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European Vacation with Helen

Helen and Kinga on Bikes

Kuopio Nia Girls

Budapest Nia Girls

We three “amigos” (Kinga, Eija & Helen) are discussing how fun it would be to create unique Nia vacations in fellow “Nia-Lands” around the globe.

Where Helen travels with a group of say 8 - 10 women from the US. We link each woman up to stay in the home of a fellow Nia amigo in Budapest/Finland. (like an “exchange program for adults”). The vacation would include a delicious balance between local insider tours, daily Nia classes and free time to play.

So far we are entertaining offering this in Hungary, Finland and England. 3 different (separate) vacations!

Please email Helen if you’d like more information,

or would like to be a hosting city!

Of course there’s the option of the “amigos” then coming over to Soma Ranch to visit with us.

The Joys of Budapest & Finland ~ Part 4 Nia 5 Stages

Helen Teaching Nia 5 Stages Hermann Nia 5 Stages The group was small yet the rewards were huge. I love how sometimes, when I almost cancel an event due to low enrollment, I feel great I chose to do it anyway. In Nia a phrase called “Cosmic Salary” is something I resonate with. Teaching Nia, and providing courses like the Nia 5 stages, is rewarding, the benefits as a trainer go way beyond the monetary value.

Fortunately participants indicate they feel the same way with comments like “this work is amazing, I’m stunned by how different my body feels in only 2 days” and “I’m so glad I did this” Thank you and congratulations to participants: Hermann, Elvira, Elekra and Edina. Fabulous to connect with such a lovely and international group! (Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Belgium). Wow! I feel blessed and hope y’all stay in touch.

Special thanks to Mossy for taking some fabulous photos - you captured the moment wonderfully.

My Path to Nia Brown Belt

Curious Blessings

4 years ago, almost to the day, I stepped into my final training practicum at Nia HQ to become a Brown Belt Nia trainer. Minutes later I received a call from my family, my course changed dramatically and I was taken on a fabulous Healing Energy Ride….

The year before The Terry Family had declared Mummy would travel less and stay home more, spend less and earn more, to focus on the development of our newly acquired Ranch, then Carlos Aya Rosas, co-founder of Nia, announced his retirement and the Terry family flipped a 180! I felt called to attend all trainings with Carlos until he left, this required extensive traveling, increased spending and reduced earnings. Joe and Liliana graciously supported the decision, seeing it as a wise investment and something important for me both personally and professionally.

Then here I was,in Portland, finally stepping into my practicum to become one of the first Brown Belt Nia trainers in the world (beyond the founders) and I receive a call from Joe. (I can hear Liliana screaming in the background) “Hi Buddy, Liliana’s injured her knee at the tennis tournament, we’re on our way to the emergency room, everythings going to be OK, stay on your course, we’ve been working together as a team towards this week, you’re almost there, we know how important this training is, you don’t need to come home….” I had minutes to make a decision… I chose to return to Houston and grabbed the next flight back. (I think it was the same plane I had landed on!)

We discovered Liliana had ruptured her ACL, this was devastating news to my teenager with aspiring dreams of going to College on a tennis scholarship and playing at Wimbledon.

We’ve been through a curious 4 years, personally I’ve questioned a lot about myself, my ability to teach, to train, thoughts about Nia, my relationship with Nia, etc. It’s been quite dark and depressing at times. I find it curious how the knee joint represents standing up for ourselves, “making a stand”, Louise Hay shares “Knee problems represent stuboborn ego and pride. Inability to bend. Fear. Inflexibility. Won’t give in.” The healing affirmation is “Forgiveness. Understanding Compassion. I bend and flow with ease and all is well”. Both Liliana and I have “grown up” through the process of her knee healing.

The good news is today I’m so super happy with my choices. Although my family could have coped well with me staying in Portland, my actions of coming home spoke volumes, it confirmed, other than God, my family is the most important thing to me. No matter how passionate I am about my Nia practice and all the wonderful possibilities, God and family come first. My soul searching inward time, my long term stall on developing as a brown belt trainer has been humbling and healing. I’m a much more patient, open, understanding, relaxed teacher and, more important, a more compassionate human being for the experience.

