Broga Recommendation from a Guy's Perspective

Broga is coming to Soma Ranch Friday Jan 24th - Sunday Jan 26th.

From reading the Broga website to hearing from a personal friend I trust impeccably, I am super excited to be hosting AND EXPERIENCING Broga at Soma Ranch.

Here’s a review from a guy perspective…
“First Yelp review for me, but Broga is the first thing I have felt that really earned my review. I have been going to various yoga classes for several years now, originally in Boulder CO, where I used to live, and I finally feel that I have found a class (Broga) and a teacher (Rob) that embody what I want to get out of yoga, without the pan flute music and deep spiritual nonsense that I left Boulder to get away from.

Rob teaches a great class. I show up on Saturday mornings after a long work week and sometimes a long night out, and by the end of class the stress that built up all week is gone, and my mind has spent 75 minutes focused solely on the practice. I walk away feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another week. Rob has a way of pushing his students beyond what they think they are capable of, without making anyone feel bad for not being able to stay in a tough pose for several minutes.

Broga really gives me what I (a guy) want out of a yoga class without the silliness that many other classes I have been to focus on. The class focuses on increasing strength (think pushups, squats, mountain climbers) mixed with flexibility (think stretching) and traditional yoga poses. You sweat, you grunt, you collapse a few times, and Rob never makes anyone feel like they did not have a hugely successful practice. He only pushes you to what you are capable of, but at the same time makes you want to do more. On top of that, Rob plays music, good music, the kind of music I listen to on road trips, and on my iPod, music that is inspiring, energetic, fun, and what I want to hear when I am working out. Honestly, I am not much into meditation, but something about this class does put my mind in a very good place, the rest of my saturdays are a lot more pleasant when I go to Broga in the morning.

I think that Broga achieves what many yoga classes fail to do, and that is make yoga accessible to men. I think guys are scared to go to yoga classes because guys don’t like sucking at things. When you start yoga, you inevitably suck at it, and sucking at something in a room full of women is not something guys enjoy. Broga alleviates this problem, partly because you aren’t in a room full of yoga-ettes, but also because the class focuses on the parts of yoga that guys are good at without forcing you to wrap yourself into a pretzel. Do I wish there were more women in the class, as a single guy, yes, but there are a few loyal women who show up and what do I care, I am there to work out.

I hate to let the secret out, because then the classes will be crowded, but then, maybe, Rob will have teach more classes in Somerville and I can get my fix during the week as well.”
-Daniel R.