Body Shadow Retreat Feb 15 - 17, 2019

New Years can be a great time to Self reflect, look for New Beginnings and let go of what no longer serves us. If you’re looking for an opportunity to do all 3 and more please consider our upcoming Body Shadow Retreat. With way less pain and much more gain I feel I processed 10 years of talk therapy in my first Authentic Movement therapy group sessions.

We're hosting a fabulous WHOLE WEEKEND retreat with Erica Lorentz in February, and would love you to join us! We've extended the Early Bird pricing through Feb 1 (save $150).

Let us know if you'd like to come (or be on the list for future retreats)

Hope you enjoy this little chat JoAnn and I had on Soma porch the day after the last Body as Shadow retreat.

We share how, in a relatively short period of time, we experienced great value from the immersed, nurturing, retreat experience.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 10.32.01 AM.png

We agreed how, even though folks came in with different personalities, abilities of moving and styles of learning we all enjoyed the process, learned from each other, felt safe and secure and benefitted from a most nurturing, healing environment.

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Reconnecting with Jenny Block

I met Jenny Block a few years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed witnessing her growth as a speaker and writer. I love witnessing how she courageously speaks out about what she not only feels passionate about but also feels is a very important message to share with women.

Last month Jenny was able to visit Soma Ranch for the first time. She beautifully shared her work and passion with Soma guests. We were all left very inspired and curious to know more. I’ve since read her book and am super excited to be hosting a special event with Jenny at Soma Ranch.

We’re please to announce Jenny is returning this upcoming week to offer an intro talk (Sunday, January 13, 7:30pm) with the option for one-on-one consultations if you’d like more information.

Sliding scale ($10 - $50) . Pay at the door.

Nia White Belt on Sale!

What better way to kick-off the new year than with a journey of self-discovery?

From Jan. 1st - Jan. 15th, all Nia White Belt Trainings are $300 off!

Explore the art of sensation, explore the new you.

At Soma Ranch we have a Nia white belt starting this Thursday (Jan 10th), with 7 folks signed up there is room for YOU to join us!

We also offer trainings in July, November and December.  For more information Click

The $300 off sale is valid WORLD WIDE now through January 15th, for ALL Nia White Belt trainings in 2019.

Run the Year


I’m laying out my clothes for the morning, feeling very excited.

For the 3rd year in a row I’ve participated in the run the year program.

Tomorrow (before 10am Nia class) I will complete 2018 miles in 2018.

This year I eased up on myself and allowed miles to be shared between walking and running, i.e. I didn't require I ran all 2018 miles.

This "allowance" has been kinder on my knees, while the goal is still a wonderful motivating factor.

Would you like to join me in 2019?

Here's a promo code to save $3 off the "Run the Year 2019" program. You can get T shirts, hat and a wonderful medal to mark your achievement.

We’ve set up a local Facebook group to help connect and motivate fellow walkers and runners.

Click this LINK to become part of the group.

You can do this solo or team up with up to 5. Split miles between members however you want!

Big shout out and thanks to my Mum who, (when I was down, thinking my goal was no longer achievable) helped me construct a spread sheet to show my dream was still possible.

It’s a great example of how setting goals, keeping records and plugging away, day by day, really add up.

I hope you’ll consider stepping in on this journey. It can be life changing and fun all at the same time.

Our Mission

RTE is a community where everyone is welcome regardless of age, skill, zip code, wallet size, job, or primary form of transportation. That’s why our mission is Everyone Included, Everyone Challenged, Everyone Successful.

Want a fabulous health & wellness kick start to 2019?

Nia White Belt 7 day course begins this Thursday, Jan 10. Would you like to dive in? 

The Nia White Belt Training is the first level of a five-belt training series that presents a body-centered approach to health, wellness and fitness. Those who choose to pursue the path of personal enrichment use this training as a starting point for becoming a master student. If you have a desire to share Nia in a professional capacity, the White Belt Training is your entryway into teaching.