I’m left with gratitude for Nia Technique, Carlos Aya Rosas and Debbie Rosas who have provided me with an opportunity to create an amazing full time livelihood for over 2 decades, supporting my family financially, for making great life long friends, sustaining a fabulous business partnership with Kristie Bryant for over a decade, co-owning NiaMoves, a world class Nia Studio full of vibrant community with fantastic teachers, and also co-owning Soma Ranch, an amazing retreat center. I’ve been able to spend more time at home, be more present to enjoy my precious daughter’s transition from highschool transition into college.

When we look at Energy (the focus of the Nia Brown Belt) Everything is matter, in some ways we can say everything matters, and these days I sit back and smile, in awareness of all that REALly matters in life. I’m able to let go of a lot more of stuff which simply doesn’t matter, at least it’s not worth worrying or getting bothered about.

I invite you to ponder what matters to you? what can you let go of TODAY that really doesn’t matter in the big picture? what would you DIVE IN to if you knew you couldn’t fail? are you scared about something? play with asking what’s the worse thing that could happen? and recognize how 80% of what we worry about never happens! let your worry bucket be light and your prayer bucket full :-)

Team Awesome is coming to town

I’ve invited a “gaggle” of awesome Nia Brown Belt Teachers to join me for a week at Soma Ranch. It’s to help me prepare for my first upcoming Nia Brown Belt (April 25 - May 1) and celebrate my 50th Birthday.

Most of these super special folks from around the WORLD have hosted me for events, I’ve often stayed in their homes. Now I get to share the ranch with them, and share them with you. It’s a very special week/opportunity. I hope you can come enjoy some classes.

There’s currently a fun promotion with Nia called “WhatIfNia” - for me.. it’s… What if you could choose exactly what you wanted for your 50th birthday, what would it be: I’d invite incredible like-minded friends to come join me for a week of depth, connection and fun.

Cool thing is I asked, they’re coming, we’re doing it.


$15per class in advanceregister below
$20per class on the daypay at the door
$100for all 10 classes


Tue2/108:00pmPink FloydHelenGreen
Thurs2/125:15pmCreating SacredHelenPurple

Dancing Through Life - This stuff really works...

I’ve been snowed in at Toronto airport since 6am this morning (it’s now 5:00pm!). I’m super thankful of my Nia training, the tools I’ve gained to help me when thrown life challenging situations. All day I’ve been in incredibly relaxed Joy despite my circumstances, using awareness techniques learned through the Nia White Belt.

For example I’ve been practicing Dancing through Life. Where every day movements are conscious and pleasing to me (= I feel like I’m dancing). In the Joy of practicing Living Meditation, choosing to sense moments of stillness with pleasure and reap meditative benefits from the most ordinary and potentially frustrating situations for hours (= I feel like I’m meditating). And practicing Life as Art, where I shift my perception to allow beauty in to my sensory experience = this airport is like an amazing art gallery! :-) This stuff really works!

Have you considered the Nia White Belt? wondered what it’s about? worth the time and finances? check out this information and send me an email. We can set up a time to chat and I’m super happy to see how I may help you best.

Have you taken the Nia White Belt? a while back? would like to go deeper? be reminded of the principles? looking for a vacation with value? Consider returning to the ranch for a review. Only $400 for all your course, classes, meals AND accommodation + donkeys, lap pool, sauna, hot tub, fun and more :-)


Helen's back from Budapest

Helen Terry

I’m delighted to be back at the ranch having experienced what feels like the best Nia White Belt training I’ve ever led. What’s “funny” is I was also the most unwell I’ve been during a training EVER! The expression “the brighter the light the more moths” somehow resonates with my immediate experience and also the “story of my life”.

We had 23 on the course (22 women and 1 man!). I lost my voice by the middle of day 2 and led the remaining 8 classes completely silent. From the space created from the absence of talking, I entered into a new deeper relationship with the music, the moves and my connection with self, group, the energy of the room and even God. The result was an invigorating, vibrating, deeply connected experience for me and the class, with a sense of “us” by the end of the routine (or perhaps before the end of the first song!).

