Find a Tribe and Be a student

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I've been a teacher and a leader most of my life! This last month I've dived deep into being a student at the Yoga Room Conroe, with their 30 yoga classes in the 30 days challenge. I knew cognitively how great it is to be part of collective consciousness, finding a group of people to feel aligned with. I also know how being a student and continuing to learn is a most beneficial practice.

In Nia I love feeling part of the tribe and I love learning to become a better teacher and trainer. I received something new from this experience. By being a true student, entering a new space, being part of a new tribe and practicing something new to me I've received insight, empathy and immense satisfaction.

The result is wonderful! My Nia practice is enhanced, I've made new friends and my heart swells with joy! oh and my core is BAD ASS!! Cynthia shared "I have ab envy" after taking my class on Monday :-)

I encourage you, play with what you can learn this month, find your tribe and as we say in Nia, if you have peak experiences, no matter how many times you walk through the door, come again!

Helen + Clytie, Nia + Yoga Experience, Thursday, May 3, 10am

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Clytie in Greek means "bright, lovely one". In our Nia classes over the past few months Clytie has certainly been a big bright and lovely one!  She's is moving back to Utah at the beginning of June and we want to share a special "DUO" Nia/Yoga experience before Clytie goes. Folks have described Clytie's yoga skills/teaching as "the best" "world class" and "fabulous". Come experience this unique one off event and experience Yoga with Clytie before she leaves!

  • Helen will lead the first 45 minutes with Nia.
  • Clytie will lead the second 45 minutes with Yoga.
  • Regular class rates apply ~ Drop in for $15 or use your punch cards (4 for $40).
  • If you need to leave at 11:00am it's a OK.
  • Stay after class for Coffee/Chai at our patio by the sauna (fondly named "the bistro").
  • we are perfecting the ultimate "Soma dirty donkey" ~ a chai coffee fusion drink experience!

When planning this "impromptu" "pop up" Nia/Yoga combo our concept was "let's keep this Simple and Casual". Basically Clytie and I will be over the moon to experience team teaching together and enjoying a cuppa after class. Anyone who shows up, well, you will be a delightful, welcomed, addition to our already off the charts experience!! There's something super pleasurable about casting a 100% guaranteed peak experience with no push to market, no pressure (or even need) to have folks show up...

Helen is teaching AO (Alpha Omega) with the music of Bob Holroyd and the focus of Stability and Mobility. Clytie then picks up the focus and weaves her magic into an all inspiring yoga experience.

30 days, 30 yoga classes, life changing.

Annie yoga.jpg

Tomorrow is a BIG deal for me. I took a challenge in April to be a student and experience 30 yoga classes in 30 days. The experience has been life changing. The teachers at The Yoga Room Conroe are amazing. I couldn't have done it without them, their big hearts, wonderful talents and excellent teaching skills. There's a class on the deck at the marina, Lake Conroe, we'll watch the sun set and the moon rise. It's followed by an amazing margarita celebration. Even Joe Terry is coming! I hope you can join us for the class and/or celebration. 


Lessons I've learned:

  1. starting the day with yoga is a wonderful way to begin my day
  2. a regular yoga practice has improved my flexibility and I'm sleeping better
  3. committing to a challenge is a great way to motivate
  4. being part of a tribe of lovely like minded folks is intoxicating and healthy!
  5. witnessing another amazing lady/business owner is very inspiring for how I lead

What I've received

  1. much needed stress relief and an opportunity to reset
  2. the gift of being a student is a lesson to help me be a better teacher
  3. more understanding and empathy for new students who attend my classes
  4. fabulous ideas on how to apply more yoga to floor play in Nia
  5. a wonderfully conditioned core LOL

fun observations:

  1. I get to bicycle to yoga - such a gift!
  2. I get to receive and learn something new on a daily basis
  3. I get to feel like a grown up!
  4. I get to do something for myself
  5. I get to make new friends
  6. I get it!


