MotherGood so Mother Good!

MotherGood Group Connection MotherGood by the Pool MotherGood girls sitting on the fence Wow! an amazingly fun yet healing weekend. The concept of mothers coming together to connect, unwind, enjoy each others company, receive support and love, with great food was a dream come true.

Soma Ranch provided the space and time to allow mothers to relax and rejuvenate. Joe and I hope the Mothers had as much fun as it appeared! Thank you for coming to Soma Ranch, we hope you come back soon.

Special thanks to Laura and Lauren the dynamic duo who put this amazing experience together. From beginning to end it was a joy to manifest the retreat with them. They walk their talk and came from big heart, compassion and joy with every exchange, be it via email, text or phone. How inspirational for the potential for how business can be in the world!

Are you curious to attend a similar event? please pencil July 15 - 17, 2016 into your calendar NOW! The girls have already pre-booked “Mother Good Two” retreat and a page devoted to the retreat at Soma Ranch will be constructed shortly.

Email Helen to share your intentions and be kept in touch as this retreat develops.