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Soma RIDE Play

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Enjoy an afternoon playing with fellow Nia fans. We will watch internationally reknowned Nia Trainer, Ann Christiansen, on the big screen sharing the moves of RIDE. We will go through each song playing with learning more details. In general have a lot of fun getting together and playing with this fabulous new Nia routine.

Entertain the option of returning the following day to participate (either taking or leading) in the Nia JAM. This is where the routine will be taught by a team of teachers (each one leading a song).

Nia Play RIDE and Nia Team RIDE are both fun events suitable for all levels. These experiences are both fabulous ways to get to know fellow movers and groovers and learn the latest Nia Routine.

If you'd like to check out the routine in the privacy of your own home/computer. Please check out Nia TV where you can have access to all the latest Nia Routines.

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