Holy Easter ~ Nia Play List

Egg Emotions at Soma Ranch

Folks request a Nia compilation for Saturday 8am Nia class at NiaMoves.

Fondly called “chocolate”, i.e. an assortment from different Nia Routines.. “Nia and Life is like a box of chocolates”

I’ve selected tracks from routines to spell the acronym HOLY EASTER.
We’ll see how it goes in the morning… Like GP, my neighbor, says: “Sometimes Chicken,Sometimes Feathers

With 52 minutes I’m looking for the perfect song to end the experience.

Track Length ArtistRoutine
Things You Don’t… 5:23 Peter Malick H umanity
Magic Carpet 4:49 Illumine O pal
I Will Always Love…4:51Dolly P & Whitney H L ove
Ubiquitous Mr Love6:17 Dead Can DanceY ulunga
Return to Innocence 4:15Enigma E nigma 2
Colossus 6:44 Afro Celt Volume 3 A ftro Celt
Train In Vain 4:44 Annie Lennox S anMedusa
To The Rhythm 5:14 Lionel Richie T ime
Exilio 5:40 Thievery CorporationE arthsong
Shine 4:18Josh SeamanR 1