Spend time around Helen and you will learn something, receive inspiration, and garner support for your dreams and desires (not to mention be highly entertained by her loving sense of humor and English-Texan accent, which many mistake for Australian.) 

Helen has been helping people love their bodies and lives through Nia Technique since 1993. As one of the top lead international Nia Teacher trainers, Helen travels the world offering classes, special events and trainings. Helen has a special, and very effective, way of catering to the unique needs of each individual. She helps folks feel great while giving them the skills they need. 

Recognized by Origins Magazine as a "Top Inspirer in Texas", Helen is multi-talented with a magical formula. She combines experience and knowledge with determination and faith, to consciously create and bring ideas to life.

Helen founded NiaMoves Houston in 1996, a successful Nia fitness studio in Houston. Helen now co-owns Soma Ranch Retreat, Montgomery, Texas with her husband Joe.

Helen immigrated to the US in 1990, as an International Teaching Fellow. Helen has a Royal Society of Arts Certification in Exercise to Music, B. Ed. (Hons) Physical Education, M.Ed. Exercise Physiology. She is a Certified Body Ecologist and Dance Therapy Specialist.

When she's not leading Nia trainings worldwide, you'll find Helen at Soma Ranch feeding the rescued donkeys, checking in with her daughter, Liliana (who’s studying Computer Science/Linguistics at University of Texas) ; enjoying a kombucha tea on the porch with her awesome "home-support" husband, Joe; and being corralled by their Border Collie, Phelps.

"Helen Terry is one of the best teachers, mothers, and trainers, and because of her mastery in Nia and in her ability to build and create a successful personal and professional life she was one of the first two trainers chosen to step into the role of Blue Belt trainer!" Debbie Rosas

Helen provides:

  1. $80 an hour one-one-coaching

  2. $80 an hour group coaching

  3. $500 per person 5 day small group coaching retreats, for up to 10 people .

• B.Ed (Hons): Physical Ed. + Special Needs
• M.Ed: Exercise Physiology + Human Performance
• Dance Therapy Specialist (Authentic Movement)
• Certified Body Ecologist.
• Founder, and former co owner of Studio NiaMoves Houston, (1996 - 2016) www.niamoves.com
• Creator of "Soma Ranch" Montgomery Texas. (est. 2009) www.somaranch.com
• Warm, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. (since 1993)
• International Fitness and Wellness presenter (30+ conferences)


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"I consider myself an inspirer as much as an educator. I was born to make an inspirational difference in people's lives through movement to music and how I live my life. When I teach Nia, I adore watching how folks light up! It's phenomenal how many people’s lives are being changed through this practice. I consider it a blessing to have found Nia and a privilege to teach and share this wonderful technique".

Let me know how I may help you. Whether it be

  • an individual coaching session (in person, skype or phone),

  • small group coaching (workshops & retreats) or

  • perhaps a training, retreat or personal day at Soma Ranch

"My ideal? to contribute to you personalizing your Nia journey, help dreams come true, encourage you to be the best you can be and live a glorious life. Want help with deciding where/how/when to take a Nia class or training? Interested in coaching? give me a call. 832-567-4550, email helen@somaranch.com or complete the form below. With love, Helen"


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We remember Helen as an amazing "teacher to be" so many years ago. Bright, articulate, a big dreamer and full of life's desire. She was fit, and seemed to be one of those people who easily took risks out of passion, not fear. She was open to possibility, willing to receive and learn more, and eager to be in relationship with us, Nia, the group and her experience. (Studio NiaMoves Houston) represents these parts and more. It is her dream, passion, and represents her ability to manifest out of love and not fear. It represents her ability to create and work with community, and to ask for what she needs. As we look into the NOW and Nia's future it is bright and full of Helen.
Congratulations Helen on creating the dream. You inspire us all, and it is a pleasure and joy to know you, work with you and see you as the woman you are in life. More magic awaits we are sure. Thank you for being you and being in our life too.
Love Debbie, Carlos and Jeff