Nia Magical Dreams come True!

Something very pleasing happens inside of me when (in preparation for a white belt) I pack the schedules.

YIPEE!!  Somehow a magical moment in time is created. A confirmation of YES! another dream has come true! (both for me and each of the participants!)

Now of course I'm assuming everyone will show up tonight....  

Either way we have public Nia classes every day at 10am and special events.


We have folks coming in from the East and the West! Please welcome:



10am Nia Classes at Soma Ranch

Our classes are growing and the local community is blossoming! With this increased interest (and the upcoming Nia White belt and BES retreat) we've expanded our class schedule for July.

10am Nia continues (as usual) Every Monday and Thursday, and lots of extra days and special events (see below). All classes are $15 drop in or $40 for 4. Show up! no pre-registration required. A text to 832-567-4550 makes Helen smile with anticipation.

  • Monday, July 3
  • Thursday, July 6
  • Monday, July 10
  • Thursday, July 13
  • Friday, July 14
  • Saturday, July 15
  • Sunday, July 16
  • Monday, July 17
  • Tuesday, July 18
  • Thursday, July 20
  • Monday, July 24
  • Tuesday, July 25
  • Wednesday, July 26 (PMS)


Evening Classes/Special Events:

  • Friday, July 14  6:00pm  Nia in the Pool!
  • Saturday, July 15 7:30pm  Mask & the Mirror
  • Sunday, July 16 6:00pm Praise Move and Sweat
  • Monday, July 24 7:30pm Chakra Movement Meditation
  • Tuesday, July 25 7:30pm Dark Side of the Moon
  • Wednesday, July 26 10:00am Praise Move Sweat

Soma Sauna House!

Soma Ranch has a new addition, thanks to the amazing talents of Soma Ranch co-owner, Joe Terry. The well house is converted into a wonderful sauna sanctuary. Enjoy lovely views while detoxing in the far infra red waves. The lap pool is only a short skip and a jump away. Recommended recipe for relaxation & detox:

  1. unwind in the sauna,
  2. dive into the sparkling pool,
  3. relax in a hammock under the tree,
  4. drink essential oil infused alkaline water
  5. slip into mineral therapeutic hot tub,
  6. lounge by pool, listening to the birds,
  7. REPEAT!

Congrats Budapest Nia White Belts

Congratulations to Nia White Belt graduates. An amazing group of women came together and magic happened. Enjoy this slide show which captures many memorable moments.

Best thing to do after a long flight

Michele Keyes (UK Nia Black Belt) lives near Heathrow airport. We've got quite a routine working... she picks me up when I arrive in London around 7:30am. We share lots of giggles, and catch up, in the car.

A swift delicious smoothie at their home, refreshed and ready for teaching a 9:00am Nia class! My mum and dad enjoy class then take me home!

I find teaching a class to be the best thing to do after a long flight. My Mind and Body sync into the new time zone with ease. I'll be back Monday August 7, hope to see you on the dance floor!   Sign me UP!

If you want to know stillness move until you are unmoved by it!

I was deeply touched, first by a dance performance by Tate McRae, and again when choosing to transcribe the words shared by John Butler in an interview by Iain McNay. (it's the voice over in the dance performance). As we step into this Memorial Weekend I invite you to entertain stillness, engage presence of mind to truly BE in the experience and have an extraordinary time. Find things to do that engage you completely for sustained periods so your ability to be there, just be there, starts to return. If you're near Houston/Montgomery I can help this happen! Come dance! 

I run, I swim laps, and appreciate the level of stillness created in my mind from the endless monotony of these activities.

I also LOVE how the multi skilled task, of teaching a Nia class, demands I must go to an intensely silent place in my mind. The experience feels like I'm at the center of a whirling storm of senses, thoughts and feelings. I'm in a silent still place with the constant flow of potentially distracting random, unique things occurring constantly (music, moves, ideas, people, expression, noises, memories, nervousness), a well of inspiration I can draw from at any time without feeling the necessity, or desire, to "attach" at any time. It's a fabulous "vacation of presence" for an hour and I'm rather addicted!

Transcript from "Stillness - dance performance"

"When you find yourself deeply absorbed in just doing something, whether it is making an airfix model or painting a picture, whatever it is, see if you can see the really moving part of the experience is when you are so absorbed with it, for a moment you loose all sense of yourself.

The other thing is because we feel so unsettled, if we did have the space, we need distraction to draw us out of how we actually feel... so the point is.... One thing is to create space by bringing less into our lives so we have more space to enter into things. And the other is to settle ourselves enough so we can actually enjoy being there in the experience…    All the stress, agitation, tension we feel, shaking in the heart, the tension in our nerves from being constantly over stimulated, means we constantly need to be distracted from that thing.

