Thanksgiving Nia Class

Thank you to everyBody who came to class. Special thanks to

  1. Kristie - for being an incredible business partner
  2. NiaMoves teachers - for being a fabulous integral part of our community
  3. My Mum - for letting me be myself (fun sharing TG & Nia with you)

Today was the first time I’ve done this play list and it’s certainly a repeat as is (and maybe shuffled). It was a collection of thank you, love, gratitude and favorites from 2012 with a couple all time favorites (Sting, Lady A). My favorite track at the mo is Adagio, I don’t know where I got this from and am curious about “Susan Spine” listed as the Album. (I wonder if it’s from a friend called Susan!) I enjoyed the ebb and flows of the songs that allowed for some great waves of intensity to be ridden.

Curious to know what folks in class thought, I’d be THRILLED if you leave a comment :-)

Here’s the play list.

Thank You 5:46 Barry White Staying Power
A Whiter Shade Of Pale 5:17 Annie Lennox Medusa
Take Me To The River 3:33 Annie Lennox Medusa
I Will Always Love You 4:51 Whitney Houston Greatest Hits
Kiss 3:46 Prince The B-Sides
Passion of Your Passion 7:21Passion Passion
Y.M.C.A. 3:45 Village People Disco Gold
Thank You 4:49 Sly & Family StoneEat Pray Love
Fill Her Up 5:39 Sting Brand New Day
American Honey 3:45 Lady Antebellum Need You Now
Adagio 5:11 Safri DuoSpine Susan
Gratitude 3:27 Earth Wind & FireGreatest Hits

I also added my 52 moves in 4 minutes “Sensation Rag” at the beginning for Angela’s Birthday :-)