Ultimate Nap

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I'm in love with this Ultimate Nap CD. With 10, 20 and 30 minute tracks I taylor my nap according to how much time I have, and how much I need a nap!  These days as soon as the track begins my body/mind is conditioned to immediate relaxation and quite rapid sleep! I often wake after 10 minutes feeling like I've woken up from a good nights sleep! My naps feel more restful and the chiming sounds at the end of the tracks wake me gently and pleasantly. I slowly come to, enjoying the 4 chimes consciously choosing to connect with Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit, one chime at a time.

Happy 8th Birthday Soma Ranch


Soma Ranch is 8 today! We bought a new hunter green hammock and 2 fancy parasols to celebrate! Joe is crafting his skills at making things out of used cans. Here he created a "mold" out of wood, "dremelling" the letters and numbers, in mirror image, into the wood. He then poured molten pure aluminum (from his home made kiln) into the mold, creating instantaneous fire of many colors (very dramatic), before immersing into cooling water.

The result is a striking multicolored metal sign, that looks like wood! FYI Joe says "I did the S backwards on purpose, they often did that on old signs!"

Medicine Woman Retreat

Come all ye Medicine Woman and Retreat at Soma Ranch!! :-)

We're super excited to be featuring the Nia Classic Routine "Medicine Woman" in a weekend long retreat at Soma Ranch.  

Enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating and reJOICING retreat bathing in the joys of Nia Movement.

The retreat includes the opportunity to learn Helen's adapted version of the Classic Nia Routine (notes and more will be provided).  

Come learn and play in the a most nurturing and nourishing environment. 

Register NOW

How to Help

There are many choices/ways of how you can donate to help folks affected by the flood. Here's our suggestions:

1. JJ Watt Foundation

JJ Watt is a great guy, a known local figure (Football Player) here in Houston. He assures all funds will go directly to help folks, and I believe him.

to see how his foundation have already successfully launched several initiatives.            



2. Lone Star Cowboy Church

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Our local church is doing an amazing outreach. Focusing on Homes, Food and HAY!!  

I trust them, I witness how much they are drawing people together and doing everything possible to help the local community.




3. Help local Houston Nia Teachers & Participants

If you want to help local Nia teachers and participants who have been directly impacted (several have flooded homes) you can donate to GoFundMe, or mail a check to Helen Terry, PO Box 1156, Montgomery, TX 77356. Checks will go through Helen's personal account. We've formed a board to ensure all funds are distributed to members of the Nia family in the best and most fair way possible.

1. JJ Watt foundation is tax deductible.

2. Lone Star Cowboy Church is tax deductible.

3. Pay by credit card to GoFundMe. 95% will go to Nia teachers & participants affected (there is a 5% GoFundMe service fee (not tax deductible). DONATE NOW

4.  Mail a check to Helen. 100% will go to Nia Teachers/Participants. (not tax deductible). Helen Terry, PO Box 1156, Montgomery, TX 77356. We've formed a board with Angela (CEO of NiaMoves Houston), Kristie Bryant (former NiaMoves Houston owner), Julie Wylie (Fellow Texas Nia Trainer) and Helen to ensure any funds sent to Nia Teachers/Participants is allocated fairly.

Nia 5 Stages

Returning from facilitating a Nia 5 stages course in Los Angeles, California, I'm reminded of how amazing this Nia practice is and how wonderfully the Nia 5 stages course compliments Nia technique, deepens the understanding of the human body, enhances how to teach Nia and provides the opportunity for deep healing. It's all in all a awesome program. 

Debbie Rosas, co-founder of Nia, has poured her wisdom, knowledge, creativity and fascination for the human body into this wonderful program. All 3 participants who signed up for the course shared they had no idea how valuable the course would be. They didn't realize how you receive 60+ lesson plans that are amazing downloads from classes Debbie has provided over the past 2 decades at Nia Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. I personally think it's the closest thing to getting a sneak peak into the brilliance of the mind who co-created Nia.

Special thanks to Paula Chambers for hosting the training and for Emily Kaplan & Kathryn Streng for joining us. It was a small yet most magical weekend, an experience I cherish.

I'm looking at adding a Nia 5 stages course before the end of 2017 and also scheduling 3 courses for 2018. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in the course, have certain dates that do/don't work.

Helen Terry, helen@somaranch.com, 832-567-4550

Nia White Belt Glos, UK

Returning to the Wotton-Under-Edge/Gloucestershire Nia community to facility a Nia White Belt was sheer joy. Kudos to gorgeous Geri who manifested an incredible training, it was a world class event from beginning to end. The venue, the group, the community, the details, the ease, the dynamic yet relaxed organization and so much life as art!

