Fabulous Nia Week

Texas weather at it’s best was at Soma Ranch for the entire Nia week. The sunshine and glorious temperatures, provided the opportunity to truly optimize the facilities at Soma Ranch.

From dipping toes in the pool (and diving in on occasions!), feeding the donkeys, riding the golf cart to the local P6 Farms, enjoying sunshine streaming into the studio, hanging out on the front porch, roasting s’mores over an open fire, giggling in the hot tub, relaxing in the sauna, a grand time was had by all.

The three Nia Green Belt participants were able to enjoy balance between learning, dancing and studying. They developed amazingly in a relatively (5 day) short time, each teaching wonderfully by the end of the training. Well equipped to return home ready to teach at their next level, with greater confidence and relaxation.

Local participants enjoyed the camaraderie during the week, building to a “jam” class on the last day where 3 local Nia teachers jumped in to teach with the Nia Green Belt trainees.