Does He Love Me?

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I laugh out loud sometimes at how much my husband, Joe, communicates (NOT) with me. When I'm in the air, on the road and around the world offering Nia Trainings (about one week a month), I'm lucky to get a 5 word text and they can be rather random. For example during my recent trip to Dubai his only comment was "don't forget the Madjol dates". My thoughts "yes and I love you too".

I then pause and realize what a classic (and lovely) relationship situation I am in. My husband is a man of few words, with a big heart, who provides MASSIVE acts of service to show his love. During this trip I texted "how are you? what have you been doing today?" he replied with a photo... surprise! he's constructing me a wonderful massage room sanctuary at Soma Ranch adjacent to the Sauna, over looking the lap pool and hot tub. How cool is that! Hmm.. what do I prefer? My husband professes his undying love for me or builds things like massage rooms?! Oh.. and did I mention he cooks really well and cleans up to an extreme.

What's your love language? for me it's words of affirmation and physical affection. I read the book "5 love languages" by Gary Chapman decades ago, and yet it's one of those principles/lessons/books I go back to time and time again.

When it comes to love and relationships I'm still a work in progress! Something I teach in the Nia blue belt, and enjoy living by, is the philosophy "Relationships are God's Gift to Self Awareness".

I love how the Nia Technique program, beyond the wonderful joy it brings on the dance floor, provides an opportunity for personal growth and transformation, from practicing awareness and many other life tools

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