You are invited to choose from:

  • attend the course, $1599

  • revisit the training, with 6 nights inclusive accommodation, $424

  • or retreat for the week, , with 6 nights inclusive accommodation, $424

  • relax with an overnight stay, $80

  • enjoy the treat of a day retreat $45

  • pop in for a Nia class! $15 or special event

Soma Nia Retreat
from 45.00

As an alternative to advertising, a Nia Retreat is our way of promoting/sharing Soma Ranch from within. Nothing sells like an experience at Soma Ranch!  Make your reservation, and begin relaxing at the mere thought of your upcoming retreat vacation.

Enjoy daily classes, special events and meals with Nia training participants. Then relax, enjoy Soma Ranch and explore the local Montgomery Area (explore Lake Conroe, Paddleboard, hike National Forrest, walk labyrinth, visit Wolf Sanctuary, attend Cowboy church/rodeo, shop local boutiques, enjoy local wineries)

This very special offer is limited to 4 people per Nia training week, and is contingent on availability. Email or call 832-567-4550 to confirm availability. 

For Dates and more information click

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Nia brings Global Friendships

I recently returned from a fabulous vacation with my daughter, Liliana, to Hawaii. I’m deeply touched as I recapitulate how the trip, and most of the details would not have happened without wonderful connections through the Nia Global community. Another wonderful thing about traveling to visit fellow Nia fans is we get to experience a vacation very different from the “tourist track”.

Liliana and I stayed at a wonderful elevated home with ocean view or the “windy side” of the Oahu island. This beautiful vacation stay was gifted by Mary who took the Nia Blue belt with me a decade ago! when we reconnected at her Nia Black Belt this summer, Mary offered her beautiful vacation home in gratitude for my help along her Nia journey! what a gift!!

I also had the opportunity to teach a class at the Still and Moving Center. I was here about 9 years ago, opening the studio with a Nia White Belt training. What a joy to witness how the studio has grown, and the community blossom, since it’s inception many years ago!

I also taught a class at the Honolulu Club for the first time. It’s a fantastic fitness and wellness facility in downtown Honolulu. 3 Nia teachers, who each have full time jobs, co share teaching regular Nia classes at the club twice a week. Talk about collaboration! it was a joy to reconnect with all 3 teachers, witness what they’ve co-created.and teach their class.

We enjoyed an amazing dinner, and tea party, with ocean view, at Renee’s home (she’s the owner of Still and Moving Center). We delighted seeing how their house has been completely rebuilt since we last stayed 9 years ago.

Through the magic of FaceBook I discovered fellow Nia teacher and studio owner Lola Manekin (from Baltimore) was also on the island. We met up for an early morning yoga class and coffee date!!

Then a short 45 minute flight to Maui to be picked up by long time Nia client (and now much more a friend!) Lynda Stobart. We had visited Lynda in Geneva 5 years ago on our Euro Rail 6 week adventure, when Liliana graduated from high school.

Lynda’s family relocated to Maui a couple of years ago. They’ve created an amazing “off the grid” home with ocean view. I’m inspired by this eco style living.

Lynda took us to local towns, coffee shops, we attended a couple of yoga classes, enjoyed local walks, boutiques, catching up and sharing stories. I even previewed a retreat center with the possibility of returning and offering classes and/or a retreat.

Thank you Nia for the connections and thank you friends for your generosity. We had an amazing and unique vacation which could only have been experienced through our friendships kindled through Nia.

2018 miles in 2018

As we approach the end of 2018 I'm close to completing the year in miles. i.e. achieving 2018 miles in 2018 is still possible!

With 1902.8 miles completed, 18 days to go, and 115.2 miles outstanding, my required average to complete 2018 miles is be presently 6.4 miles at day.

From previous experience (illness, injury, weather) I know achieving this goal is not "in the bag" yet.

I hope to kick out a few 10 miles days to make the goal super doable (rather than relying on having to run a marathon on Dec 31st!).

This year I eased up on myself and allowed miles to be shared between walking and running, i.e. I didn't require I ran all 2018 miles.

This "allowance" has been particularly kinder on my knees, while the goal to achieve 2018 miles in the year, is still a wonderful motivating factor to keep me moving and grooving on a regular basis.

Let me know if you'd like to join me in 2019. Here's a promo code to save $3 off the "Run the Year 2019" program. You can get T shirts, hat and a wonderful medal to mark your achievement.

