Fermented (Cultured) Veggies

Cultured Veggies are a main contribution to the Body Ecology Diet. A way of eating that promotes balance between raw, cooked and fermented vegetables and optimizes the healthy flora of the gut to allow us to think, feel and look better!

I’ve been following the Body Ecology Diet for over 10 years. One of the principles is 80/20. I now say I am 80% on the diet and 20% not. This allows me to maintain a high level of energy while being able to eat with family and friends without feeling like I’m a freak!

My husband Joe has perfected the art of cultured veggies.

In summary:

  1. chop up a head of cabbage and any other veggies you’d like to add
  2. take a small amount of the cut veggies and blend with water and cultured starter in the blender
  3. mix this brine with the chopped veggies
  4. put mix into jam jars, fill to the top and seal firmly
  5. leave out on the counter for 1 - 2 weeks
  6. refrigerate and enjoy

Joe makes batches for friends and sells jars for $20.

The main mix we use and call “Joe’s finest” includes:

  • cabbage
  • ginger
  • lemon
  • carrot
  • kale

from this batch we add:

  1. Jalapeños for a spicy mix
  2. Apples and pears for a sweet mix
  3. Beets for a vibrant purple mix

Cultured Veggies can last a long time. (Joe made a batch when in the UK. Mum and Dad would bring me a jar each time I came over for a training, I enjoyed the veggies for 3+ years!)

Cultured Veggies are chocka full of vitamins and healthy bacteria.
(I can’t remember the last time I had a cold!)

A tablespoon (like a relish) with each meal can help keep you healthy
(Captain Cook was renowned for keeping scurvy at bay by feeding all the sailors cultured veggies on their voyages)

here’s more information from the Body Ecology Web site:

Cultured Veggie Recipe