Men of Nia 2018

Congratulations and big thanks to the fabulous men presenters and wonderful attendees of our Soma Ranch Men of Nia 2018 retreat. Bringing in 4 master somatic presenters, who each shared a playshop and masterclass, developing the theme of Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit, worked a treat. Each presenter drew from what had been already shared, building a monumental embodied experience.

Next year we hope to bring each guy back for a full weekend retreat, with the vision of then bringing them back again for a combined Men of Nia retreat 2019. Email to share your interest, to be first to know and have the opportunity to receive special early bird discounts.


Strong back, soft belly, wild heart.


Thank you Emily, who brought friends to class yesterday. We made double digits, with 10 participants in class, YAY!  and this was with 5 of our strong regulars being absent. Future looks bright and Soma loves to flourish.

The class focus was "strong back, soft front, wild heart". (Inspired by my 2nd reading of the fabulous book by Brene Brown "Braving the Wilderness").  We danced "SanMedusa", a Nia experience adapted from the Nia routine "Sanjana" set to the music of Annie Lenox with guest appearances from Prince and AC/DC!

With several new to Nia folks in the class the focus seemed to work well......

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 12.16.07 PM.png

The concept of "strong back" included to sense the Body's Way of moving forwards, that is, to sense a guiding from beneath and behind (being pushed) instead of flexing/falling forwards with a sense of being pulled forwards. This helped participants to relax their feet, embrace moving softly through the belly of their feet with a heal lead and open their lower back.

The concept of "soft front" included sensing the pliability of the front of the body in relationship with a flexible spine, allowing the jaw to relax (which helps open the hips dramatically) and softening the muscles of the face.

The concept of "wild heart" included sensing and expressing emotions, encouraging feelings to be expressed through the body, arms and face. An invitation to take a safe risk with movement, expression and sounding.

The intent was to have an increased sense of back strength and improving vertical alignment, while sustaining relaxation and pleasure through the body.

2018 Challenge

Do you thrive on challenge? have a goal this month? this year? Setting goals is a major way I make things happen, without having something to work towards I think I'd float in limbo and self destruction! Part of my process is to:

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 9.39.11 PM.png
  1. set goals,
  2. make a plan,
  3. write it down!
  4. share with others to be accountable
  5. don't give up when there's a set back 
  6. reward for good behavior and encourage on the tough days.

In 2016 I successfully ran 2016 miles. Last year I had the goal of 2017 and didn't accomplish it. This year I'm striving to achieve 2018 miles. I've had some rocky times (weather, illness, travel) yet now, with 1/4 of the year done, I'm on track!

I find my mile bank to be very similar to my money bank. An "overdraft" in miles is a dipleating upward struggle whereas a little mileage savings banked brings stress relief, joy and hope. 2018 divided by 365 (my daily requirement) is 5.53 miles. From experience I know I need to "stock up" for the "stuff happens" days. My daily minimum goal is 6 miles and whenever I can I'll squeeze in an extra run or mile. 

Part of my fail to achieve the 2017 goal was over training with lack of stretching. My body felt so great I'd slack off from this very important part of exercise. This year I'm determined to do better, making stretching after running a higher priority. This month I've enrolled in a month of unlimited classes at the local Yoga studio (Yoga Room Conroe). I've started the month with the goal of attending a class every day and seeing how many days I can sustain it! well today i'm 3 in 3!

What ever your challenge, the goals you've set, I wish you joy in the process and a successful outcome. Do your best every day ;-) and when you fail/have mini set backs, get back up, treating every day as a new day.

Last year, Kitt Taylor, decided to take the challenge. She walked 2017 miles in 2017! 

For inspiration here's a great video of a fellow mom who accomplished the challenge. Let me know if you're curious to play with the challenge for the next week, month or perhaps 2019!