When you are really attuned to what is going on, life is utterly exquisite, it’s extraordinary, everywhere you look…. Far more extraordinary than it looks, you understand, the real depth of it comes from how we feel when we enter it and that is what makes it exquisite...  That capacity to feel what we are part of. That stillness comes when you are utterly immersed in what you are doing… your mind is not arriving to disturb the stillness in the heart so …. we say….

If you want to know stillness move until you are unmoved by it!

Even if you don’t do that, find things to do in life that engage you completely for sustained periods so our ability to be there, just be there, starts to return.

What moves you to stillness? What speaks to you from this performance, words, interview? I'm curious to know and appreciate what you choose to share.  

A bonus of self love is getting to feel good


"one of the 

bonuses about

loving yourself

is that you get to

feel good" 

Louise Hay ~ Heart Thoughts 

"We have so much love in this world, and we have so much love in our hearts, and sometimes we forget. Sometimes we think there isn't enough, or there is a small amount. So we hoard what we have or we are afraid to let it go. We are afraid to let it out. But those of us who are willing to learn, realize that the more love we allow to flow out from us, the more there is within us, and the more we receive. It is endless and timeless. Love is really the most powerful healing force that there is. Without love we could not survive at all. If little tiny babies are not given love and affection, they wither and die. Most of us think we can survive without love, but we cannot. Love for ourselves is the power that heals us. Practice as much as you can."

Something I LOVE about providing retreats at Soma Ranch and teaching Nia is there are so many great opportunities to practice self love AND feeling good. We have some super retreats coming up. Come practice wonderful self-love, self-care and feel fabulous!

Congrats Nia Blue Belts

Oh what an amazing week! We had a wonderful time with 4 fabulous participants, several guests staying over night, local participants dropping by for public classes and special events. The joy of hosting at Soma Ranch seems to sustain and increase with every training/retreat.

Nia Blue Belt Guests

Please welcome guests arriving for our Nia Blue Belt training at Soma Ranch, May 3 - 8, 2017.

The Blue Belt focuses on Relationships, Communication and Intimacy (defined as paying attention to the details). 

Feel the joy of movement by joining us for public classes every day at 10am and deepen your experience by attending a special event. 

Brown Belt Bliss

Congratulations Nia Brown Belts. Oh how joyful to explore the Art of Perception and Energy with these wonderful women. A couple of quotes gleaned from Esther Arends new book "Journey Through The Body"  portrayed our thread, focus and experience.

"Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle." Marilyn Monroe

"Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand." Confucius

Dare to Dream, Dare to Dance

I’m filled to the top with delight, to witness how this adventure has unfolded.  Starting NiaMoves over 2 decades ago. I birthed an idea from the dream to create a community of people who loved to dance, connect and make a difference. When Kristie Bryant gallantly came along as my business partner in 2004, we took NiaMoves to the next level. It’s like we co-guided NiaMoves through middle and high school and when we sold the business last May it felt similar to when my daughter went off to college. Under the guidance of Angela Mestre, and the wonderful support of her husband John, they have pulled off an amazing feat. In only one year Studio NiaMoves has transformed beautifully in all realms. Physically the construction is breath taking (House transformed to a cafe, Studio redesigned). Mentally the ideas, creativity and follow through is off the charts. Emotionally the teachers, staff and key community members have come together. And the spirit of Studio NiaMoves is dancing vibrantly.

Wow! I only began to realize what a mile stone the Studio NiaMoves event was as I returned home last night. The evening was a fabulous celebration of 10 years in the present studio in the Houston Heights and raising funds for the Center for Success and Independence, to bring healing movement classes to the teens served at the Center.

Complete with wonderful food, performances and dancing, I felt both weird and wonderful to walk in, as a guest, to the studio and experience others organizing, welcoming and serving.

Angela, congratulations on dreaming big, for daring to step in, for having more courage than fear, for taking the Studio NiaMoves business to the next level and most of all for the amazing community you have cultivated. From the key teachers and members of staff, to blossoming community, you have weaved a beautiful web. Taking on a business with heart, that was birthed and developed by others, was a risk and I’m sure the transition has had many challenges. You have achieved so much in the past year and, as the founder of Studio NiaMoves, to step back and see what this wonderful business, studio and community has become, is awe inspiring. The future of Studio NiaMoves looks bright with Angela at the helm, guiding an amazing team, serving a wonderful community of like minded, big hearted people. Thank you for stepping in Angela, I wish you all the best.