I’m preparing to become a Brown Belt trainer, the Nia course with a focus on energy. The opportunity to teach in a new and unique way across a series of classes was most invaluable. I feel like an energy warrior in training, having been provided with the perfect pre-course challenge. Without my loss of voice I would not have considered teaching an entire course of classes during a white belt training without talking, and yet my sore throat was the gift to launch me into a new place. I now wonder if I’ll ever want to talk in class again!

Side note of fascination:… Zumba may have something right… my understanding is their teachers don’t talk while teaching… I think they are on to something!

extra side note: I need to get some new photos uploaded as my hair is now longer enough to put in a pony tail! :-)

Fabulous Fast Food: Your Favorite Soup

Happy Day 9 “Favorite Things to help & entertain you”

Joe and I would like to wish you a Healthy Happy New Year!

Joe & Helen Terry Have you made some choices to eat better? want to save time? be healthy? get organized?

Here’s a simple suggestion to take care of all of the above: Make a big batch of HOME MADE SOUP and freeze portion sizes appropriate to your needs.

  1. We use left over Feta Cheese containers from Sams Club
  2. Ice cube trays are a super for defrosting exactly how much you want.
  3. When a neighbor/friend is unwell reach into the freezer, defrost a soup and deliver within minutes. Warm their body and heart with this act of kindness.

A soup we call “Your Favorite Soup” is the Lima Bean Soup out of the Body Ecology Diet book. I’m not a big fan of Lima Beans, avoided the recipe in the book for years, then Georgia Lister [1] made it for me “in error” and it’s been my favorite ever since. Here’s the recipe:

Lima Bean Cilantro Soup (Page 271 of Body Ecology Diet Book)

1-2 Tbsp. coconut oil
Two 10oz packages frozen lima beans
2 large onions, minced
6-8 cloves garlic, minced
4 carrots, peeled and cut in half
8 cups water
2 tsp. sea salt
pinch red pepper flakes (optional)
1 bunch cilantro, coarsely chopped (freshly clipped off your tower garden LOL)

1. Saute onions and garlic in oil
2. Add water, carrots lima beans and salt
3. Simmer until vegetables are tender
4. Remove carrots, coll, and slice into thin rounds.
5. Puree 3/4 of soup and return to pot with carrots
6. Add red pepper flakes and add salt as desired
7. Add cilantro and simmer for 2 minutes.

(Parsley, Spinach, Watercress or kale are fun alternatives to cilantro)

1 When Joe’s mom was at MD Anderson being treated for Pancreatic Cancer I had a training where I needed to lead the entire training and provide all meals! One of my gifts is knowing when to ask for help. One of my blessings is friends who respond when I share my need. I asked five NiaMoves teachers to each prepare a large soup, I left recipes by the stereo. Georgia chose to do the Lima Been Soup, even though I had identified the OTHER soup on that page to be my request. I’m glad she did as I wonder if I would have ever tried this recipe other wise. And it is now my favorite and the most requested at Soma Ranch.

List of Nia Routines

I’m so WHOPPING excited about a “new skill to me” I discovered on my own website! Some one asked for my Whitney Houston Play list. I knew I’d listed lots of play lists and information about Adapted Nia Routines on my blog and have wanted to create some easy way for folks to find them rather than flipping through the many blog entries. This evening I discovered the way! my search button on the front page. DAH! Simply entered “routine” and 30 references popped up. I think this link takes you there directly - enjoy /display/Search?moduleId=12236317&searchQuery=routine

Nia Time ~ the most romantic, sexy, personal routine.

“Time” is the most sexy & personal routine I’ve ever created. The lyrics are very moving and romantic.

I created this routine when Liliana was young enough to be in a car seat that faced the back of the car, which means it’s about 17 years old! I used to click my fingers to stop Liliana from crying. It was one of my funniest, handy little trick to distract her from tears to fascination. One time, driving to class, I was listening to the Lionel Richie CD (my “routine work in progress” at the time), Liliana was playing (as usual) with her fingers, mushing them together to see if she could click them like her Mommy… and there, in that moment, Liliana clicked her fingers for the first time. I remember hearing the noise, looking down to see Liliana’s beaming face, her eyes sparkling with joy, communicating “look! yes! I did it! I clicked my fingers for the first time” it was a most remarkable moment in time that I think I’ll remember forever. I did the usual “relay takeover” with Joe in the parking lot of the YMCA and dashed into class.