Helen's UK Tour

Row 1: I love to fly, the arrival in Heathrow early morning was especially magical this time. I feel blessed to feel so refreshed when flying from US to the UK. A brisk walk with Michele and her dog is an ideal way to get energized before the morning class. I love returning to this wonderful community to teach a class within 2 hours of landing in the UK, it's becoming quite a tradition. Having Michele's husband Jez accompany us with live drums is amazing.

Row 2: "Team Helen" - what a support team! Jez (drums), Dad (driver), Michele (producer), Mum (co driver and bag carrier!). We drove to Stroud to walk with Yael and her dog, then off to venue No2 to teach a workshop and class.

Row 3: Fabulous workshop and class in an old "meeting hall" venue with stage. Then to Geri's home for dinner, sleep and yes! a walk with her dog and husband Dave.

Row 4: Amazing to teach my "Rising" Nia experience in a church on Palm Sunday. Fun to be present for Geri's 10 year of Nia teaching celebration.

Row 5: 3 key community leaders (Chris, Geri & Yael), 3 generations of Nia teachers! Beautiful crisp English morning. Mum and Dad seeing me off at Heathrow.

A Time of Celebration ~ "Rising"

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 5.48.08 PM.png

As a Christian, at Easter time, I would feel the strong desire to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. I'd also want to honor the uniqueness of everyone in class and be accepting of all religions, beliefs and faiths. Therefore coming into class with "let's all celebrate Jesus!" simply was not going to work. I felt the creative tension between my personal faith and professional responsibility then found myself jumping up and down when a fabulous solution came to me! A playlist compiled of songs to do with Rising with a focus around the concept "Rising".

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 5.52.38 PM.png

This Nia Experience “Rising” is adapted from the classic Nia routine "Mantra", originally designed by Carlos Aya Rosas and one of the first routines Helen learned.

Focus: Movement as mantra and a metaphor for self, community, life. Beginning with sensing the belly (our core) notice how this “moma cell” can:

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 12.24.51 PM.png
  1. contract/extend,
  2. bend/lean,
  3. figure 8.

The Belly is a substance with

  1. strength (resilience),
  2. elasticity (ability to bounce back),
  3. fluidity (go with the flow).

After (1) embodying the focus in the Belly we (2) expand awareness to the belly of the 700 muscles in our body, then (3) to the 70+ trillion cells. All the same mantra of movement.

  • We sense inward (Body, Belly, Muscles, Connective Tissue, Cell)
  • We also sense outwards (Body, Self, Others, Class, Community, Global)

Intent: From inward + outward awareness we develop a sense of inter-connection "we are one". The Mantra, the movement, our lives and community continues. This is a time for celebration. An invitation to be inspired to rise up above anything that draws us down.

  • We are strong
  • We bounce back
  • We go with the flow

You're invited to come celebrate and join in the dance at Soma Ranch. 

10-11am Saturday, March 31,  $15 drop in, $40 for 4 classes.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle and a smile.

Celebrating 25 years of teaching Nia

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.04.23 PM.png

This year Helen celebrates both being married and teaching Nia for 25 years. We invite you to come join in the 25 year anniversary celebration at our annual Blue Electric Storm retreat. Sign up NOW!!

During this year of celebration, Helen is sharing archives and memories from this fabulous 1/4 century journey. Here's a little background on why this annual retreat is called "Blue Electric Storm"

From the Natural Time Calendar the day we are born is

  • one of 13 tones (moons) 
  • one of 20 tribes
  • the tribe is one of 4 colors (Red, White, Blue or Yellow).

Helen's tone is Electric, her tribe is Storm and the color for storm is Blue. i..e her signature is Blue Electric Storm.

In 2008 Helen became a blue belt trainer and bought/opened a new location for the NiaMoves studio with co-owner Kristie Bryant, it was also the Blue Electric Storm year in natural time!) Seeing this as 3 great reasons to celebrate Helen created a retreat called "Blue Electric Storm (BES 2018 for short!). She invited 13 black belts and 52 participants to enjoy a weekend of dancing, eating, connecting and having fun. Joe (Helen's husband) provided yummy meals. Massive dancing human puppets were part of the party surprise. The grande finale was a "Nia jam class" (where the 13 black belts team taught) at the Houston Grande Opera! With 13 black belts teaching and about 200 participants attending it was a marvelous way to end the celebration weekend!

