Run 2019 Miles update - eat an elephant?


There’s a crazy expression

you can’t eat an elephant in one seating.

Although my first thought is

NiaMoves Elephant slant.jpg

who wants to eat an elephant - EVER!

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 11.24.17 AM.png

I get (and abide to) the concept. My running 2019 miles goal is a great example of this:

  • WHEN the weather is more challenging,

  • WHEN I’m leading a training or retreat

  • WHEN “life happens” and I don’t do it!

I have the tendency to tell myself “it’s all over”, “I’ve failed”, “I may as well give up” and “I’ll never get caught up”. Then I return to my spread sheet (thank you Mum xoxo - retired math teacher!) and enter the data. I then realize, in the long run, if I keep chipping away at my goal, doing my best every day, my long term goal is still achievable.

My daily goal is to run 6 miles, this helps me gain a “pocket” for the days when “life happens”. Over these last 2 weeks, some days I’ve only clocked in 2 or 3 miles and yes I go into the dramatic “it’s all over, I’ll NEVER catch up”.

However, when I enter the data and check my average requirement, I still have a good chance! my required daily average has dropped, yet in the big picture, it is an insignificant slump (from 5.43 to 5.45) that comes out to only .05 miles a day. REALLY!??? I was stressing over .05 miles? I smile, I relax, I look out the window and get out there feeling inspired to clock in a good long run for today.

What ever your goals are, I encourage you to write them down, break down goals into achievable “gulps” and keep records of achievement.

If you’d like help whether it’s personal development, teaching Nia or achieving fitness goals please contact me for a one-on-one coaching session. I LOVE helping others achieve.

FYI the beautiful elephant picture is from my former business “Studio NiaMoves” in Houston. The new owner (Angela) completed this beautiful mural, super inspiring - when in the Houston area it’s well worth going to take a look!