Freedom in your Ribs

Here’s a lovely 2 min clip from MaryBeth Davison Smith about how to "spring" from our ribs. Whether we are taking a Nia class, doing our yoga practice or going for a run, MaryBeth's talk is a great reminder of how key our ribs are;

If you're in the Houston area this coming Saturdays, consider attending this fab workshop at Angela Mestre 's Studio NiaMoves.

We hope to host MaryBeth at Soma Ranch some time in the fall for a workshop and possibly a retreat. Be sure to email if you’d like to be the first to receive more information about Feldenkrais opportunities at Soma Ranch.

Hot tip: Suggested class or “dancing through life” focus: A delicious visual for ribs is as the expandable bird cage that provides protection AND mobility for our lungs and heart.