I put on the CD and begun “teaching on the fly” ~ teaching class and creating the routine as I went along. In the first song I began in a closed stance and began clicking my fingers from side to side, the movement was an instant match to the music and the moment, something in Nia we call the “accidental click”.

I use every song from the CD with the exception of “I hear your voice” which I refuse to include in the mix. It’s a moving, heart felt song that I depressing ~ a good one to play when I want a good cry!

I find each of these songs very meaningful, there’s a click that connects with a personal story in every track. Maybe later I’ll fill in the gaps. For now I’m off to celebrate 20 years of marriage to Joe - it’s my wedding anniversary. I look forward to many more clicks…

Whenever I can I prefer to create routines to follow the order of the tracks on the CD. This routine is an exception, the songs click better slightly shuffled, Michael Buble is the perfect ending to the experience. I encourage to to take a fun safe risk, download the CD, freedance to it, entertain teaching class with some simple Nia moves (at least with your teddy bears!) Here’s the order:

Lionel Richie: CD Time

Closest Thing To Heaven 4:01
That’s The Way I Feel 3:07
Zoomin’ 4:23
Touch 5:08
Forever 6:13
Time 6:12
To The Rhythm 5:14
Stay 4:10
Someday 4:23
Everytime 4:16
Lady 4:28
Feeling Good 3:57 Michael Bublé It’s Time

Why this routine today?

1. it’s the most personal - every song has a hidden story behind it about my relationship with Joe, lines like “you’re my everything”, “you’re the closest thing to Heaven”

2. it’s got history - I can think back on most “stages” of my marriage with Joe, (the good, the bad and the ugly) teaching this routine and the feelings I had. I have a sense of accomplishment playing the music and dancing to it today.

3. it’s sexy - oh my! Lionel Richie is up there with Barry White for me with regards sexy - and fortunately I still regard Joe as being top of my list when it comes to sexy :-)

Now off to enjoy our day, swim swim brum brum :-)

How to enjoy time and avoid jet lag.

I’m back from a fabulous training in Japan.
My day began with glorious sunshine in Japan and ends with the same, home, in Houston.

After a 28 hour day, I’m ready for sleep in anticipation of some great dancing at NiaMoves at 8am in the morning.

Here’s somethings I do to be able to enjoy time and avoid jet lag

  1. Remove watch and don’t look at time while flying
  2. Drink lots of water before, during, after flight
  3. Get outside ASAP after the flight, preferably for a run/walk
  4. Avoid alcohol
  5. Avoid wheat
  6. Avoid sugar
  7. Avoid caffeine
  8. Take own food on plane when possible
  9. Stay awake until it’s the destination’s time for sleep
  10. Do Nia 5 stages as soon as possible upon arrival
  11. Minimize working on computer upon arrival

Run For Boston

Enjoy a 3 mile route near NiaMoves Studio, you can “Walk/Run/Ride” for Boston. Houston Heights is a lovely neighborhood, you can enjoy the peaceful, calm beauty of the homes, gardens and community. Could be a really fun activity to do with children.

Download a super free Ap called “Map My Run” to track the run, show progress of route, time, distance and speed as you go along. And once completed you can share your map on Facebook.

Please leave a comment below when you do the route. It will be lovely to track how many folks join us.

View Run Walk Ride for Boston, Houston Heights in a larger map

Click HERE for a full google map

You can park at NiaMoves, 508 Pecore, Houston, TX 77009 and make your way to the “start”

Begin at Bayland and North Blvd
Go North on North Blvd
Left Omar
Right Studewood
Right Merrill
Right North
Right Omar
Left Studewood
Left Baylor
Left Julian
Left Omar
Left Michaux
Left Baylor
Left Reagan
Left Highland
Right Watson
Right Omar
Left Northwood (one black to Merrill then U turn)
Left Omar (few strides then U turn)
Left Northwood
Left Bayland
Left Florence
Left Omar
Left Helen
Left Bayland
Left Beauchamp
Right W. Norma
Right Morrison
End at Baylor

Give a cheer for Boston and a prayer for families affected.