enjoy small groups (2-6) and also find large groups (like 50!) to be very easy to lead.

However groups of 12-18 participants bring a lovely level of balance between group dynamics and intimacy, a delight for me, Joe, Soma Ranch and Phelps also had a great week ;-)

Nia Public Classes for October

Our classes are growing and the local community is blossoming! With the upcoming Nia Blue Belt and Medicine Woman Retreat , the class schedule for October has expanded!

10am Nia (as usual) Every Monday and Thursday, + extra days and special events (see below).

10am Nia.jpeg
  • Monday, Oct 2
  • Thursday, Oct 5
  • Friday, Oct 6
  • Saturday, Oct 7
  • Sunday, Oct 8
  • Monday, Oct 9
  • Tuesday, Oct 10
  • Wednesday, Oct 11
  • Thursday, Oct 12
  • Monday, Oct 16
  • Thursday, Oct 19
  • Monday, Oct 23
  • Thursday, Oct 26
  • Saturday, Oct 28
  • Sunday, Oct 29
  • Monday, Oct 30

Evening Classes/Special Events:

  • Friday, Oct 6, 7:30pm Chakra Movement Meditation
  • Saturday, Oct 7, 7:30pm Dark Side of the Moon
  • Sunday, Oct 8, 7:30pm  Praise Move Sweat
  • Tuesday, Oct 10, 5:45pm Nia in the Pool!
  • Friday, Oct 27, 7:30pm Medicine Woman, simple choreography
  • Saturday, Oct 28, 7:30pm Medicine Woman with guided meditation.
  • Sunday, Oct 29, 2:00pm Medicine Woman JAM (Team taught class)

Price: $15 drop in or $40 for 4. Show up! no pre-registration required. 

Schedule at a glance:

  • Monday, Oct 2 10:00am
  • Thursday, Oct 5 10:00am
  • Friday, Oct 6 10:00am
  • Friday, Oct 6, 7:30pm Chakra Movement Meditation
  • Saturday, Oct 7 10:00am
  • Saturday, Oct 7, 7:30pm Dark Side of the Moon
  • Sunday, Oct 8, 7:30pm  Praise Move Sweat
  • Sunday, Oct 8, 10:00am
  • Monday, Oct 9, 10:00am
  • Tuesday, Oct 10, 10:00am
  • Tuesday, Oct 10, 5:45pm Nia in the Pool!
  • Wednesday, Oct 11, 10:00am
  • Thursday, Oct 12, 10:00am
  • Monday, Oct 16, 10:00am
  • Thursday, Oct 19, 10:00am
  • Monday, Oct 23, 10:00am
  • Thursday, Oct 26, 10:00am
  • Friday, Oct 27, 7:30pm Medicine Woman, simple choreography
  • Saturday, Oct 28, 10:00am Medicine Woman classic
  • Saturday, Oct 28, 7:30pm Medicine Woman with guided meditation.
  • Sunday, Oct 29, 10:00am Medicine Woman
  • Sunday, Oct 29, 2:00pm Medicine Woman JAM (Team taught class)
  • Monday, Oct 30, 10:00a

Nia White Belt in Houston

Julie Wylie, fellow Nia Trainer and co leader of the Houston Nia White Belt, recently shared this very touching post about her journey to this training. A lovely reminder of how to live life, cherish friendships and count our blessings. I feel very blessed to know Julie and honored to co-lead this training with her.


"12 years ago, I stepped into my first Intensive Training ever. I wanted to teach Nia. To be clear, I felt called to teach Nia and the White Belt Certification was my first necessary step. Feb 2005, I began that course with Helen Terry in Houston, TX. On Day 7 of the 7 day intensive, a knowing arose in me, I'd be training this curriculum one day. But, first things first, I needed to learn how to teach. More than 8000 classes into that endeavor, I've discovered along the way a well-spring of curiosity that fuels my desire to 'be the best person, partner, friend, relative, neighbor, and teacher I can be'.

7 years later, fulfilling a premonition, I stepped up to facilitate my first Intensive Training ever. The culmination of this personal accomplishment was the result of summoning courage again and again to face what often felt like many insurmountable fears: the fear of being seen, the fear to not being perfect, the fear of rejection, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of speaking up, the fear of not belonging, the fear of failure... shall I go on? because I could! Perhaps you can relate to this on some level, in ways that are unique to you of course yet shared in our humanity. I often felt like a little girl in a woman's body, looking out with relentless concern about what others thought of me.

I credit my perpetual practice of Nia's design system for completely alchemizing my internal environment. Learning to inhabit, love and live from every square inch of my body has been a path well worth dancing!

