Congrats Nia White Belts

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Congratulations Nia White Belts;

  • Rose, Lesa and Toni.

Thank you

  • Ana Maria and Hànanda for re-visiting the Nia white belt,

  • Mary-Claire and Emma for popping in for a 3 night retreat on their way from UK to Mexico,

  • Jenny who, after 9 years of talking about coming, managed to put Soma dreams into reality, with a 2 night stay!

The weather was wonderful, allowing us to dance Nia outside on the lawn (both front and back), watch stars in the clear skies from the hot tub and enjoy an evening around the fire. Sharing s’mores with Ana for the first time was a blast!.

Conversations around the dinner table, giggles on the couch and time spent with donkeys all lend themselves to a most unique and nourishing experience at Soma Ranch.