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AfroCelt Further in Time Experience

Focus: “The Core and Extremities”

Intent: To feel enhanced systemic awareness of Body, Mind and Soul!

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Adapted from an original Nia routine “SkyDancing” by Carlos Aya Rosas, the AfroCelt Experience leads us through a journey of discovery, with the Core and Extremities (Legs and Arms). We explore:

  • Gift of Travel ~ Legs

  • Gift of expression ~ Arms

  • Gift of connection ~ Core

With the intent to feel fully, and systemically, connected to the entire body (like connecting all the dots) by the end of class.

An Album like “Further in Time”, with a band like Afro Celt Sound System, creates a fun, fabulous and expansive sound back drop from which to choreograph moves to, the result being a magical experience. Here’s a little more about the music:

Volume 3: Further in Time by Afro Celt Sound System is funky, and fiercely fresh. With a band of 20-some-odd players, the Afro Celts push forward with unbounded energy and focus, organically driven beats, and a thoroughly joyous fusion of West African and Irish traditional music enhanced with dissonant Eastern influence, psychedelic trip-hop groove, and a monster flood of sonic waves. The resultant sound is somehow both cutting-edge futuristic and primitive in its visceral virility. Demba Barry steps up with an unexpectedly punchy African hip-hop-styled vocal on "Shadowman," "Lagan" plays out into an orchestral swan dive, and, throughout, Johnny Kalsi and Moussa Sissokho come on like gangbusters with the drums. Real World label honcho and world-music champion Peter Gabriel does a stunning turn on the eminently catchy "When You're Falling," and Robert Plant contributes a powerfully epic rock vocal on "Life Begins Again." Fine as all these moments are, the centerpiece of volume 3, where the band achieves beyond perfect synthesis, is the ecstatic groove-lock on the African acid ceilidh of "Colossus." Volume 3 is the tune-in turn-on we've been waiting for.

--Paige La Grone

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