Do you ever get low? heck yes! and thank God for Nia...

Fabulous class this morning. Thanks to Megan for her patient and persistent request for Hotel Costes. I discovered surprising delight when revisiting Nia adapted “Walking on Clouds” routine this morning, after being left “on the shelf” for 5+ years. A participant recently asked “do you ever get low?”, ha ha yes! this morning for sure… I hadn’t slept well, my to do list is long, stress level high, I love my job and yet an occupational hazard of this is I fill my schedule and limit the time needed to catch up and spend valuable time with my family. Magic happens in a Nia class ~ things appear and disappear! This morning I arrived feeling low, tired and rather anti social. Without my commitment to teach class, I likely would have stayed in bed! Within 10 minutes my low disappeared and many delightful things had appeared.. Why and How does this happen? I’ve pondered a few points of my own and encourage you to share any others you’d like to add.

With a Nia community like NiaMoves, in Cycle 1, when setting the focus and intent of class, happy, smiling, faces provide an immediate pick me up and warm sense of community.

Then great music begins in Cycle 2 “Stepping in”, lifting spirits, the dance begins…

In Cycle 3 “Warm Up”, systemic body moves begin to match the music and magic happens.

We “Get Moving”, Cycle 4. Expression and intensity increase as endorphins kick in with a sense of community groove.

Cycle 5, we “Cool down” in a community circle, our safe and sacred space honors uniqueness and allows my creative spirit to play in to Floor Play, Cycle 6.

I relish the sense of connection to self, body, group, ground, music, movement and yes heavenly magic. I cherish friendships that have been cultivated for over 2 decades and feel supported.

Cycle 7 we “Step out” feeling glad to be alive. I appreciate those who choose to came to dance, honor my teachers, thank the space and am filled with gratitude for this medium called Nia. My body, mind, emotions and spirit are nourished. I feel better.

Thank you God for bringing all of this together like a well orchestrated concerto.

Consider Blue Electric Storm Retreat as an extension to this “StayCation Nia Experience”