The Joys of Budapest & Finland, Part 1 ~ Intro

In June I traveled to Europe for a lovely string of events:

BudapestNia 5 stages
HelsinkiAgeless Grace seminar & Nia MasterClasses
Kuopio5 sessions at the Kuopio Dance Festival
Budapest5 days of specialized coaching
Budapestoodles of fun classes
BudapestFirst Ever Ageless Grace Class

Did you know Hungary and Finland are cousins when it comes to language? Not understanding either language, I was amused to hear conversations and enjoy the similarities in sound and rhythm!

Helen with Eija in Finland

Helen with Kinga in Budapest

Big thank you to Kinga (Budapest, Hungary) and Eija (Helsinki/Kuopio, Finland). How wonderful to manifest magic with you! ~ watching the joy, connection and healing appear as communities get together to dance and share their expressive brilliance! Something I adore about this practice we call Nia, and the livelihood I’ve created around it, is how, around the globe, I now have fantastic friendships with brilliant passionate women, leaders in their own right, bringing people together to make a difference. All through dancing to music!