Donna Summers ~ Adapted Nia Routine

I’m LOVING this new routine. Moves from Passion work well - song for song.

Feedback from class:

  1. extremely high energy, challenging cardiovascular
  2. most love the music and find this brings more out of them
  3. a few don’t like the music (mostly younger generation). They work through it to sustain enjoyment

Focus: “enough” concept
Intent: take fitness to your next level

No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) 4:48
I Feel Love (12” Version) 8:15
This Time I Know It’s for Real 3:36
Could It Be Magic (Single Version) 3:54
She Works Hard for the Money (Single Version) 4:10
Hot Stuff (12” Version) 6:41
This Time I Know It’s for Real (12” Extended Remix) 7:22
Dream-a-Lot’s Theme (I Will Live for Love) [12” Extended Remix] 9:14
Last Dance (Single Version) 3:19
On the Radio 4:05
State of Independence (Single Version) 4:25

Songs from: The Journey: The Very Best Of Donna Summer