Good bye Little Mo

With 8 rescued donkeys, here at Soma Ranch, whenever someone shares they have a need for a donkey, we are glad to give them one. Even though it’s a bittersweet moment, we recognize how every goodbye is a new beginning.

Little Mo has a lovely new home with Jody T Morse (a long time friend). Jody took her Nia white belt training with Helen 20 years ago!

Part of Little Mo’s new purpose in the “Morse Family” tribe is to keep their donkey company when the horses are taken out for a ride.

Donkeys are very social and lovable, they can become sad and even depressed when left alone.

Out of all our donkeys Little Mo has been the most fun to play and fool with. For example he would accompany me for walks around the pasture without a lead or halter, i.e. he’d simply walk side by side, pausing and waiting when ever I stopped.

From noticing this we developed a very fun little trick, where Little Mo learned to count and do “steps and stances”. I’d stand side by side and walk a certain number of steps, counting out loud as I went along, then, when I stopped (stance) Little Mo would take the same number of steps, catch me up, and then stop (Stance), waiting for the next number/steps.

10 years ago I would never have dreamed I’d be rescuing, fooling with and giving away donkeys. Another example of how we often can’t even dream up the big picture waiting for us, however with faith and f, prayer and persistence, amazing things can happen.

This story is wrapped with friendship, trust, joy, letting go, new beginnings and of course DONKEYS!!