Arias ~ The Sensations of Fitness

Here’s the playlist for tomorrow’s class.

I ADORE how expressive music invokes a great experience and awesome workout :-)
The Focus is FAMSS: Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Strength, Stability: The Sensations of Fitness.

Flexibilityenergy out
Agilityenergy of start & stop
Mobilityenergy of constant motion
Strengthenergy in
Stabilitysimultaneous energy moving into and from center, bringing stillness

The CD is Paul Schwartz & Mario Grigorov, Aria 1
I play the tracks in order from beginning to end..

Un Bel Di 5:14
Secret Tear 7:20
Dido 6:52
Pace Pace 7:34
Pamina Blue 6:04
Habanera 6:26
Home 5:24

and when there is time I like to finish with….

Shannon Day, Chakra Meditation, Nia Sounds

Chakra 64 Minute4:00

the “game”: How many of the Nia 52 moves can we include and name in the workout :-)