Combat Winter Blues

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One of the things I LOVE about Texas is how the sunshines often and it’s warm almost all year round. (it’s one of the reasons I chose to move from the UK!). This winter has been cold, damp and very wet. I’ve found myself slipping into old habits of getting the “Winter Blues”. This is where I tend to go into to “turtle time” mode, all I want to do is curl up, binge on Hulu and eat sugar. Being able to get out at Soma Ranch, spend time with the donkeys and horses, enjoy nature and the peacefulness of the ranch is a big plus. The benefits of the far infrared sauna and therapeutic hot tub really help warm up the body and soul.

I’ve also found a few techniques that really help me not get stuck in this self destructive downward spiral of behavior. Here’s a few things that work for me:

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  1. keep a consistent early wake up time and GET UP when the alarm goes off

  2. get up when it’s dark and watch the sunrise (gives me hope)

  3. get up and get going (early morning walk or run outside)

  4. stock up on yummy teas, make a hot drink before delving into the freezer for ice cream!

  5. drink apple cider vinegar every day (my fav is warm water, stevia, ACV and tart cherry)

  6. call a friend (I like to do this while walking - a “2 for 1”)

  7. go to church

  8. help someone else

  9. keep to a schedule

  10. seek professional help (as always, if you really feel you need help seek professional guidance)

Here’s a great article that gives some info behind SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and 10 tips on how to counter.