Congrats Nia White Belts

Congratulations Nia White Belts! A wonderful week was experienced at Soma Ranch. We had weather from sunshine to heavy rain. We enjoyed "Triple Spa" (Sauna, Hot Tub and Lap Pool) in the full moon light! Every participant was faced with challenges to be at this training! They each showed amazing tenacity to do their best and contributed to a most memorable experience.

  • Christine flew in, all the way from New Zealand, having experienced one class with Helen the week before!
  • Kathy amazingly worked out her schedule, quit her job, accepted a new job with the provision she could have the week off in between for this training.
  • Cristi managed her landscaping business and family with 2 small boys to make this happen.
  • Kristi has been wanting to take the Nia White belt for over a year, she experienced family challenges during the week, made choices day by day to support her family first & foremost and attended as best she could. Kristi is now closer to graduating and will finish up the course as soon as possible.
  • Cynthia, a recent white belt and blue belt graduate, accompanied throughout the week. She also assisted Helen, even getting up early to prepare breakfast!
  • Thank you Darlene and Amy who choose to get up at 4am, to drive all the way from Dallas to surprise and congratulation Fellow Nia Dallas sista, Kathy!
  • Helen was trainer, chef and host at the beginning of the week with Joe having oral surgery.
  • Joe healed quickly and was back by the end of the week to pick up the pieces and bless us with delicious meals, prepared with "food as art".

Congratulations Nia White Belts!

Delicious Food & Fabulous Amenities