Delicious Food at Nia Green Belt

Soma Chef Joe consistently creates delicious meals, with excellent presentation “transforming food into art” at Soma Ranch. In his opinion “People eat with their eyes”.

Our recent Nia Green Belt week was no exception!

Breakfast includes a hot “grain” (a gluten free, spouted seed, complete protein), fruit, kefir, yogurts, trimmings, extras and more.

Lunch is a home made soup, accompanied by large mixed salad.

Dinner is a cooked meal with plenty of fresh vegetables and often a surprise! (like a piñata when we have Tex Taco night!)

We provide retreat experiences, serving delicious healthy food with good humor and Texas hospitality.

We buy organic and local whenever and wherever possible. We’re blessed having the P6 Farms, as our neighbor, with fresh farm produce available for sale most of the year! Meals are balanced between healthy vegetables and good protein sources.

Providing yummy, gluten free, vegan meals, with accompanying egg, cheese and meat options seems to satisfy the needs and desires of most.

From Vegan to Keto we do our best to have you “covered” and most guests express their surprise of how delicious such healthy food can be.