Congratulations to Nia White Belt Graduates Lesley Cooke, Claire Miletitch, Barbara Adams & Petro-Nelise Sollé

Thank you Sally Reynolds, Jane Francis and Jane Lancaster for returning to revisit the Nia White Belt. Thank you also to Yael, Chris, Sue, Theresa and all the "local gals" who came to classes, sharing lots of joy and contributing to a most wonderful experience.



New Nia Teachers Team teach at Soma Ranch!

Thanks to Barbara and Cynthia, Public 10am Nia classes on Mondays and Thursdays continue "as usual" at Soma Ranch.

Barbara and Cynthia are "team teaching" to cover classes while Helen is leading a training in the U.K.

How wonderful to now have great local Nia teachers eager to teach at Soma Ranch!

  • Monday Aug 7
  • Thursday Aug 10
  • Monday Aug 14
  • Helen returns to teach Thursday Aug 17

BridgeWay Youth Shelter attend Soma Ranch Nia class

BridgeWay Youth Shelter brought some wonderful young people to our regular 10am Nia class. We hope this is the first of many of these opportunities. Special Thanks to Woodlands Black Belt Nia Teacher Peggy Renfroe for being the connector and supporter of this adventure.

One of the great things about Nia is how it can be adapted for special groups and populations.

Sometimes Nia will be taught as a special class for the group and other times (like this) it is possible to integrate the group with a regular class. We had a new lady in class, some local teachers, regular attendees and our special guests. Everyone expressed what an exceptional experience they had, the joy in the room was captivating. Even Phelps and Belle watched joyfully at the door!

BridgeWay Youth Shelter is a 13 bed coed facility offering emergency shelter for youth ages 10-17 who need temporary (up to 90 days) housing due to extreme family conflict, abuse and/or neglect or who are runaway and homeless. 

Volunteers Requests by BridgeWay Youth Shelter - Montgomery County Youth Services: volunteers are welcome to provide mentoring and tutoring to residents. Volunteers can also help with facility maintenance, yard work, etc.

Donation Requests by BridgeWay Youth Shelter - Montgomery County Youth Services: Clothing, non perishable food, hygiene items, sheets, towels, school supplies, office supplies, backpacks, gift cards. 


Tiny Home guests continue their adventure

Sierre and Logan found us through workaway.info. They stayed with us for all of July, the weeks flew by. We loved the opportunity to get to know them a little and appreciate all the help AND the JOY they brought to Soma Ranch, A favorite "frame" for me is the evening Sierre and Logan sang together with guitar, around the camp fire, during our Blue Electric Storm Retreat.


Here's what Sierre and Logan shared about their experience at the ranch, I think our glowing feelings are mutual:

"Where to start? Soma Ranch is a little slice of paradise. Friendly rescued animals, quiet, peaceful nature, beautiful sunsets, and luxurious facilities. This being said, its Helen and Joe that are the true heart of Soma. Their hospitality and easy-going nature makes life here feel like home. We are so grateful for their great communication and easy smiles, and are already missing our time and friendship shared at the ranch. If everyone could spend even a little time in a place like this, the world might be a healthier and happier place."

Blue Electric Storm

Celebrating our 10th Blue Electric Storm retreat was a TREAT! We swam, danced, played with learning old Nia routines, walked the labyrinth, took a boat ride up in to the National Forrest and generally had a relaxing good time.

Joe and Helen are inspired to offer more "intimate" retreats for up to 6 guests at a time. Where we cater to the needs and desires of the group, personalizing the experience with options like Aqua Nia, cooking demos, boat rides, local excursions, personal training/coaching.  Let us know if you are interested or perhaps have a group you'd like to bring together.

Congratulations Nia White Belts

Congratulations Elizabeth, Beverly, Cynthia, Dana, Sarah, Janet, Barbara and Nancy!  What an amazing, wonderful week, bathing in the Joys of Nia. We appreciate what each of you brought. Super to see Cynthia and Barbara preparing and ready to teach regular classes at Soma Ranch soon. AND Cynthia and Beverly have already registered for the blue belt in October!



A taste of Nia White belt at Soma

From inception our number one vision for Soma Ranch was for it to be a stella Nia Education Training center. Each time we step into another training we find ways to improve, tweak and redefine the space, striving to continue to be the best Nia Training facility we can be. Here's a slide show to give you a feel for the studio, meals, grounds, donkeys, accommodations and more. Hope you can drop by and enjoy Soma Ranch live and in person some time soon.  Love Helen & Joe.

Nia Magical Dreams come True!

Something very pleasing happens inside of me when (in preparation for a white belt) I pack the schedules.

YIPEE!!  Somehow a magical moment in time is created. A confirmation of YES! another dream has come true! (both for me and each of the participants!)

Now of course I'm assuming everyone will show up tonight....  

Either way we have public Nia classes every day at 10am and special events.


We have folks coming in from the East and the West! Please welcome: