Nia in Dubai

Wow what a pleasure to share the Nia White Belt. Manal (former key Nia community member both at NiaMoves and Soma Ranch) relocated back to Saudi several years ago. She had dreamed of hosting a white belt for a LONG time. It was great to witness her dreams come true, to experience an amazing place (fabulous food and tea!) and, most of all, to be in the presence of some amazing, full of heart, women. I am blessed. Getting to fly First Class home, on my last trip of the year was wonderful! The 27 hour journey became a joyful breeze!

Day one:  Getting to know each other ~ The "Stepping in" to the Nia White Belt.

Training days were filled with joy from early sunrise runs, our "regular" tea on the way to the studio, fun classes, a wonderful group dinner, sightseeing in the evening and enjoying the beach!

Congratulations Dubai Nia White Belts, Special thanks and kudos to Host Manal Aldabbagh!