Bob Holroyd comes to Nia Class

Do you sometimes feel like a fish swimming upstream? recently with buying a new computer, doing taxes and being in the process of selling the NiaMoves business, I've been having my moments. Then life happened!  I've been swirled and inspired into an upward spiral, in awe of how the flow of life, connection and synchronicity can come together with miraculous ease, for something magical to happen. For me I see this as an ever confirming moment of how there has to be a God! and I surrender, with abundant joy and deep gratitude, to the One with a master plan.

For the first time in 20+ years I decided to visit my Mum and Dad in the UK for a week, completely for a personal trip, i.e. not linked with a training or special event. A great way to enjoy Easter, celebrate my Mum's birthday and have a unique opportunity to simply BE with my parents!  With the intent to make transportation as easy as possible for Mum and Dad I focused on choosing the best flights and times. (driving in traffic on the M25 can be super stressful). I then remembered Jo Turner (Nia teacher) who, since her white belt in Norfolk several years ago, has repeatedly offered to pick me up and/or host me for an event, as she lives super close to Heathrow airport. Then POOF! what a great idea!  one email and we were booked; Jo picking me up, Mum and Dad arriving later with less stressed AND I have the extra joy of meeting Nia fans who take class with Jo!  


Next I get a curious email from Jo, "do you know the Nia routine U?....  there's a couple of songs from an musician called Bob Holroyd, he's a friend of mine and I was wonderful if we could invite Bob to see Nia to his music".  I LEAPED out of my seat, "Ha! there's another classic Nia routine (one of my favorites) called AO, originally created by Nia Co Founder, Carlos Aya Rosas. The entire playlist comes from "Different Space", an album by none other than… Bob Holroyd!!

And so it is - I will be teaching on Saturday with about 35 Nia dancers, to the music of Bob Holroyd and he will be participating with us! Some folks are bringing drums and instruments to join in the fun. This is turning out to be a most remarkable Nia class experience which came about with the most amazing ease. I feel like a happy salmon swimming along with the flow of the river, thoroughly enjoying the ride.

Mum and Dad plan to arrive for the class. They'll get to witness me teaching (which often brings my lovely Mum to tears) and maybe join in the dance. Beyond my wildest dreams I'll be meeting Bob and sharing how his music inspires me and so many folks around the world who love to dance to his amazing artistry.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Joe will be continuing to paint and repair ready for our next season of guests beginning in April. It's looks soOOOO good :-) We look forward to sharing the additions and improvements with you soon.

Class is Saturday March 25, 9:30am, details:

Listen to the music here

For more information about Bob Holroyd visit

A Different Space was Bob's third album, and the first on the US Six Degrees label. Released to critical acclaim it featured the cult classic African Drug. Previously remixed by pioneering DJs Coldcut, this version is actually Bob's own remix of the original track, which first appeared on Fluidity & Structure. Since the release of A Different Space, Bob's music has seen a surge of licencing which has seen tracks from the album appearing on at least 50 compilations including Ministry of Sounds Pure Global Chillout, Francois K's The Essential Mix, Coldcut'sJourneys by DJsBuddha Beats, and Claude Challe 's Sun. The track The Sheer Weight of Memory also appears in the Wayne Wang film The Centre of the World.