Coaching For Nia Brown Belts

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The retreat for Nia Brown Belts began when I (Helen) was preparing to lead my first solo Brown Belt at Soma Ranch. I invited some brown belt friends to accompany me on a "test drive" into an experience to unknown territory. The experience was a hit, and has now evolved into an annual event. Once a year we offer a 7 day retreat especially for Nia Brown and Black belts. It's a wonderful week of balance between teaching and taking classes, weaved with individualized coaching from Helen to help upper level Nia belt teachers boost themselves to their next level AND have a great time.

We're super excited and TICKLED to realize this is the 4th year to offer a coaching retreat for Brown Belts! First year was Team AWSM, then Team Bold, then Team Compassion. This year will be something with D... any suggestions?

Previous attendees were invited to share their experience and how it enhanced their practice and life. Here's what they replied:

Lola Manekin I highly recommend!!!! Spending a week soaking up Helen’s wisdom, eating amazing food by Joe and resting in the magical ranch was life changing for me ❤️
Lori Lynn Meader Stepping into Helen Terry's FIRST Brown coaching retreat and co-creating "Team Awesome" was extraordinary. It had been quite a few years since my first Brown Belt experience, and Helen finds a way to compassionately yet boldy offer the Principles in ways that sink in and stay in. On the fence? Jump off and take the ride...<3
Teresa D'Angelo As part of Team Awesome, I gained more ease in my body and teaching after this Retreat. No doubt, Helen has super powers and talent for coaching. 🙅🏻‍♀️Creating new friendships and bonds with other attendees was a very special gift. ❤️. Highly recommend!
Maria Whitley And I third Lori Lynn and Teresa- being part of Team Awesome was transformational and as Ray Wooten commented at out Black Belt “tee’d us up” perfectly!
Geri Timmins Ditto all the above - Amen 😀❤️

With 2 places left Brown and Black belt Nia teachers are invited to dive in.

Every year this experience is Feb 1 -7, feel free to mark your calendar for 2019!

Go Green!

UK Green Grads.png

Something I LOVE about the Nia Green Belt is how Nia Belts receive the skills and drills to be able to do many things under pressure, simultaneously (like listen, dance & talk!) while sustaining a high level of relaxation.  Green Belt is the Nia training, which focuses on developing and embodying the skills to effectively teach Nia. We have a training beginning this Thursday, time is now if you'd like to jump in.

Here's what Andree shared about her Green Belt experience....

Helen, I've got Green Belt Joy, Soma Ranch Glow, and Helen Terry Inspiration...still brewing, doing magic a week after the training. I think I am gonna feel it for a long time!
What a week I had. I learned so much--including what I need to study... Beyond that, of course, is everything you shared. I am challenged, but not overwhelmed. Love my new driving game: 1 and 2 and 3 (gently squeeze steering wheel) and 4...until 6. Release for 7 and 8 and. I'll be cueing like a champ........ Thank you, again for guidance, sharing your knowledge ,humor, wisdom and dance with me.  I will be back!..

Public Nia Classes with Helen EVERY DAY during Green.

More information about Green

Soma Wild Playshop

Today, at our "Play Shop" for the lastest Nia routine "Wild", I received so much joy, value and fun, I feel like I could run all the way to the bank of cosmic salary! What do I mean by this? It's a concept we introduce in the Nia White Belt, coined by fellow Nia Trainer Ann Christiansen.  In life we may choose to do things for money and then there are things we may do for free that are still extremely rewarding, the latter is what we call cosmic salary!

Today 11 participants showed up to dance and play. There were 3 brand new people (a lady who's been on my email list for 14 years!) and a couple who were friends of fellow teacher Peggy Renfroe, looking for something new. Congrats and thanks to all the teachers who lead songs (JoAnn, Peggy, Kristi, Lola, Helen)


In a circle I lead a gentle warm up to the first song, then we played with introductions (Where are you from, where do you live, something quirky and why are you here). It was lovely to hear the stories and giggles, like learning someone, as a child, had a pet squirrel! Then we got into a lovely flow:

  1. take the class - EveryBody dance to a song with Debbie on the big screen
  2. review moves - Helen highlight some of Nia 52 moves
  3. play leading - teacher volunteer to lead the group 
  4. brag - teacher share 3 things they did well
  5. boost - group share what they loved about the experience

The teaching was off the charts! Every very single teacher lead with joy, relaxation, fun, smiles, sticking with moves they'd picked up from the DVD, tweaking and creating moves on the fly as needed. This group of teachers were most "Loose but Tight". It's a concept we recommend in Nia teaching, meaning stay relaxed have a good time, don't get uptight about remembering the moves AND do your best to deliver the promise of Nia (technique, choreography, workout).

