Special BES12 Guest Presenter ~ Carla Winter, Graphologist!

Graphology is the study of all graphic movement including handwriting, doodling, drawing and painting in order to gain insight into the physical, mental and emotional state of the writer or artist.

As more people write than draw, we tend to equate the term graphology with handwriting analysis.

The brain generates the impulses that expresses graphically and reflects both conscious qualities and unconscious qualities of the individual.

Mind, body and emotions are all connected. An interesting aspect of graphology is that one can create changes in emotions, behavior and attitudes by making specific changes in ones writing. The body leads the mind in making the change, the inverse of psycho-therapy where the mind initiates the behavior change.

Carla Winter has been practicing and studying graphology since the mid 80’s and initially became interested in it as a fun entertainment for her party entertainment business. She has studied with\master’s in the field, including the eminent Marcel Matley. Ultimately, her interest in the field grew and developed and today she is considered an expert by many within her graphological community and greater society.
She is also a contributing writer to the newsletter for AHAF (American Handwriting Association Foundation) of which she is a member

She has been called to appear of television many times as an expert. Quite recently, (June 5) she was contacted by KRON News 4 to offer her insights on a lengthy handwritten letter they had just received from an incarcerated serial killer attempting to set the record straight. Although his words said one thing, his handwriting indicated a very different picture.

For the Blue Electric Storm workshop, Carla will present some simple exercises that create an easy visceral understanding of how handwriting analysis works.

She will also be looking at samples presented by participant and is available for further consultation during the workshop.

Carla really likes the color blue and holds blue belts in two styles of martial arts in addition to her blue belt in Nia.