Nia 5 Stages ~ Elisabeth shares...

In a world that constantly pulls us outside of ourselves, our healing and well-being depend on our ability to stay present within our bodies. The many stresses of being a human in these times can cause our bodies to regress to a less evolved state. When we first learn to move as babies, we integrate what doctors call our primitive reflexes, moving from a cuddly ball to our backs, our bellies, all fours and finally onto two feet.

Stress can bring children and adults back to earlier stages of evolution on this spectrum, causing challenges in coordination, endurance, balance and mental focus. The best known way to re-evolve ourselves is to learn and practice movement patterns that look like that first learning we had with gravity.

I will train with Helen Terry this Spring in Nia 5 stages because I want to stay present, and evolved, and guide others in the same. In my experience, this kind of work has the healing power of both physical and emotional therapy. I recommend this training not just to teachers, but to moving humans who want a better understanding of their senses and themselves.

So, for the love of gravity, please click here to learn more about Nia 5 stages.

See you there!

Elisabeth Commanday Swim
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