It was Kristi's birthday today and she choose to step in and teach Nia for the very first time! If this is what she's like having completed 75% of the white belt, look out world for when she's done a little practice LOL...

The group was super supportive and lots of fun. After going through the above 5 steps for the first 5 songs we took a break. I relished in the thought.. "where else on the planet can we break to sauna, hot tub, enjoy nature, chat, laugh, pet and feed donkeys!"

We learned a few more songs then finished with cool down, floor play and stepping out.  It was a great day, moving forwards we'd like to offer this free community PLAYSHOP event one Sunday afternoon a month! the next one will be to learn the newest Nia routine RIDE!

Debbie Rosas, founder of Nia, will be at Soma Ranch January 27 & 28, sharing more about Wild and also providing a full day "Festival of Nia" event.

Labyrinth at Soma

We're exploring creating a fire pit area on the opposite side of the pool, next to our new massage house. Like often happens at Soma Ranch, what begins as a simple idea, tends to expand and grow into something most spectacular. Our fire pit is no exception... We are now entertaining the fire pit be at the center of a labyrinth, about 30 feet in diameter!

If you have experience with, interest in or passion for, labyrinths please let us know. We'd like to create a small group to help co-create something wonderful for all the community to enjoy.

For example one idea is to find out how to get bricks engraved with names, and invite everyone who's visited Soma Ranch to have a brick with their name on it around the perimeter! 

Here's a link we've found with examples of labyrinths. Let us know what you like...

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Does He Love Me?

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 3.35.59 AM.png

I laugh out loud sometimes at how much my husband, Joe, communicates (NOT) with me. When I'm in the air, on the road and around the world offering Nia Trainings (about one week a month), I'm lucky to get a 5 word text and they can be rather random. For example during my recent trip to Dubai his only comment was "don't forget the Madjol dates". My thoughts "yes and I love you too".

I then pause and realize what a classic (and lovely) relationship situation I am in. My husband is a man of few words, with a big heart, who provides MASSIVE acts of service to show his love. During this trip I texted "how are you? what have you been doing today?" he replied with a photo... surprise! he's constructing me a wonderful massage room sanctuary at Soma Ranch adjacent to the Sauna, over looking the lap pool and hot tub. How cool is that! Hmm.. what do I prefer? My husband professes his undying love for me or builds things like massage rooms?! Oh.. and did I mention he cooks really well and cleans up to an extreme.

What's your love language? for me it's words of affirmation and physical affection. I read the book "5 love languages" by Gary Chapman decades ago, and yet it's one of those principles/lessons/books I go back to time and time again.

When it comes to love and relationships I'm still a work in progress! Something I teach in the Nia blue belt, and enjoy living by, is the philosophy "Relationships are God's Gift to Self Awareness".

I love how the Nia Technique program, beyond the wonderful joy it brings on the dance floor, provides an opportunity for personal growth and transformation, from practicing awareness and many other life tools

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 3.42.24 AM.png

Nia Cycle 4 ~ Get Moving

Cycle 4: Get Moving 

In the Nia Technique Class Get Moving involves moving your whole body through space, varying the movement and energy dynamics to condition the whole body and nervous system while reaching your greatest physical intensity and target heart rate. 

In the New Year "Get moving" involves moving your whole body system, addressing the needs of your body, mind, emotion and spirit. Often when we begin to practice healthier habits we can feel worse before we feel better. The reason behind this is we likely have "bad bugs" living in our body and healthy habits (Cardio workouts, eliminating sugar and wheat) help "Kill" these bad bugs. Unfortunately the bugs are more toxic dead than they are alive, the body will do it's best to eliminate them, through mucus, vomit and/or sweats! oh yes! we can feel like we're going down with the flu, have an upset stomach and more. In Body Ecology this is called "cleansing".