"We teach best what we need to learn" has been my truth and saving GRACE. Forever standing on the precipice 'What's new?' I'm super excited to find myself preparing to facilitate a Nia White Belt Certification 9/25-10/1 in Houston, TX at Studio NiaMoves, with Helen Terry!

Join us Sept 25 - Oct 1 as a trainee, as an auditor, or as a student in public classes. Plan a spontaneous day trip to Houston to Dance Self, Soul and Spirit. Helen and I would love to see you there.

To Your Health, Julie Wylie

(512) 791-6597

Audit & Retake details for White Belt Graduates

Nia White Belt Registration Link

Public Nia Class Schedule

Nia Blue Belt at Soma Ranch


Nia Blue

Relationships, Communication, Intimacy

The upcoming Nia Blue Belt registration is blossoming! Guests during a training include:

Participants: Nia White & Green belts attend to take the next level Nia Belt.

Auditors: Nia Blue Belts+ return to re-experience the latest download Blue belt.

Visitors: A 7 day retreat at Soma Ranch! They enjoy public classes, join participants for meals, relax at the ranch and explore Montgomery as tourists during sessions.

We're almost SOLD OUT! Please contact Helen ASAP if you'd like to join us as a participant, auditor or guest.


Guest List

Anett Szanto, Budapest, Hungary

Robin Hegner, Midlothian, VA

Karen Thompson, Louisville, KY

Karen French, Dallas, TX

Cynthia Roe, The Woodlands, TX

Barbara Nelson, Richmond, VA

Mark Griffith, Santa Fe, NM

Jennifer Schwartz, Morristown, NJ

Leila Hassen Bey, Houston, TX

Gloria Williams, San Diego, CA

Beverly Segner, Coos Bay, OR

Debi McDougall, Parker, CO

Pamela Wagner, Overland Park, KS

Lynn Gershan, Minnetonka, MN

Joan Draper, Brookfield, CT

Rebekah Hartman, Boulder, CO

Dance with Helen in Seattle


One of the things I LOVE about Nia Technique, as a profession, is how we can travel to wonderful places and have "instant friends" to connect with. 

Whether a participant wanting a Nia class or a teacher/trainer looking for the opportunity to teach a class, Nia Technique is a wonderful community of like minded folks who love to share.

Our daughter, Liliana, has a final interview with MicroSoft in Seattle on Tuesday and was invited to "bring a companion". I'm honored to accompany her AND thrilled to connect with the local Nia Seattle community.

Fabulous Nia Retreat

Joe and I had the pleasure of hosting a wonderful group of ladies for our annual Soma Nia Retreat. After 7 years we seem to have perfected the venue, menu, agenda and content into a most magical retreat. Moving forwards we are entertaining doing this quarterly! We are touched to receive lovely feedback:

Dana Hood "So honored to spend a weekend full of nows at Soma Ranch with the inimitable Helen Terry and amazing group of women!"

Cynthia Roe "Just got home for another exceptional experience at Soma Ranch in Montgomery, Texas. It goes without saying that the heart of Soma Ranch is the exceptional experience of dancing with (and learning from) Nia teacher Helen Terry. That said, Soma is more than just the's a weaving of joyful, relaxing experiences from sunrise to sunset. Sipping coffee on the porch in the early morning fog, Joe's home made soup for lunch, the sauna, the lapping pool, the hot tub, the conversations around the fire at night...and the donkeys - the ever-present, peaceful, loving donkeys. Words and photos don't do Soma justice.

One more time...Thank you, Helen! Thank you, Joe! Thank you, Soma!"

Nia White Belt Charlottesville

A week full of joy! Thank you Mary Linn for being a fabulous producer of the C'ville White Belt and Susan Proffitt for hosting a special event in Richmond. This group of ladies gelled together beautifully. We had a wonderful time, some have already taught a couple of songs and several graduates are already planning how/where/when to take their next training. 

Ultimate Nap

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 3.20.15 PM.png

I'm in love with this Ultimate Nap CD. With 10, 20 and 30 minute tracks I taylor my nap according to how much time I have, and how much I need a nap!  These days as soon as the track begins my body/mind is conditioned to immediate relaxation and quite rapid sleep! I often wake after 10 minutes feeling like I've woken up from a good nights sleep! My naps feel more restful and the chiming sounds at the end of the tracks wake me gently and pleasantly. I slowly come to, enjoying the 4 chimes consciously choosing to connect with Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit, one chime at a time.

