Tricks on How to Feel Energized and Sleep Fabulously after flying.

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Last weekend I “popped” over to the UK for the weekend. I love to travel, feel energized from the journey and sleep fabulously. Folks ask me “how to you do that?” Here’s how:


  • don’t drink alcohol

  • don’t drink caffeine

  • don’t sleep upon arrival until bedtime

  • don’t look at watch

  • don’t eat the airline food

  • don’t eat gluten or sugar


  • keep hydrated

  • pre-order a fruit plate or at least gluten free meal.

  • get up every hour while flying

  • practice feet on the floor, sensing body and following breath (1 minute an hour)

  • wear noise cancelling head phones

  • drink Apple Cider Vinegar (before, during, after flight)

  • drink Greens (I love Body Ecology Vitality Greens powder)

  • get outside and take a walk ASAP after landing

  • drink coffee ASAP the first morning upon arriving

  • take a soak in water ASAP upon arriving (at least shower, preferably bath and hot tub or ocean is the best!)

Align with the concept “thoughts become things”. I choose to believe Jet Lag doesn’t exist, imagine, with super powers, I’m kept free from Jet Lag and POOF! 95% of the time it works. I land, I walk, I dance, I sleep at bed time and feel fabulous, 100% synced into the new time zone, the next day. Here’s some tricks to help manifest a “jet lag free” experience.

Before the Flight

A couple of days before the flight eat as clean as possible, sometimes go down to fruit, smoothies or veggie pureed soups, only. When possible, fast, it’s the best! I make an extra effort to get up early, practice yoga, get outside for a daily run/walk and take/teach a Nia class. Also call the airline to confirm pre-ordered special meal (fruit plate or gluten free). Drink magnesium before going to bed (Calm) and take a bath.

During the Flight

Avoiding airline food seems to help. Choose to fast or take fruit, snacks and cooked veggies from home.

Taking green powder on to the plane (like Body Ecology Vitality Greens) is a great proactive move. Pack a glass bottle (like a recycled Kombucha bottle) with green powder in the bottom, on to the plane. When the attendants come through, ask them to fill your glass bottle with water. Then simply put on the lid, shake and enjoy a lovely green drink! Green powder drinks are sustaining, alkaline and super healthy. They are fabulous for helping to avoid craving sugar.

Pack an insulated mug with lid on the plane and bring favorite tea bags (my favorites are peppermint, chamomile and bengali). When the attendant comes through, ask for hot water in your tea mug. They usually have to go to the back to fill it up, giving them the lid helps as it’s easier to carry without spilling. The lid also keeps your tea hot for longer!

Noise Cancelling head phones have changed my travel experience AND LIFE!! Watch movies, listen to downloaded relaxation and/or focus music. (one of my favorites is the ultimate Nap CD) or simply enjoy the magical silence these head phones bring.

After the flight

When I travel to a time zone that’s 1-2 hours behind my usual, I love to keep close to my usual time zone. For example when I go to Portland (2 hours behind Texas CST) I get up at 4am, I get some work done, take and early run/walk and find I tired and ready for bed by 9pm.

When I travel to Europe (9 - 15 hours of travel and 5 - 7 hours time difference) I usually arrive in the morning, I get outside for a walk as soon as possible and do everything possible to stay awake until at least 8pm in the new time zone.

Earth and water activities help combat us being air out of balance from flying. For example: being outside, walking, running, getting a massage, taking a hot shower, bathing before bed (even better getting in a pool, hot tub or the ocean) applying lotion or oils on the skin, massaging lavender oil in to the soles of feet before bed.

Not being a daily coffee drinker has benefits. When I travel I LOVE the treat of a coffee on the morning of arrival, it gives me energy and helps my body sustain through the day. Dropping a tablespoon of coconut oil is earthy, grounding, sustaining and delicious!