Success Versus Significance

I’m enjoying pondering Success and Significance today…

A quote from Biju joy inspired me:

Success is measured when we reach a milestone or achieve a Goal,
Significance is measured when we touch a heart or change a Life.

Success may be defined as aiming for the stars and hitting the moon,
Significance may aim low but achieves high because it cared for the lowliest ones on earth.

Success may be highly recognized and applauded on earth,
The only reward of Significance is changed lives that continue even after the individual has passed away.

Success attracts money and recognition ,
Sometimes Significance may attract trouble and persecution.

I am all for Success if it leans on a wall called Significance.

If Success is a Tree then Significance must be the roots.

If Success creates Wealth then
Invest it to make Significance in others .

Good things that continue to happen even after we are gone away into eternity is the measure of Life of Significance.

Minute with Maxwell shares
Significance is born within us. We are created with potential for purpose and greatness. We often search in life until we find something we can be significant in. Folks can do nothing due to the belief they can’t do anything big. Don’t worry about doing something big, ask yourself how can I help people today? What can I do and say that will help add value. Do something, say something, be something that makes a difference in someone’s life.

Bill Butler shares 12 ways to help us live a SIGNIFICANT LIFE:

  1. Break away from the mundane and into the meaningful.
  2. Build bridges… Placing LOVE first.
  3. Challenge Complacency. NO EXCUSES = NO REGRETS.
  4. Defeat discouragement by harnessing happiness.
  5. Give generously of your time to others.
  6. Intentionally improve. Work a little each day on being better.
  7. Mind your mind ~ what thoughts occupy your head space.
  8. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the extra you put into life.
  9. Plan purposefully. Keep your goals and objectives fresh in your mind throughout the day.
  10. Reflect regularly. Remind yourself of what is important.
  11. Take time. balance work and play.
  12. Transform thinking by practicing positivity.