Inside Out ~ reflections of neuroscience

I’ve been waiting for the movie “Inside Out” for over a year ever since it was mentioned in one of my favorite books “Creativity Inc” (An inspirational account of the development of Pixar Animation Studios, I heard on, with terrific tale, tools and toys inspiring great leadership + team building skills)

Today I delighted in how the movie was everything I expected and much more. I highly recommend you check it out. It was great in a 3D theatre. Here’s a link to a great article by NBC News to give you more information about it. I hope you like it as much as me.

“The research suggests that kids in their pre-teens and early teens often experience a precipitous drop in happiness and a rise in anxiety. “It’s like the world crashes down on them,” Keltner said. The movie traces that shift, with tear-inducing as well as laugh-inducing effects.

Keltner likes how “Inside Out” shows Riley dealing with that shift. “You’re not forever held hostage by your emotions,” he observed. And he likes how the parents deal with it as well. “They embrace her change,” Keltner said. “You have to embrace that — because that’s where you have to go.”

Getting a better understanding of how the brain works, and particularly how our own emotions work, would be a dream come true for adolescents and their parents — and for neuroscientists as well.”