The 3 laws of cleansing are:

  1. Expect to cleanse
  2. Prepare to cleanse
  3. Celebrate the cleanse

In preparation to cleanse be ready with

  1. apple cider vinegar (dilute in water),
  2. broccoli water (boil the broccoli and save/sip the water)
  3. cultured/fermented vegetables (and/or cocobiotic)

I've also sustained wellness through fabulous aromatherapy oils, even when surrounded by sniffling friends! Here's some information about some great basic oils to help you through the winter in sickness and in health LOL.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 9.08.07 PM.png

Essential Oils Can

help alleviate discomfort brought on by the changing seasons! Winter brings the darkest, coldest, and gloomiest days of the year. Here's 10 top essential oils for wintertime.

Using essential oils can help alleviate much of the discomfort brought on by the changing seasons! Winter brings some of the darkest, coldest, and gloomiest days of the year. Here are our top 10 essential oils for wintertime.

Uplifting and Motivating: doTERRA Cheer , doTERRA Motivate , and Neroli Touch

Any oil in the doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy™ System can be used to help alleviate negative emotions that arise during the winter, but two oils in particular can help bolster your mood when you are unhappy or discouraged. doTERRA Cheer Uplifting Blend combines citrus and spice oils to provide a boost when you need cheering up. doTERRA Motivate Encouraging Blend utilizes the calming and uplifting benefits of citrus and mint oils to energize you, give you courage to face pessimism and doubts, and help create feelings of self-assurance. Another great oil for relieving occasional anxious or unsettled feelings is doTERRA Neroli Touch. Apply Neroli Touch to your palms and cup your hands over your nose, breathing deeply, to feel more relaxed and at peace. Use Neroli Touch, doTERRA Cheer, or doTERRA Motivate (or combinations of the three) on your wrists or the back of your neck to help lift your spirits and bring a little sunshine back into your day.

Smooth Skin: Rose Touch and Lavender

Cold, dry, and windy weather leaves skin dry and irritated. Rose oil is known to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and has a calming and reassuring aroma.* Use Lavender oil and doTERRA Rose Touch oil with your moisturizer to soothe, moisturize, and ease occasional irritation and dryness, bringing back a balance of moisture to your skin.* Together these oils can be especially useful for soothing chapped knuckles, elbows and knees. Well-being and

Clear Breathing:

doTERRA On Guard , Eucalyptus, and Peppermint The changing seasons brings an onslaught of environmental threats. To help protect against seasonal threats and support healthy immune function, diffuse doTERRA On Guard in your home.* There are many great doTERRA On Guard products to aid in supporting healthy immune function.* A few oils to use to help promote clear breathing include Eucalyptus and Peppermint oil. Apply over the chest, add to steamy bathwater, or diffuse at night to aid in promoting feelings of open airways. Be careful to dilute both Eucalyptus and Peppermint for skin sensitivity. (For young or particularly sensitive essential oil users, consider using Melaleuca and Spearmint oil in place of Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Both are gentler oils that can assist in feelings of clear breathing.)

Digestion and Appetite: DigestZen and Slim & Sassy

Whether you have a New Year’s resolution to eat smarter, you are recovering from poor holiday eating, or you just want to give extra care to your digestive system, these two oils can help alleviate discomfort and support healthy digestive function. Fennel, Peppermint, and Ginger are just a few of the oils starring in DigestZen, the “tummy tamer” blend. Put a few drops of DigestZen in your water or rub on your stomach or the bottom of your feet to help relieve occasional stomach discomfort.* Slim & Sassy blend not only helps to curb cravings and manage your appetite, but also helps support a healthy metabolism when taken internally.* The aromas of Grapefruit and Cinnamon, along with Lemon, Peppermint, and Ginger, are also uplifting and comforting. A few drops of Slim & Sassy in a glass of cold water can help you manage cravings and ease discomfort.