Happy 8th Birthday Soma Ranch


Soma Ranch is 8 today! We bought a new hunter green hammock and 2 fancy parasols to celebrate! Joe is crafting his skills at making things out of used cans. Here he created a "mold" out of wood, "dremelling" the letters and numbers, in mirror image, into the wood. He then poured molten pure aluminum (from his home made kiln) into the mold, creating instantaneous fire of many colors (very dramatic), before immersing into cooling water.

The result is a striking multicolored metal sign, that looks like wood! FYI Joe says "I did the S backwards on purpose, they often did that on old signs!"

Medicine Woman Retreat

Come all ye Medicine Woman and Retreat at Soma Ranch!! :-)

We're super excited to be featuring the Nia Classic Routine "Medicine Woman" in a weekend long retreat at Soma Ranch.  

Enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating and reJOICING retreat bathing in the joys of Nia Movement.

The retreat includes the opportunity to learn Helen's adapted version of the Classic Nia Routine (notes and more will be provided).  

Come learn and play in the a most nurturing and nourishing environment. 

Sign up and SAVE through Oct 9 ($100-200 off), All inclusive retreat begins at $195.

Register NOW

How to Help

There are many choices/ways of how you can donate to help folks affected by the flood. Here's our suggestions:

1. JJ Watt Foundation

JJ Watt is a great guy, a known local figure (Football Player) here in Houston. He assures all funds will go directly to help folks, and I believe him.

to see how his foundation have already successfully launched several initiatives.            


2. Lone Star Cowboy Church

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.29.05 PM.png

Our local church is doing an amazing outreach. Focusing on Homes, Food and HAY!!  

I trust them, I witness how much they are drawing people together and doing everything possible to help the local community.



3. Help local Houston Nia Teachers & Participants

If you want to help local Nia teachers and participants who have been directly impacted (several have flooded homes) you can donate to GoFundMe, or mail a check to Helen Terry, PO Box 1156, Montgomery, TX 77356. Checks will go through Helen's personal account. We've formed a board to ensure all funds are distributed to members of the Nia family in the best and most fair way possible.

1. JJ Watt foundation is tax deductible.

2. Lone Star Cowboy Church is tax deductible.

3. Pay by credit card to GoFundMe. 95% will go to Nia teachers & participants affected (there is a 5% GoFundMe service fee (not tax deductible). DONATE NOW

4.  Mail a check to Helen. 100% will go to Nia Teachers/Participants. (not tax deductible). Helen Terry, PO Box 1156, Montgomery, TX 77356. We've formed a board with Angela (CEO of NiaMoves Houston), Kristie Bryant (former NiaMoves Houston owner), Julie Wylie (Fellow Texas Nia Trainer) and Helen to ensure any funds sent to Nia Teachers/Participants is allocated fairly.

Nia 5 Stages

Returning from facilitating a Nia 5 stages course in Los Angeles, California, I'm reminded of how amazing this Nia practice is and how wonderfully the Nia 5 stages course compliments Nia technique, deepens the understanding of the human body, enhances how to teach Nia and provides the opportunity for deep healing. It's all in all a awesome program. 

Debbie Rosas, co-founder of Nia, has poured her wisdom, knowledge, creativity and fascination for the human body into this wonderful program. All 3 participants who signed up for the course shared they had no idea how valuable the course would be. They didn't realize how you receive 60+ lesson plans that are amazing downloads from classes Debbie has provided over the past 2 decades at Nia Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. I personally think it's the closest thing to getting a sneak peak into the brilliance of the mind who co-created Nia.

Special thanks to Paula Chambers for hosting the training and for Emily Kaplan & Kathryn Streng for joining us. It was a small yet most magical weekend, an experience I cherish.

I'm looking at adding a Nia 5 stages course before the end of 2017 and also scheduling 3 courses for 2018. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in the course, have certain dates that do/don't work.

Helen Terry,, 832-567-4550

Nia White Belt Glos, UK

Returning to the Wotton-Under-Edge/Gloucestershire Nia community to facility a Nia White Belt was sheer joy. Kudos to gorgeous Geri who manifested an incredible training, it was a world class event from beginning to end. The venue, the group, the community, the details, the ease, the dynamic yet relaxed organization and so much life as art!

Congratulations to Nia White Belt Graduates Lesley Cooke, Claire Miletitch, Barbara Adams & Petro-Nelise Sollé

Thank you Sally Reynolds, Jane Francis and Jane Lancaster for returning to revisit the Nia White Belt. Thank you also to Yael, Chris, Sue, Theresa and all the "local gals" who came to classes, sharing lots of joy and contributing to a most wonderful experience.