Big shout out and thanks to my Mum who, (when I was down, thinking my goal was no longer achievable) helped me construct a spread sheet to show my dream was still possible. It’s a great example of how setting goals, keeping records and plugging away, day by day, can really add up.

The process I often follow is:

  1. the dream,

  2. breaking it down into goals,

  3. taking daily action,

  4. providing rewards for achievements along the way,

  5. calling on friends to stay motivated

Click this LINK for more information and to receive $3 off the “Run the Edge” program. Super motivating and helpful resource.

Our Mission

RTE is a community where everyone is welcome regardless of age, skill, zip code, wallet size, job, or primary form of transportation. That’s why our mission is Everyone Included, Everyone Challenged, Everyone Successful.

Congrats Nia White Belts

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 12.26.15 PM.png

Congratulations Nia White Belts;

  • Rose, Lesa and Toni.

Thank you

  • Ana Maria and Hànanda for re-visiting the Nia white belt,

  • Mary-Claire and Emma for popping in for a 3 night retreat on their way from UK to Mexico,

  • Jenny who, after 9 years of talking about coming, managed to put Soma dreams into reality, with a 2 night stay!

The weather was wonderful, allowing us to dance Nia outside on the lawn (both front and back), watch stars in the clear skies from the hot tub and enjoy an evening around the fire. Sharing s’mores with Ana for the first time was a blast!.

Conversations around the dinner table, giggles on the couch and time spent with donkeys all lend themselves to a most unique and nourishing experience at Soma Ranch.

Dancing with Lauren Daigle

I’m in LOVE with the new Lauren Daigle Album “Look Up Child”. Here’s a warm up I choreographed to the first track “Still Rolling Stone”. In Nia technique we have a process of matching moves to the music. Through an 8 stage process called FreeDance, we have a systematic guided approach of dancing freely to the music to allows “clicks” to settle.

These clicks are magical moments where, from a somatic (body centered) place, movements match the music, revealed in way that feels like coming from an unknown place. These clicks don’t come from habit, mental thoughts or logic, instead they feel vibrantly “alive”, new and are habit breaking.

Dancing, and riding this Nia 8 stages process, with music like Lauren Daigle, is a most delicious journey. Her lyrics, the soul of the music, the quality, details and structure of each song all contribute to an effortless, most rewarding and enjoyable ride!

There’s also some great modern/interpretive dances out on the internet. They passionately and creatively share and communicate this soul searching music through the body in a most inspiring way. Here’s one of my favorites:

We have choice

Yesterday we enjoyed a fabulous “open house” playing with the latest Nia Routine “GO”. Thank you all who choose to come join us. With participants, who feel more like friends, some coming for 10+, 15+ and 20+ years to attend classes with Helen, it was a great day to be alive!

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 6.23.19 AM.png

Attitude is the most important choice we can make. We made an attitude choice yesterday, and we make another choice today.

Let’s make a choice: participate. be a contributor. be optimistic. be curious. be a learner. be an encourager. bring out the best in others. give people the benefit of the doubt. forgive. be hopeful instead of fearful.

For the most part, you are not able to choose what happens today. All you can choose is what your attitude will be. And the choice you make will determine what kind of day it will be.

Thank you Jim’s Daily Awakenings for this inspiration

Who goes to Dubai for the weekend?

With a giggle, a dear friend left me a voice mail “who goes to Dubai for the weekend, Helen Terry!”. The message brought a big smile to my face. I truly adore my “job” and fortunately (as it’s a big requirement of my occupation) I LOVE to travel!


I spent last weekend in Dubai. Yes! I travelled 27 hours each way and enjoyed 2 days 2 nights in Dubai. I left Thursday evening and was home by Monday afternoon. While visiting Manal (long time Nia client, now more of a friend) I enjoyed fabulous sunshine, beach and COFFEE!! I shared an Ageless Grace certification and also re connected and danced with the local Nia community at the wonderful “just Be” yoga studio.

Nia technique is very much my focus and main occupation, AND I thoroughly enjoy sharing Ageless Grace as a supplementary, complimentary program. Ageless Grace is a wonderful program for body and brain. The simple 10 minutes a day practice has helped me (particularly my memory!) and many of my clients and students. It’s also been great for my Nia business, as curiously offering the Ageless Grace course attracts folks to Nia! I call this kind of alliance “cross pollination”, where beautiful friendships blossom.

