Dancing with Lauren Daigle

I’m in LOVE with the new Lauren Daigle Album “Look Up Child”. Here’s a warm up I choreographed to the first track “Still Rolling Stone”. In Nia technique we have a process of matching moves to the music. Through an 8 stage process called FreeDance, we have a systematic guided approach of dancing freely to the music to allows “clicks” to settle.

These clicks are magical moments where, from a somatic (body centered) place, movements match the music, revealed in way that feels like coming from an unknown place. These clicks don’t come from habit, mental thoughts or logic, instead they feel vibrantly “alive”, new and are habit breaking.

Dancing, and riding this Nia 8 stages process, with music like Lauren Daigle, is a most delicious journey. Her lyrics, the soul of the music, the quality, details and structure of each song all contribute to an effortless, most rewarding and enjoyable ride!

There’s also some great modern/interpretive dances out on the internet. They passionately and creatively share and communicate this soul searching music through the body in a most inspiring way. Here’s one of my favorites: