Nia New Zealand Tour

A fast, fun and amazing tour of Nia New Zealand. Yes! I think I saw more Nia than New Zealand ;-). 

Big thanks to Penny Adams, for persistently asking me to visit for the past 2 years AND for being an amazing organizer, companion and tour guide for the trip!

A full schedule: 

  • Friday: arrive Auckland, fly to Christchurch, 2 workshops, 1 class, group dinner, SLEEP!
  • Saturday: meet up with school friend, 1 workshop, 1 class, fly to Nelson, 1 workshop, 1 class SLEEP!
  • Sunday: early flight to Auckland, rental car drive to Hamilton, 2 workshops, 1 class, drive back to Auckland, meet up with Mariska, drive to Matakana, SLEEP!
  • Monday: beautiful walk on the beach and lunch in the little town, 1 workshop, 1 class, SLEEP!
  • Tuesday: 1 class, drive back to Auckland, fly home SLEEP! 

Best things about the trip:

  • meeting up with a friend I've not seen or heard of since early 20s!
  • meeting amazing Nia communities
  • spending time with Penny
  • walking on the beach
  • making new friends
  • a lady in the last class signed up for the white belt and arrived yesterday!

What's next?

  • The New Zealand tribe have initiated the idea of a 7-10 day Texas retreat at Soma Ranch! We'll have daily Nia classes, fun at the ranch, field trips, boating and include a night out at a true Texan dance hall!
  • I plan to return next year, hope Joe will accompany me and enjoy a balance between me teaching classes and having a vacation!
  • Possibility of providing a 5 day coaching retreat for Blue belts in New Zealand



Nia Christchurch



Nia Nelson



Nia Hamilton



Nia Matakana