Nia Sweden "Rise" Retreat

About one week a month, Joe stays home, watching over Soma Ranch, while I (Helen) travel the world, sharing the joy of Nia, helping others and inspiring a fulfilling lifestyle of love your body, love your life. I often pinch myself to recognize such a great life really is possible. Joe and I truly are living the dream!

I presented at the Nia Yoga Sweden festival weekend. This is the 9th year they’ve offered the event and the 3rd time for me to be one of their lead presenters.

Having previously experienced the beautiful warm spirits of, Nia Movement Studio owners, Emma and Jenny, enjoyed getting to know the community, making lifelong friends and delighting in a “highlight of my year” opportunity, I invited my Mum to come along for the ride!

I flew from Texas to London, picked up Mum, then a short 90 minute flight from Stansted landed us in Gothenburg for a delightful weekend.

Emma and Jenny (co-owners of Nia Movement Studio) are as adorable and open hearted as these photos suggest. We received a wonderful warm welcome. Enjoyed special meals, one where all 80+ participants, strolled down some local streets and then “took over” an entire organic “buffet style” vegan restaurant.

Mum and I experienced a juicy balance between attending sessions and walking around Gothenburg, dancing Nia and drinking coffee, making friends and making memories.

My take home:

  1. no matter how many times you walk through the door, if you continue to have peak experiences, come again

  2. family matters! precious moments with my Mum are important

  3. Nia Technique is a fabulous way to connect with great people and make lifetime friendships

  4. Stop talking & take action: time to create traveling retreats for small groups as I travel the world