Nia 5 Stages

Returning from facilitating a Nia 5 stages course in Los Angeles, California, I'm reminded of how amazing this Nia practice is and how wonderfully the Nia 5 stages course compliments Nia technique, deepens the understanding of the human body, enhances how to teach Nia and provides the opportunity for deep healing. It's all in all a awesome program. 

Debbie Rosas, co-founder of Nia, has poured her wisdom, knowledge, creativity and fascination for the human body into this wonderful program. All 3 participants who signed up for the course shared they had no idea how valuable the course would be. They didn't realize how you receive 60+ lesson plans that are amazing downloads from classes Debbie has provided over the past 2 decades at Nia Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. I personally think it's the closest thing to getting a sneak peak into the brilliance of the mind who co-created Nia.

Special thanks to Paula Chambers for hosting the training and for Emily Kaplan & Kathryn Streng for joining us. It was a small yet most magical weekend, an experience I cherish.

I'm looking at adding a Nia 5 stages course before the end of 2017 and also scheduling 3 courses for 2018. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in the course, have certain dates that do/don't work.

Helen Terry,, 832-567-4550