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Soma SOURCE Team

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Enjoy dancing to "SOURCE" ~ the latest Nia class experience ~ lead by a team of local Nia teachers.

This is a great opportunity to

  • get to know fellow local Nia participants and teachers,

  • have fun connecting

  • experience a New Nia Class.

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Come to either or enjoy both!

Entertain enjoying the Sauna after class!

Soma SOURCE Play: Sunday 1:30-4:30pm, Feb. 3.

Soma SOURCE Team: Monday 10-11am, Feb. 4.

Both Soma SOURCE Play and Soma SOURCE Team are fun Nia events suitable for all levels.

A great time to invite friends!!

The Nia routine SOURCE helps you engage with the most complex of the body’s five senses: eyesight.

From the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed our eyes are busy working with dark and light, taking pictures, and sending messages to our brain for analysis.

The eyes, the “windows of the soul” are our greatest resource for connecting us with the world. Like all parts of the body, if we don’t use our eyes they will become weak. 

Healthy sight is sensed as seeing far and near, as having adaptable, relaxed and moist eyes, and as having the ability to blink and use your eyes for extended periods of time with little or no fatigue.

Unhealthy sight is sensed as burning, itching eyes, as blurry and/or grey vision, as teary and achy eyes, and as having a lack of visual clarity, double vision and/or eye fatigue, and is often associated with a lack of mental comprehension and poor attention. 

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