* Which oils help you get through the hardest parts of winter? Let us know in the comments! ® ® ® *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Nia Cycle 3 ~ Warm Up

Cycle 3: Warm Up 

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 6.52.23 PM.png

In a Nia Class the Warm Up activates the 13 main joints, slowly increases range of motion and heart rate to prepare you for moving more fully and intensely. 

Warming up into the New Year is the skill of taking action, creating new healthy habits, yet not so drastic that at the first hint of failure or temptation we drop off the band wagon back into self destruction. It's like the story of the frog, put him in boiling water (a drastic change) and the frog will jump out quickly. Put the frog in cool water and slowing increase the temperature and he never jumps out. The moral of the story, warm up into 2018, take baby steps, like the phrase I love "you can't eat an elephant in one day!"

(and for the assurance of a happy ending for the frog, rest assured I'd be monitoring the water temperature at all times to be sure to scoop the frog out at the optimum time, with no harm caused, and for the frog to live happily ever after!)

Helpful hints for warming up

  • write down your desires and intentions
  • tell a friend, build accountability into your action plan
  • expect, prepare and celebrate set backs! it's all part of the path
  • learn and be motivated by your failures and slips, 
  • every day is a new day
  • get up early!


Nia Cycle 2 ~ Stepping In

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 4.52.01 PM.png

As we step into a New Year you're invited to apply the intent of Cycle 2 of the Nia class experience ~ "Stepping IN":

to remove distractions (step away from) and choose what to step in to.  

It's a moment in time where we can

  1. consciously choose what to leave behind, identify what distracts us and let go of things that no longer serves us.
  2. craft our future by choosing in the "Now" TODAY what we want to focus our mind on, what serves us well and what steps to take that contribute to our dreams coming true.

Next check out Cycle 3 - Warm Up

Nia Cycle 1 Set Focus and Intent

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 12.47.22 AM.png

As we prepare for the New Year, you're invited to play with applying the concept of Cycle 1 of the Nia Class experience ~ "Setting the Focus and Intent"

Focus is what we choose to put our attention on. The Martial Art of Aikido teaches us energy follows attention. Taking time to consciously choose what we want put our attention on, then applying the mind to sustain focus, contributes to a dreams becoming our reality.

Intent is our desired outcome, what we expect to receive/get from investing our time, attention and energy. Get clear on your dreams, write them down, then make a plan step by step on what to focus on to realize your dreams.

In Nia the Focus and Intent is key to the Nia practice. It is one of the most effective ways to develop body literacy and Sensory IQ, to improve movement skill. 

In the New Year the Focus and Intent is key to your success. It is one of the most effective ways to develop new, long term healthy habits and sensationally satisfying life style.

Write down your main foci and your desired outcomes and have big celebrations along the way as you realize your dreams

Next check out Cycle 2 - Stepping In


Fun Family Idea for NYE

5 years ago, late one Saturday night my daughter, Liliana, lost her entire film footage collected for her weekly broadcast, deadline Sunday afternoon! Feeling panic creeping in, we quickly changed gears and, on the fly, created and captured this game on video. What began with disaster turned out to be magical BEYOND the original plan! I love having this funny exchange between us documented.

If you're with family or friends (either in person or even on Skype) entertain playing this simple 3 round "how well do you know me" contest with a loved one (or two!)

Here's how to prepare and play the game.

  1. Each person write down 3 sets of questions about yourself, 3 easy, 3 medium and 3 difficult (like levels 1, 2 & 3 in Nia Technique!)
  2. Set up 2 chairs or stools and take it in turns to ask a question.
  • Dressing up is not required - however we did have a lot of fun doing it!
  • An Audience is not essential- however it could certainly add to the entertainment.
  • Lights, Camera & stools are optional - and they enhance the dramatics of the experience!
  • Of course - it's a bonus if you have the opportunity to film the exchange
  • We'd love to see what you created, to learn more about you and your friends/family

Happy New Year!

love the Terry Family (Joe, Helen, Liliana, Phelps, the horses and all da donkeys!)

