Celebrating 75 years.

Family Photo My Mum and Dad live in England, in the house I grew up in. I’m here in Texas, my brother, wife and 2 daughters are in Barcelona and my sister, husband, 2 sons and 1 daughter are in Seville and beyond. As you can likely imagine (especially with grand children becoming adults, graduating, finding jobs and becoming even more dispersed) it is quite something to get our entire family together. And yet we did it! For the 3rd time EVER, we all flew in to gather at a beautiful beach house on the West Sussex Coast. When I was at college I loved to run along the sea front, looking at these houses, dreaming of some day living in one. It was quite a thrill to spend Easter weekend acting as if I did live there! and also great experience for Joe and I to be on the other side of renting out a facility! Most of all a delightful weekend to be together with family, especially to see my Mum and Dad so happy to have us all together. Memories of a life time made.

check out this GREAT beach house where we stayed.