Nia Routine Menu for Santa Fe Blue Belt

I’m usually excited about leading a training, with extra anticipation for a new venue/community. With this upcoming Blue Belt training there’s something more, yet to be discovered, for me, the trainees and the community. I also feel very honored to be stepping in a space created by my dear friend, mentor, “big sister” of Nia, Holly Nastasi.

With a community of folks who mostly have no experience of classes with me I wonder what to offer. I’m entertaining giving each class the opportunity to vote for what they want for the next experience. My hope is folks will keep coming back for more AND I get to serve the community as best I can (which I deeply desire).

What would you choose/like? Folks who know me, and my classes, please comment. Help your fellow Nia Pals who don’t know me as well as you do. (I think I’m going to learn something from this LOL)

Routine Menu:

Name (Adapted)FocusArtist
++2 for 1Sensation ScientistCompilation
Whitney Tribute (Birth)3 planes of movementW Houston
Rock Opera (Sanjana)Dramatic Dynamic, EaseEVOC
Medusa (Sanjana)Move from Beneath & BehindAnnie Lenox
Queen Latifah (Sexi)3 Body Weights and SpineDana Owens
Afro Celt (SkyDancing)Core and ExtremitiesAfro Celt 3
Nia DestinyEmotion in MotionCeline Dion
Nia Medicine WomanChakra SensationsM Goodall
Nia PassionLess = MoreCompilation
Nia AOMobility StabilityBill Hollroyd
**Mask and the MirrorContinuityL McKennet
**Brand New DayIncrease, Circulate, UtilizeSting
**Cross of ChangeHara, Heart, HandsEnigma
**AriasSensations F.A.M.S.S.Paul Schwartz+

++2 for 1 sandwich: one regular Nia song with usual Choreography, followed by non Nia music, with Choreography continued from previous song.

** Helen Originals