The Ageless Grace program is created by Denise Medved, fabulous fellow Nia teacher and former Nia trainer.

Through Ageless Grace Seminars and Certifications:

  1. I help people exercise their body, brain and sense of humor muscle!

  2. Help care providers help themselves AND those they care for.

  3. Help folks stay vibrant as they age.

  4. Help students focus and relieve stress

  5. I meet fabulous educators who often have never heard of Nia, who go on to take Nia classes, if not invest in the Nia White Belt training!

  6. I witness Nia teachers who have been challenged to learn Nia routines, discover how to joyfully be more relaxed and spontaneous in their teaching and classes.

For more information about Nia visit

For more information about Ageless Grace visit

Here’s Denise on TedX sharing about what is the greatest health concern as folks age: Loosing brain function. Recent research shows changing your aging brain can be as simple as child’s play!

Denise Medved suggests that maintaining healthy neural pathways can be as simple as child's play. The internationally-known fitness entrepreneur challenges you to change your brain through fun, creative, physical movement, no matter what your age.

Weight Gain has little to do with our Metabolism.

The biggest reason you gain weight as you age has nothing to do with your metabolism | The Independent

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 6.19.49 PM.png

You've probably heard that once you hit 40, it's all downhill when it comes to your weight. That inexplicable force we call our metabolism does begin to grind a bit slower every year from age 30 onward.

Here's the good news: The rate at which your metabolism slows down is actually rather minimal. In reality, most weight gain that happens in midlife isn't the result of a slower metabolism at all. Instead, it comes down to a simple but changeable truth: As we get older, we get less and less active.

While this might sound depressing, it's actually great news. There's plenty we can do to counteract the slow, seemingly inevitable onset of poundage.

Simply getting more active can help reduce weight gain as we age. Consider taking a Nia class, attending classes more regularly, registering for a Nia Training or taking a retreat at Soma Ranch.

Read More

Body Shadow Retreat Nov 2 - 4, 2018

Hope you enjoy this little chat JoAnn and I had on Soma porch the day after the last Body as Shadow retreat.

We share how, in a relatively short period of time, we experienced great value from the immersed, nurturing, retreat experience.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 10.32.01 AM.png

We agreed how, even though folks came in with different personalities, abilities of moving and styles of learning we all enjoyed the process, learned from each other, felt safe and secure and benefitted from a most nurturing, healing environment.

Click here to REGISTER and receive more information about the upcoming Body Shadow retreat.

Celebrating 20 Years


We hosted a very special retreat for 3 very special women; Joy Brown, Laura Gass Weaver and Jan Stringer, who took the Nia White Belt training with Helen 20 years ago!


Joy, Laura and Jan now all live in different cities, and have rarely seen each other since the Nia White Belt training.

We cherished our time spent together, while reminiscing with joy, the many fun times we’ve experienced over the last 2 decades.

Little did any of us know or realize what an adventure would unfold from the Nia training experienced 20 years ago.

Thank you Joy, Laura and Jan for your wonderful friendship and support over the years.

We found some old photos from the training and played with recreating the “pose”. Enjoy the “Then and Now”

Treats for feeling Happy and Healthy with Age

I popped over to the UK for 3 days. My 80 year young dad was going in for a small procedure that required general anesthetic. I’m really glad I went, in fact I’m close to over the moon about it!

I love when choices and decisions feel this great. There’s no where else in the world I’d rather have been this last weekend. I love how I feel I have the best parents imaginable. Dad is recovering spectacularly. Here’s what my parents did minutes before my dad headed for surgery. I’m inspired, and feel extremely blessed, to witness how my parents age so happy and healthy.

My parents attend yoga on a weekly basis, walk daily, eat healthy, book fun activities and travel often. They align with the centurion project: successful 100 year old people, have 2 things in common.

  1. live fully in the present

  2. book things to look forward to

Practicing yoga and meditation and enjoying programs like Ageless Grace and Nia Technique are extremely beneficial for feeling happy and healthy.

