The Last First

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In the Nia Blue belt we introduce the concept of “it’s a good day to die” - meaning if I die today will I exclaim “it’s a good day to die ~ I am at peace, I’ve lived a great life and I have no regrets.”

Directly applying this concept to teaching (or taking) Nia classes; preparation, execution and reflection" of class, are motivated by the concept this could be our last class.

I’m inspired to do my best when preparing and teaching class and celebrate all the things that went well. Checking what I can improve on for the next class, while being 100% satisfied with the experience, is a wonderful exercise of balance, self love and compassion.

This is a great example of how a Nia class can become a metaphor for life. Where our choices and decisions can be made like a sacred athlete, striving to do our best, live life fully and pay attention to what matters most in life and find the ability to let go of the rest.

Liliana, our daughter, sent us a “last first” photo.

It’s her last semester at University of Texas, Austin. Liliana was marking the moment in time of her last first day back to school!

We’ve had the tradition of taking her “first day back to school” photo since preK. This certainly seems to mark a significant moment in time, igniting her transition from school to the work place.

As we step into our 10th year at Soma Ranch we too are enjoying our milestones. A curious thing to consider is how we don’t know what our last of many things will be. I don’t know when will be my last class, last training, last month, last day, last moment, last breath. So I choose to celebrate what I have today, notice the first and lasts of the day, month, year and live a life as if this could be my last (as one day it will be!)


What would you do if you knew this was your last day, month, year? Something worth considering. And hopefully there’s a place for Soma Ranch in your plans, wink wink ;-) Let us know how we may serve best.