Ageless Grace Personal Invite from Founder Denise Medved

Denise Medved, Ageless Grace

Hello all of you movers, shakers, rock n’ rollers and bright spirits in Texas and surrounding areas! I think this can answer ALL your questions about Ageless Grace®!

I am soooo excited to come and share the Ageless Grace® program with all of you at Helen Terry’s beautiful Soma Ranch in Montgomery TX, February 27-March 2! What a perfect location to PLAY with the profound tools of this unique program that will bring you up to speed on the hottest topic in the medical world, the fitness world and in media — NEUROPLASTICITY — what is it, how do we get it, how do we keep it???!

Many of you know I have been teaching health and fitness and movement for almost 30 years now — and had my beginnings in the world of well-being when I was in corporate marketing and PR In New York City for over 16 years! I have taught many kinds of fitness programs, have been a Personal Trainer for over 25 years — and was a Nia Trainer for almost 15 years. As a 1st Degree Black Belt Instructor, I still teach Nia several times a week — as well as many Ageless Grace® classes for all ages, from kids to baby boomers to seniors, and those with special and cognitive needs!

Ageless Grace® grew out of 7 years of research through a graduate certificate program in Gerontology in the school of nursing — and in pilot classes I offered in various departments of a Duke-Affiliated hospital group that is ranked as one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation. Ageless Grace® is based on the cutting-edge science of neuroplasticy..and activates all 5 functions of the brain, as well as addresses all 21 primary physical skills necessary for lifelong optimal function.

The program consists of 21 tools, or playful, creative, spontaneous movements (no choreography, rather movements, ideas, concepts and memories that spring from the brain). It is as EASY to teach as it is remarkably unique, since it stimulates kinesthetic learning, analytical thinking, strategic planning, creativity and imagination and memory/recall. New neural pathways are created, others are maintained — and many that have been lost or forgotten are restored.

We now have more than 800+ Certified Ageless Grace® Educators teaching throughout the United States, Canada, the UK, The Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia — and are soon offering the program in Germany , Israel and South America. It’s almost breath-taking to see how the program is being used in retirement communities, schools, corporations, skilled nursing centers, elementary schools, after school programs, hospitals, places of worship, senior centers, and for many special needs groups such as stroke survivors, those with MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autism, joint replacements, post-traumatic stress disorder and brain and head injuries.

It is the most fulfilling work I have ever had the pleasure to PLAY with on a daily basis! And it pays very nicely — what a concept! Value for value appreciation!

It’s simple, easy — and FUN! The exercises are never repeated the same way twice — and the practice is supported by 10 minutes a day of brain-body stimulation (neural pathway activation), as well as in group classes. It is practiced in a chair, seated, specifically to work the CORE of the body, which is the best way to address the majority of those 21 physical skills needed for optimal function (I.e. spinal flexibility, balance, muscle mass, abdominal strength, conditioning of the heart, stimulation of the vital organs and systems of the body, joint mobility, the ability to Respond, React and Recover, the creation and sustenance of neuroplasticity, just to name a few). The chair also provides greater stability, safety and range of motion — and then allows ALL abilities and levels of fitness to participate including those in wheelchairs, on walkers or with special needs.

The demand for AG Educators is HIGH…it’s a fabulous and simple way to generate additional income in the fitness and wellness world at the same time you have the opportunity to do something highly beneficial and even life-changing for many people. I am really looking forward to once again sharing this fascinating research and discovery in your area of the country!

To find out more, or to register easily online for the events I will be offering February 27 through March 2, visit For information about accommodations at Soma Ranch, visit /ageless-grace, or call 832-567-4550.

I will see all y’all later this month (as they say in North Carolina where I live)! Wishing you joy, grace and lifelong laughter! Xoxox Denise