This retreat became an annual event that occurs over the natural time New Year (July 24 - 26). The experience was also a significant seed that influenced the birth of Soma Ranch. Something that ignited the dream to create a residential facility to hold retreats like BES. A place where folks could stay, eat, play, dance and have fun.

Tribute to Whitney Houston - Movement Videos

Helen created a "Tribute to Whitney Houston" Nia experience. Adapted from the Nia Routine Birth. Here's a series of 7 mini clips helping you to play with learning the moves.  If you are interested in attending a workshop on how to adapt a Nia routine or would like to experience this class email for more details.

Clip 1 "L arms, rotate across, draw circles"

Focus on the 3 planes of movement (Low, Middle, High), exploring the vertical, horizontal and rotational lines. The intent is by the end of class you will feel taller, with a relaxed spine and enhanced sense of spacial awareness.

Clip 2 "Get moving HML, flamenco turn"

  1. Fast clock step 12-3-6 High, Middle, Low with Hands up, Elbows out, Arms Down/Back.
  2. Add "L arms" pulse in preparation for
  3. optional turn in place with small steps

Clip 3 "Blade hand, cross arms, roll shoulder"

  1. A stance, "blades" hands in pockets,
  2. Cat stance with inward block (Lean)
  3. A stance roll shoulders
  4. add downward alt block "blades"

Clip 4 "TID pump and swirl arms"

  1. Travel in directions (TID) forwards with cha cha cha base and fist hands. Then TID backwards weave hands (R/L)
  2. Add option of turning while traveling towards the back (R/L) then (L/R)

Clip 5 "SPT wipe & clap with FC 12 3 6"

  1. sink & pivot table wipe
  2. add clap
  3. add clock step 12 3 6 to SPTW
  4. choose how low to step out

Clip 6 "Sneaky Fast clock remember corner"

  1. Fast Clock (FC) 12, 3, 2* Cross Behind (XB). Releve when you step to the corner (2*) 
  2. A stance, cross midline w/ blade arms
  3. choose how low to cross arms

Clip 7 "Heal lead with 180 turns to back wall"

  1. Heal lead in your Fast clock 12/6 x 4
  2. 180' turn to face the back wall
  3. 4 heal leads FC facing back wall
  4. 180' turn to face front wall
  5. Repeat pattern with 2 Heal leads
  6. Cross Front (XF), cha cha cha (CCC) 

Shadow Play Group

From our recent Body Shadow retreat we're inspired to begin a Sunday evening group gathering. Where we practice being our authentic selves, help witness each other and play with how to connect with ourselves and each other through movement.

"The body is merely the visibility of the soul, the psyche, and the soul is the psychological experience of the body. So it is really one and the same thing." C. G. Jung

Sliding scale offering: $10 - $100.

Stay for Sunday Night at Soma Ranch, enjoy Breakfast and 10am Nia on Monday! for $85.

Here's a little glimpse of the Body as Shadow work, a fun conversation JoAnn and Helen shared after attending the recent weekend retreat.

Ageless Grace - Get your Brain Food

I love how, in only 10 minutes a day, I can feel the benefits for both my brain and body through the fabulous program, designed by Denise Medved, called Ageless Grace.  Soma Ranch is hosting an "Ageless Grace weekend" March 10 - 11. You are invited to attend a 45 minute class, 4 hour personal seminar or 12 hour educator certification course. Here's some videos to give you more of a feel for this fun, easy and playful program. No experience required! simply curiosity and the willingness to play, laugh and have a LOT of fun :-). Learn more about Ageless Grace Events at Soma Ranch


The Body as Shadow

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.10.09 AM.png

Over the past 25 years with Nia Technique, I've witnessed many ups and downs in relationships, both in myself and also with participants. 20 years ago, as a new mum and a new Nia trainer, I was at one of my lowest of lows, I felt inadequate in many areas, lacked direction and felt like I seriously needed help. I enrolled in an alternative master's degree program in Dance Therapy, offered at the Jung Center in Houston, I learned a lot and received some amazing guidance.  