Don't quit your day dream

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.07.10 PM.png

This "don't quit your day dream" message outside the beautiful Just BE studio in Dubai struck a cord with me. Stepping into 2018 I want to be a dream weaver for myself and many others, including you! 

I love the image of being a fairy godmother where I help others dreams come true. 

I'm here to help encourage you ~  DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY DREAM, and let me help!  Big or small, dreams, the pursuit of dreams, the striving for dreams come true, the achievement of dreams and even our fallen dreams, are what brings sparkle to life. Without dreams I suggest we are bankrupt,  in the stagnant land of inertia. So, what moves you? what may I do to help your dreams come true?

  • Receive Personal Coaching with Helen (one on one, small groups and retreats)
  • Choose a Nia trainings and/or retreats to inspire you.
  • Classes, retreats and special events are available to you at Soma Ranch
  • Be part of a free, supportive, online 30 day Body Cleanse group
  • Speak up, connect, let me know what I haven't dreamed of yet that could be helpful to you!

Read more about Helen and coaching/guidance options.

This "daily awakenings with Jim" spoke to me this morning:

In physics, inertia means that objects tend to remain stationary until another object makes it move.  Once moving, it takes only a fraction of the energy required to move it in order to keep it moving.  Therefore, objects in motion tend to continue moving until something intervenes. If nothing stops the movement, it will eventually slow down and stop on its own.
In relationships, inertia means nothing changes until someone starts the process. Once action is initiated in the relationship, it takes a lot less action to keep it going.  But if there is no ongoing action to keep it moving, the relationship will revert to where it started. 
The same principle of inertia applies to the habits we need to break in the New Year.  It requires a new, positive habit to displace an old, destructive habit.  But if we don’t keep moving, we fall back into our old ways. 

Next: As we prepare for the New Year, you're invited to play with applying the concept of Cycle 1 of the Nia Class experience ~ "Setting the Focus and Intent"

Nia in Dubai

Wow what a pleasure to share the Nia White Belt. Manal (former key Nia community member both at NiaMoves and Soma Ranch) relocated back to Saudi several years ago. She had dreamed of hosting a white belt for a LONG time. It was great to witness her dreams come true, to experience an amazing place (fabulous food and tea!) and, most of all, to be in the presence of some amazing, full of heart, women. I am blessed. Getting to fly First Class home, on my last trip of the year was wonderful! The 27 hour journey became a joyful breeze!

Day one:  Getting to know each other ~ The "Stepping in" to the Nia White Belt.

Training days were filled with joy from early sunrise runs, our "regular" tea on the way to the studio, fun classes, a wonderful group dinner, sightseeing in the evening and enjoying the beach!

Congratulations Dubai Nia White Belts, Special thanks and kudos to Host Manal Aldabbagh!

Congrats Nia White Belts

Congratulations Nia White Belts! A wonderful week was experienced at Soma Ranch. We had weather from sunshine to heavy rain. We enjoyed "Triple Spa" (Sauna, Hot Tub and Lap Pool) in the full moon light! Every participant was faced with challenges to be at this training! They each showed amazing tenacity to do their best and contributed to a most memorable experience.

  • Christine flew in, all the way from New Zealand, having experienced one class with Helen the week before!
  • Kathy amazingly worked out her schedule, quit her job, accepted a new job with the provision she could have the week off in between for this training.
  • Cristi managed her landscaping business and family with 2 small boys to make this happen.
  • Kristi has been wanting to take the Nia White belt for over a year, she experienced family challenges during the week, made choices day by day to support her family first & foremost and attended as best she could. Kristi is now closer to graduating and will finish up the course as soon as possible.
  • Cynthia, a recent white belt and blue belt graduate, accompanied throughout the week. She also assisted Helen, even getting up early to prepare breakfast!
  • Thank you Darlene and Amy who choose to get up at 4am, to drive all the way from Dallas to surprise and congratulation Fellow Nia Dallas sista, Kathy!
  • Helen was trainer, chef and host at the beginning of the week with Joe having oral surgery.
  • Joe healed quickly and was back by the end of the week to pick up the pieces and bless us with delicious meals, prepared with "food as art".

Congratulations Nia White Belts!

