European Vacation with Helen

Helen and Kinga on Bikes

Kuopio Nia Girls

Budapest Nia Girls

We three “amigos” (Kinga, Eija & Helen) are discussing how fun it would be to create unique Nia vacations in fellow “Nia-Lands” around the globe.

Where Helen travels with a group of say 8 - 10 women from the US. We link each woman up to stay in the home of a fellow Nia amigo in Budapest/Finland. (like an “exchange program for adults”). The vacation would include a delicious balance between local insider tours, daily Nia classes and free time to play.

So far we are entertaining offering this in Hungary, Finland and England. 3 different (separate) vacations!

Please email Helen if you’d like more information,

or would like to be a hosting city!

Of course there’s the option of the “amigos” then coming over to Soma Ranch to visit with us.