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.13.02 AM.png

Erica Lorentz was one of my main mentors, I attended her Monday night Authentic Movement group and feel like I experienced 20 years of talk therapy in 2 semesters! Who I am today as a woman, mother and Nia trainer has been significantly influenced by the deep work I dove into through Authentic Movement, guided by Erica.

I'm super excited to have reconnected with Erica and to be hosting her for a very special "Body as Shadow" weekend retreat at Soma Ranch next weekend. Erica now lives near Boston and is flying in for this special retreat. We've extended the early bird rate through tomorrow (Saturday, February 17th) let me know if you are interested in joining us. 

This retreat is excellent for anyone interested in personal development, holding space for others, enhancing witnessing skills (in self and others) and healing.

I don't know if/when we will offer a retreat like this again. If you are interested in future offerings please email

The Body as Shadow
from 399.00
  • $399 Non Residential
  • $499 Dorm
  • $599 Semi Private
  • $749 Private

Price includes: Erica’s fee, accommodation, meals from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch and all the joys Soma Ranch has to offer. All prices increase by $100 August 1, 2018.

Coaching For Nia Brown Belts

1604 brown sing grads.jpg

The retreat for Nia Brown Belts began when I (Helen) was preparing to lead my first solo Brown Belt at Soma Ranch. I invited some brown belt friends to accompany me on a "test drive" into an experience to unknown territory. The experience was a hit, and has now evolved into an annual event. Once a year we offer a 7 day retreat especially for Nia Brown and Black belts. It's a wonderful week of balance between teaching and taking classes, weaved with individualized coaching from Helen to help upper level Nia belt teachers boost themselves to their next level AND have a great time.

We're super excited and TICKLED to realize this is the 4th year to offer a coaching retreat for Brown Belts! First year was Team AWSM, then Team Bold, then Team Compassion. This year will be something with D... any suggestions?

Previous attendees were invited to share their experience and how it enhanced their practice and life. Here's what they replied:

Lola Manekin I highly recommend!!!! Spending a week soaking up Helen’s wisdom, eating amazing food by Joe and resting in the magical ranch was life changing for me ❤️
Lori Lynn Meader Stepping into Helen Terry's FIRST Brown coaching retreat and co-creating "Team Awesome" was extraordinary. It had been quite a few years since my first Brown Belt experience, and Helen finds a way to compassionately yet boldy offer the Principles in ways that sink in and stay in. On the fence? Jump off and take the ride...<3
Teresa D'Angelo As part of Team Awesome, I gained more ease in my body and teaching after this Retreat. No doubt, Helen has super powers and talent for coaching. 🙅🏻‍♀️Creating new friendships and bonds with other attendees was a very special gift. ❤️. Highly recommend!
Maria Whitley And I third Lori Lynn and Teresa- being part of Team Awesome was transformational and as Ray Wooten commented at out Black Belt “tee’d us up” perfectly!
Geri Timmins Ditto all the above - Amen 😀❤️

With 2 places left Brown and Black belt Nia teachers are invited to dive in.

Every year this experience is Feb 1 -7, feel free to mark your calendar for 2019!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 10.42.28 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 10.39.24 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 10.35.51 AM.png

Fabulous Festival of Nia with Debbie Rosas


Wow! we had an incredible Festival of Nia with Debbie Rosas. The events were filled with joy, relaxation and community fun. We laughed, learned and had a grand time. My favorite thing, after 25 years, was being together with both my Mum and Debbie. My favorite frames were witnessing folks from all over Texas (and Canada!) getting together, a 17 year old son showing up when his Mom was unable to attend and the FreeDance! it was like we RAISED the ROOF! with our collective joy and movement. Special thanks to Cammi who flew in from Canada (the person who travelled the furthest distance - other than my Mum!), the NiaMoves Houston tribe who carpooled and to the Dallas Tribe who came in convoy :-)

Congratulations Nia Green Belt Graduates

Congratulations kk and Susan, our Green Belt graduates! 