Delicious Food & Fabulous Amenities

Nia TV Rocks

At our recent Nia White Belt Training at Soma Ranch, Helen Terry shared how (in addition to the great 25+ Nia workouts available on Nia TV) there are 11 different ways to experience the 52 moves workout in 60 minutes.

That is 11 different teachers, 11 different playlists, 11 different outfits ;-)

The Nia 52 moves are the alphabet of Nia Technique. Get these moves down and in class you will

  • increase your sensory IQ & improve your technique
  • get a better workout and have more fun in class
  • reduce injury and enhance performance
  • develop a more relaxed thinking mind and deepen your sense of Joy

The Nia 52 moves a categorized into

  • BASE (Foot Techniques, Stances, Steps & Kicks),
  • CORE (Pelvis, Chest, Head & Spine moves) and
  • UPPER (Arms, Hands & Finger moves)

In a Nia 52 Moves class we feature one move per minute. This means in 60 minutes every part of the body has been moved, all our 200+ bones,  700+ muscles. From every part being touched through systemic movement, this whole body, cardiovascular, workout can leave you feeling energized with a sense of a full body massage.

Good news is Nia offers a 15 day free trial! you can experience one 52 moves class a day for the next 11 days for FREE! and then go back and repeat the ones you like the most! if you find you benefit from the experience you'll then have the choice to subscribe to NiaTV for only $9.99 a month. With this subscription you receive 26+ of the latest Nia Workouts, all the 11 52 moves classes, also podcasts, Debbie's (founder of Nia) Corner, Nia 5 stages, Moving to Heal and more. Sign up for NiaTV NOW! 

Nia Public Classes for December

Our classes are growing, coffee after class on Mondays is becoming a "thing"! With the upcoming Nia White Belt, we've added some classes to the regular schedule for December

10am Nia (as usual) Every Monday and Thursday, + extra days and special events (see below).

10am Nia.jpeg
  • Friday, Dec 1 (Helen)
  • Saturday, Dec 2 (Helen)
  • Saturday, Dec 2 (Helen) (7:30pm)
  • Sunday, Dec 3 (Helen)
  • Sunday, Dec 3 (Helen) (7:30pm)
  • Monday, Dec 4 (Helen)
  • Tuesday Dec 5 (Helen)
  • Wednesday, Dec 6 (Helen)
  • Thursday, Dec 7 (Helen)
  • Monday, Dec 11 (JoAnn)
  • Thursday, Dec 14 (Cynthia)
  • Monday, Dec 18 (Barbara)
  • Thursday, Dec 21 (Helen)
  • Mon Christmas Day!
  • Thursday, Dec 28 (Helen)
  • Sunday, Dec 31 CASL (Creating A Sacred Life) Special Event

Evening Classes/Special Events:

Price: $15 drop in or $40 for 4. Show up! no pre-registration required. 

Synchronicity of Connection

I dropped by to see my parents in the UK, on my way to Budapest. While putting on the kettle, my Mum mentioned my brother had received a message from a school friend, showing how our local pub had closed down and the building demolished for new apartments. Curiously on the side bar was a story about how Phil Garrett had broken the World Speed Record for a motor Bike with side car. Phil Garrett was a friend I'd not seen since my early twenties, after much digging around on line I sent a message to Phil. He replied with the most funny reply,.... 

phil and helen.jpg

"Hi Helen, Thank you for the email .. while reading... your happy smiling face came into my mind straight away… I read your profile and I didn’t recognize any of your notable achievements or skills.. so just before I jump up and down in sheer happiness at being in touch with you after so long I would like to ask you one question just to make sure you are the one and only Helen I remember…What album cover did your brother paint on his bedroom wall at your folks house in shenfield?  I so hope you know the answer…"

phil gar.jpg

Of all the questions Phil could ask, the answer is Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. The crazy thing is the following Saturday I would be in New Zealand and the city where I'd be providing the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon experience was Christchurch, New Zealand where Phil now lived!

We met up! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Phil, we had coffee and spent a little time at his home, mostly in the garage!  A dream come true to hear amazing stories about choices Phil had made, adventures he'd had,  and to witness the life he's created, choosing to live in joy day by day. 

