coach Darla

I'm Worth It! ~ Weekend Retreat

Retreat in a Swing The intention of the “I’m Worth It!” weekend retreat is create a vessel of sacred space so that you can take a breather (literally!) to get grounded, connect with others and most importantly, connect with yourself. What if you take some time to breathe in nature and focus on what matters to you? And while we are at it we might have just a little fun along the way and PLAY!

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Price includes lodging, food and materials

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Together through illuminating experiences we will learn to:

Build trust through connection and give ourselves permission to be MESSY! Imperfection is perfect and fun!
Have courageous conversations about our strengths and values to cultivate resilience to our inner and outer critics
Bolster our empathy channel, model compassion and practice vulnerability
Bring forward our creativity, tap into innovation and allow ourselves to show up in a powerful way

This weekend retreat will nurture your desire to play big and be brave. Being courageous and playing big while also being vulnerable allows us to lead more authentic and wholehearted lives. Grounded by a sense of purpose and guided by a resilient spirit we will be transformed as women and as leaders.

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