With only 2 registered for the course we almost cancelled. oh MY! am I glad we didn't! 

The week was most rewarding, both for me and the participants. These 2 Nia belts stepped in without the confidence or skill to be able to teach a song. They stepped out having taught an awesome whole class! both equipped and ready to go home and begin to build/teach their own class/community. Here's what they shared about their experience     


I just got home from my 6 day stay at Soma Ranch with Joe and Helen.  Helen provided me with a fantastic Green Belt education and experience.  I am full to the brim. I am ready to teach, to share, and to live the Nia life.  Joe and Helen have a wonderful all encompassing campus of living, working, and playing.  Joe provides 3 nourishing, satisfying meals a day.  You can't ask for anything more.  The Green Belt has provided me with the skills and the confidence to step out on a floor and lead a class.  I am ready and excited.  Wishing you the best experience ever--you will get it with Helen at Soma Ranch.

  • Dancing through life,
  • kk Taylor

EVERYTHING kk said, and more!

This was the second time I’d taken Green, and I must say Helen’s masterful and highly effective teaching style allowed for an incredibly rich, more impactful experience. 

I too have come away from Soma Ranch feeling confident and quite comfortable in teaching, as well as having FINALLY committed to memory, the primary principles, philosophy and tenets of White Belt.

Helen was able to brilliantly catch and clearly identify any habits that could hinder our teaching, offering incredibly supportive and constructive feedback. 

She freely shared her tricks of the trade, and I feel quite blessed to have her as a teacher and mentor. 

Helen and Joe have created something quite special at Soma Ranch. An environment that is warm and nurturing, as well as deeply conducive to learning. 

Have a wonderful time!

With love, Susan

  • Susan Pierce Freeman CPCC, NTP, CGP, RWS


Go Green!

UK Green Grads.png

Something I LOVE about the Nia Green Belt is how Nia Belts receive the skills and drills to be able to do many things under pressure, simultaneously (like listen, dance & talk!) while sustaining a high level of relaxation.  Green Belt is the Nia training, which focuses on developing and embodying the skills to effectively teach Nia. We have a training beginning this Thursday, time is now if you'd like to jump in.

Here's what Andree shared about her Green Belt experience....

Helen, I've got Green Belt Joy, Soma Ranch Glow, and Helen Terry Inspiration...still brewing, doing magic a week after the training. I think I am gonna feel it for a long time!
What a week I had. I learned so much--including what I need to study... Beyond that, of course, is everything you shared. I am challenged, but not overwhelmed. Love my new driving game: 1 and 2 and 3 (gently squeeze steering wheel) and 4...until 6. Release for 7 and 8 and. I'll be cueing like a champ........ Thank you, again for guidance, sharing your knowledge ,humor, wisdom and dance with me.  I will be back!..

Public Nia Classes with Helen EVERY DAY during Green.

More information about Green

Soma Wild Playshop

Today, at our "Play Shop" for the lastest Nia routine "Wild", I received so much joy, value and fun, I feel like I could run all the way to the bank of cosmic salary! What do I mean by this? It's a concept we introduce in the Nia White Belt, coined by fellow Nia Trainer Ann Christiansen.  In life we may choose to do things for money and then there are things we may do for free that are still extremely rewarding, the latter is what we call cosmic salary!

