Beam me up! ~ delights of Nia 1st Degree Black Belt

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I’m a recent Nia 1st Degree Black belt graduate!

In my opinion this amazing Nia training, is “off the charts”. I brought my Nia White, Green, Blue, Brown and Black belt knowledge and experience to the training, however this course really stands alone.

Someone with no Nia experience could have a transformational, amazing healing experience attending the Nia 1st Degree Black belt.

My fun standard statement is

in an ideal world, everyBody would take the Nia White Belt as a pre-requisite to attending a Nia class”.

My new additional statement is

everyBody should go through all the Nia belts (from white to black) simply so they may have entrance to the amazing 1st Degree Nia Black belt experience

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I LOVED being a student and cherished the opportunity to learn, dance and laugh with fellow Nia Black belts. I was touched to realize more than half the participants on the course had taken at least one training with me; to dance with them as peers and friends was a gift.

I only realized on my way home (while noticing how GREAT I felt!) it was the first “new to me” training I had attended in 22 years. That is 22 years ago I took the Nia Black Belt for the first time! Since then I’ve attended many trainings, and lead even more, however I’ve not been blessed with the opportunity to experience a new higher level course. I’ve also never been guided by Debbie Rosas (master teacher trainer and co-creator of Nia Technique) solo before. In her cooperative & collaborative spirit, Debbie usually trains accompanied by other trainers.

The course is beyond words.

We were flooded with amazing music, guest teachers, key concepts and fabulous multi media resources like this inspirational Flamenco clip.

Timing, frequency, vibration, genius, wisdom and brilliance are a few words that begin to capture the experience. Enjoy this clip as a flavor for the potential of 1st Degree Black belt and if you’re a Nia Black belt don’t walk, RUN! to sign up for 1st Degree Black Belt training ;-)

Here’s more information:

First Degree Black Belt

Focus: Art of Self | Intent: To explore your personal potential 

Art of Self is a profound step on the Nia Journey. It is the Belt that celebrates not just you, but your advanced potential. It's about stepping even further, out of your excellence and into your genius. Being in genius, in the zone, means letting go. It is expressed in beauty, power, and wisdom of spirit. It sets you free in Sacred Movement. It moves you further into brilliance. It is a movement dedicated to a single purpose and person: YOU.

The desire for First Degree is "more". More personal knowing and more about how to live in a world of pleasure, purpose, and freedom. Plato wrote that "all knowledge is already within us, no one really teaches anything new." In First Degree Black Belt, we remind each other of the archetypal principles of our nature, our body and how our spirit knows more but we have forgotten. 

The origins of First Degree Black Belt come from over thirty years of body-mind movement exploration. It takes you through Nia's White, Blue, Brown and Black Belts, further into Aikido and Sacred Geometry, all of which impacted Nia. This is the Belt that takes you beyond your wildest dreams. 

How It Works
The dan is a ranking system, a Japanese mark of level used in martial arts that was created by Kanō Jigorō (1860-1938) in 1883. The word dan literally means "step" or "stage", and is commonly equated with a - degree.

This training gives you 13 Tools called "vital factors", influenced by the medical term "vital sign." Each "vital factor" provides an energetic foundation to stretch and expand your relationship with Nia's 52 Principles and Nia TAS's; Triad Affirmation Spells. Each is a lesson to explore you and the expression of Nia in her finest form, which has always been more than physical. Gracing this training is a technique Nia believes contributes to the champion of all personal greatness: the beginner's mind.

What Does Beginner Mean To You?
Beginner implies you know nothing. You are empty. It means you consciously forget what you know from the past. You don't anticipate the future, you have nothing. You are simply here, not preoccupied with yesterday, tomorrow or even today.

Mind refers to the part of you that directs your thinking, actions, and choices. This salient training has been crafted with the concept of Omoto, "the great origin", and with respect to the "inquisitive" body-mind-emotion-spirit, you are.

Debbie's Personal Invitation To Start At The Beginning

I invite you to forget what you know. To trust in your eagerness to learn, and from start-to-finish, enter into your beginner's mind. Let's play. 

Ask yourself the question, "what does origin mean to me?" I arrived at the understanding that to me, "great origin" refers to the beginning, the moment of creation when I am fully present and in the moment of now. Be here with me... now.

Debbie Rosas
Founder + Co-creator of Nia Technique