Fantastic 6am Nia Class with Laura Haley

Laura Haley

I questioned my choices when my alarm awoke me at 5:00am this morning. Now I Am delighted I attended Laura Haley’s 6:00am Nia class at NiaMoves. I find the more I teach the less I take class, something I want to rectify. My experience with Laura this morning was a nourishing reminder of how great it is to receive, learn from others, feel part of community, meet new people, have fun, be a student, give attention to myself, sense and heal my body. I felt connected to something greater than myself and at the same time a deep connection inside.

I had a funny moment when I heard myself telling myself “wow this teacher is awesome and what a magical studio this is, great ambiance, lights, people….” I then was reminded “hey you have something to do with this, you’re the co-owner”. An embodied out of body, chuckling kinda of moment.

Thank you Laura I feel blessed and honored with you as part of our team at NiaMoves.