Today 11 participants showed up to dance and play. There were 3 brand new people (a lady who's been on my email list for 14 years!) and a couple who were friends of fellow teacher Peggy Renfroe, looking for something new. Congrats and thanks to all the teachers who lead songs (JoAnn, Peggy, Kristi, Lola, Helen)


In a circle I lead a gentle warm up to the first song, then we played with introductions (Where are you from, where do you live, something quirky and why are you here). It was lovely to hear the stories and giggles, like learning someone, as a child, had a pet squirrel! Then we got into a lovely flow:

  1. take the class - EveryBody dance to a song with Debbie on the big screen
  2. review moves - Helen highlight some of Nia 52 moves
  3. play leading - teacher volunteer to lead the group 
  4. brag - teacher share 3 things they did well
  5. boost - group share what they loved about the experience

The teaching was off the charts! Every very single teacher lead with joy, relaxation, fun, smiles, sticking with moves they'd picked up from the DVD, tweaking and creating moves on the fly as needed. This group of teachers were most "Loose but Tight". It's a concept we recommend in Nia teaching, meaning stay relaxed have a good time, don't get uptight about remembering the moves AND do your best to deliver the promise of Nia (technique, choreography, workout).

It was Kristi's birthday today and she choose to step in and teach Nia for the very first time! If this is what she's like having completed 75% of the white belt, look out world for when she's done a little practice LOL...

The group was super supportive and lots of fun. After going through the above 5 steps for the first 5 songs we took a break. I relished in the thought.. "where else on the planet can we break to sauna, hot tub, enjoy nature, chat, laugh, pet and feed donkeys!"

We learned a few more songs then finished with cool down, floor play and stepping out.  It was a great day, moving forwards we'd like to offer this free community PLAYSHOP event one Sunday afternoon a month! the next one will be to learn the newest Nia routine RIDE!

Debbie Rosas, founder of Nia, will be at Soma Ranch January 27 & 28, sharing more about Wild and also providing a full day "Festival of Nia" event.

Labyrinth at Soma

We're exploring creating a fire pit area on the opposite side of the pool, next to our new massage house. Like often happens at Soma Ranch, what begins as a simple idea, tends to expand and grow into something most spectacular. Our fire pit is no exception... We are now entertaining the fire pit be at the center of a labyrinth, about 30 feet in diameter!

If you have experience with, interest in or passion for, labyrinths please let us know. We'd like to create a small group to help co-create something wonderful for all the community to enjoy.

For example one idea is to find out how to get bricks engraved with names, and invite everyone who's visited Soma Ranch to have a brick with their name on it around the perimeter! 

Here's a link we've found with examples of labyrinths. Let us know what you like...

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 9.10.20 PM.png

Does He Love Me?

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 3.35.59 AM.png

I laugh out loud sometimes at how much my husband, Joe, communicates (NOT) with me. When I'm in the air, on the road and around the world offering Nia Trainings (about one week a month), I'm lucky to get a 5 word text and they can be rather random. For example during my recent trip to Dubai his only comment was "don't forget the Madjol dates". My thoughts "yes and I love you too".

I then pause and realize what a classic (and lovely) relationship situation I am in. My husband is a man of few words, with a big heart, who provides MASSIVE acts of service to show his love. During this trip I texted "how are you? what have you been doing today?" he replied with a photo... surprise! he's constructing me a wonderful massage room sanctuary at Soma Ranch adjacent to the Sauna, over looking the lap pool and hot tub. How cool is that! Hmm.. what do I prefer? My husband professes his undying love for me or builds things like massage rooms?! Oh.. and did I mention he cooks really well and cleans up to an extreme.

What's your love language? for me it's words of affirmation and physical affection. I read the book "5 love languages" by Gary Chapman decades ago, and yet it's one of those principles/lessons/books I go back to time and time again.

When it comes to love and relationships I'm still a work in progress! Something I teach in the Nia blue belt, and enjoy living by, is the philosophy "Relationships are God's Gift to Self Awareness".

I love how the Nia Technique program, beyond the wonderful joy it brings on the dance floor, provides an opportunity for personal growth and transformation, from practicing awareness and many other life tools

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 3.42.24 AM.png