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PlayList for WHY routine

i LOVE this new and improved routine.
Each song has something to do with WHY (or Y!). I giggle as I remember back to when our daughter, Liliana, was about 2 and her response to everything seemed to be “WHY” ~ we called her “Liliana Why” for about a year! This is the “Nia Routine Why”… don’t ask me why!

Track Length ArtistAlbum
Don’t Know Why3:06 Norah JonesCome Away With Me
Things You Don’t Have To Do 5:23 Peter MalickNia Humanity
Why Can’t We Live Together?6:39 Steve Winwood About Time
Shadows 4:19 Enigma Love Sensuality Devotion
Check Yes Juliet 3:40 We the Kings Check Yes Juliet
Y.M.C.A. 3:45 Village People Disco Gold
Yo Vivire (I Will Survive) 4:24 Celia Cruz Buddha-Bar IV
Why (Ext. Mix) 7:11 DJ Sammy Why
To The Rhythm 5:14 Lionel Richie Time
Why 4:54 Annie Lennox Diva
Why Should I Worry 3:56 Karen Peck & New River No Worries
You’ve Got A Friend 6:03 Various Tapestry Revisited

Special Daily 11am Nia Classes at Soma Ranch

Blue Belt

Folks are coming from around the country to attend the Nia Blue Belt. This 2nd level training focuses on Communication, Relationships and Intimacy. Each day we offer a public class at 11am and YOU are invited! These special classes are perfect if you’re new to Nia.

The weather is super for experiencing Soma Ranch in its glory.

Entertain staying on for lunch at noon!


11amSundayMarch 16The Joy of Being in RelationshipInfinity
11amMondayMarch 17Pearls and the RealmsAfro Celt
11amTuesdayMarch 18Guiding Systemic MovementSexi
11amWednesdayMarch 19Expressing Feelings and EmotionsRise
11amThursdayMarch 20Music, Movement, MagicTaking Requests


Class LunchCombo$20

List of Nia Routines

I’m so WHOPPING excited about a “new skill to me” I discovered on my own website! Some one asked for my Whitney Houston Play list. I knew I’d listed lots of play lists and information about Adapted Nia Routines on my blog and have wanted to create some easy way for folks to find them rather than flipping through the many blog entries. This evening I discovered the way! my search button on the front page. DAH! Simply entered “routine” and 30 references popped up. I think this link takes you there directly - enjoy /display/Search?moduleId=12236317&searchQuery=routine