Congratulations Nia White Belts

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Our first event, first training and first Nia White belt for 2019 was a fabulous success.

A joyful group of women came together.

Each with their own individual needs and desires, these wonderful participants brought a collective desire to learn, support each other, grow, have a good time and be healthy.

We had a great time. It truly was a magical experience.

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Lindsay (a Nia White Belt participant from Vermont) experienced a super surprise when 3 women, from her community, flew in to be with her.

They stayed a couple of nights, enjoyed retreating at the ranch, attending public classes and most of all showing support and love for their friend.

Hananda (July 2018 White Belt graduate) returned for her 3rd white belt experience and is now considering moving to the Montgomery area!


Sue Korthauer dropped in for public classes and reconnected with 2 participants from Denver (Sara and Kate) who she had met at a retreat in Mexico.

Sonja Groskopf and her husband stayed for a few days, they are in the process of deciding whether to relocate to Texas.

This beautiful web of connections, good times shared, friendships made and rekindled is a blessing to witness and be part of.


As we continue to attract folks to relocate to Montgomery Texas, we appear to be adopting a most successful business model.

What could be better than folks moving to be closer to Soma with a desire to take classes and trainings!

Montgomery, TX is one of the fastest growing counties in the US and Soma Ranch appears to be becoming a beacon of attraction.