How funny to consider I could have gone to Christchurch, been presenting within blocks of where Phil lived and had no idea he was there, assuming, if he was still alive he was in the UK if not still in Brentwood! And then how mind boggling to realize the chain of all the synchronistic events that took place to make our reconnection happen. Awestruck

Click HERE to read more about Phil and the World Side Care Record he achieved

Nia New Zealand Tour

A fast, fun and amazing tour of Nia New Zealand. Yes! I think I saw more Nia than New Zealand ;-). 

Big thanks to Penny Adams, for persistently asking me to visit for the past 2 years AND for being an amazing organizer, companion and tour guide for the trip!

A full schedule: 

  • Friday: arrive Auckland, fly to Christchurch, 2 workshops, 1 class, group dinner, SLEEP!
  • Saturday: meet up with school friend, 1 workshop, 1 class, fly to Nelson, 1 workshop, 1 class SLEEP!
  • Sunday: early flight to Auckland, rental car drive to Hamilton, 2 workshops, 1 class, drive back to Auckland, meet up with Mariska, drive to Matakana, SLEEP!
  • Monday: beautiful walk on the beach and lunch in the little town, 1 workshop, 1 class, SLEEP!
  • Tuesday: 1 class, drive back to Auckland, fly home SLEEP! 

Best things about the trip:

  • meeting up with a friend I've not seen or heard of since early 20s!
  • meeting amazing Nia communities
  • spending time with Penny
  • walking on the beach
  • making new friends
  • a lady in the last class signed up for the white belt and arrived yesterday!

What's next?

  • The New Zealand tribe have initiated the idea of a 7-10 day Texas retreat at Soma Ranch! We'll have daily Nia classes, fun at the ranch, field trips, boating and include a night out at a true Texan dance hall!
  • I plan to return next year, hope Joe will accompany me and enjoy a balance between me teaching classes and having a vacation!
  • Possibility of providing a 5 day coaching retreat for Blue belts in New Zealand



Nia Christchurch



Nia Nelson



Nia Hamilton



Nia Matakana



Congratulations Nia Budapest Blues

Oh My! what an amazing week we had. Hanging around Kinga (Nia training host in Budapest) for the past 7 years has been a wonderful journey. Every training feels like it gets better, I'm at the point of awe wondering how it can improve from here. 

Pam Morris attended to revisit the blue, she took my 4th ever white belt in 2000, then Blue belt in 2002 and I've not seen her since. Amazing to see Pam after all this time, I'm inspired by the life and Nia community she has manifested through tenacity, passion, love and kindness. At the age of 65 Pam teaches 7 classes a week and consistently attracts 35+ per class.

It's ridiculously easy and affordable to travel to Budapest. We've had ladies join us from Austria, the UK, Sweden, Germany, Bulgaria, Transylvania, Romania, Turkey, Finland, France and more. Here Jane Lancaster shares her experience of coming to Hungary from the UK to revisit some of the Nia Blue Belt training.

Here's a slide show of the week, I hope it gives you a HINT of the joy experienced at these very special Nia training weeks.

Amazing Medicine Woman Retreat

We enjoyed a fabulous Medicine Woman Retreat. With so many laughs, some tears, lots of healing, bundles of joy and great friendships kindled. We had folks come who had never experienced Nia before, others were Nia participants and some were Nia teachers. 2 teachers went home and taught Medicine Woman THAT MONDAY i.e. the following day after the retreat. Kathy from Dallas was so inspired she signed up to take the Nia White belt in December.

The weekend was so great we've decided to make it an annual event. Hope you can join us in 2018.  Click for more information

Congratulations Nia Blue Belts

A wonderful week was enjoyed by all. Nia trainings at Soma Ranch seem to get better every time! 

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 4.29.48 PM.png

As I reflect on what an honor it was to host 15 folks during the week, my tail wags!

I enjoy small groups (2-6) and also find large groups (like 50!) to be very easy to lead.

However groups of 12-18 participants bring a lovely level of balance between group dynamics and intimacy, a delight for me, Joe, Soma Ranch and Phelps also had a great week ;-)