Feedback from Andree

Oh how we smiled. and jumped up and down, when we received this feedback. A super reminder of how appreciation and gratitude go a long way, helps us keep on keeping on with a smile and a skip in our step - thank you Andree, we're also thrilled to hear how you have support at home with an awesome studio "Shine" and team of teachers.....

"Helen, I've got Green Belt Joy, Soma Ranch Glow, and Helen Terry Inspiration...still brewing, doing magic a week after the training. I think I am gonna feel it for a long time!
What a week I had. I learned so much--including what I need to study. Just squeaking by on the test. I want to know everything I should have known. Beyond that, of course, is everything you shared. I am challenged, but not overwhelmed. Love my new driving game: 1 and 2 and 3 (gently squeeze steering wheel) and 4...until 6. Release for 7 and 8 and. I'll be cueing like a champ.
I have written a separate snail mail thank Joe, too. And how did I get so lucky as to train with three women I enjoyed and admired so much?  
This past weekend, Shayne conducted a fantastic playshop on the 9 movement  forms of Nia. Knowing how fortunate I am to have great Nia mentors here. 
Thank you, again for guidance, sharing your knowledge ,humor, wisdom and dance with me.  I will be back for Green Belt 2018!
❤️ Andree