This short documentary of Life Lessons from 100 Year Olds, is inspirational. We can benefit from listening to and learn much from folks who show, through example, how to live long, happy and healthy lives.

Tricks on How to Feel Energized and Sleep Fabulously after flying.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 11.37.24 AM.png

Last weekend I “popped” over to the UK for the weekend. I love to travel, feel energized from the journey and sleep fabulously. Folks ask me “how to you do that?” Here’s how:


  • don’t drink alcohol

  • don’t drink caffeine

  • don’t sleep upon arrival until bedtime

  • don’t look at watch

  • don’t eat the airline food

  • don’t eat gluten or sugar


  • keep hydrated

  • pre-order a fruit plate or at least gluten free meal.

  • get up every hour while flying

  • practice feet on the floor, sensing body and following breath (1 minute an hour)

  • wear noise cancelling head phones

  • drink Apple Cider Vinegar (before, during, after flight)

  • drink Greens (I love Body Ecology Vitality Greens powder)

  • get outside and take a walk ASAP after landing

  • drink coffee ASAP the first morning upon arriving

  • take a soak in water ASAP upon arriving (at least shower, preferably bath and hot tub or ocean is the best!)

Align with the concept “thoughts become things”. I choose to believe Jet Lag doesn’t exist, imagine, with super powers, I’m kept free from Jet Lag and POOF! 95% of the time it works. I land, I walk, I dance, I sleep at bed time and feel fabulous, 100% synced into the new time zone, the next day. Here’s some tricks to help manifest a “jet lag free” experience.

Before the Flight

A couple of days before the flight eat as clean as possible, sometimes go down to fruit, smoothies or veggie pureed soups, only. When possible, fast, it’s the best! I make an extra effort to get up early, practice yoga, get outside for a daily run/walk and take/teach a Nia class. Also call the airline to confirm pre-ordered special meal (fruit plate or gluten free). Drink magnesium before going to bed (Calm) and take a bath.

During the Flight

Avoiding airline food seems to help. Choose to fast or take fruit, snacks and cooked veggies from home.

Taking green powder on to the plane (like Body Ecology Vitality Greens) is a great proactive move. Pack a glass bottle (like a recycled Kombucha bottle) with green powder in the bottom, on to the plane. When the attendants come through, ask them to fill your glass bottle with water. Then simply put on the lid, shake and enjoy a lovely green drink! Green powder drinks are sustaining, alkaline and super healthy. They are fabulous for helping to avoid craving sugar.

Pack an insulated mug with lid on the plane and bring favorite tea bags (my favorites are peppermint, chamomile and bengali). When the attendant comes through, ask for hot water in your tea mug. They usually have to go to the back to fill it up, giving them the lid helps as it’s easier to carry without spilling. The lid also keeps your tea hot for longer!

Noise Cancelling head phones have changed my travel experience AND LIFE!! Watch movies, listen to downloaded relaxation and/or focus music. (one of my favorites is the ultimate Nap CD) or simply enjoy the magical silence these head phones bring.

After the flight

When I travel to a time zone that’s 1-2 hours behind my usual, I love to keep close to my usual time zone. For example when I go to Portland (2 hours behind Texas CST) I get up at 4am, I get some work done, take and early run/walk and find I tired and ready for bed by 9pm.

When I travel to Europe (9 - 15 hours of travel and 5 - 7 hours time difference) I usually arrive in the morning, I get outside for a walk as soon as possible and do everything possible to stay awake until at least 8pm in the new time zone.

Earth and water activities help combat us being air out of balance from flying. For example: being outside, walking, running, getting a massage, taking a hot shower, bathing before bed (even better getting in a pool, hot tub or the ocean) applying lotion or oils on the skin, massaging lavender oil in to the soles of feet before bed.

Not being a daily coffee drinker has benefits. When I travel I LOVE the treat of a coffee on the morning of arrival, it gives me energy and helps my body sustain through the day. Dropping a tablespoon of coconut oil is earthy, grounding, sustaining and delicious!

Helen in Europe

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.53.45 AM.png

Helen is facilitating a Nia Blue Belt in Budapest November 13 - 19, would you like to join us? You could take the blue belt, revisit the training or simply enjoy daily classes!

Budapest is a wonderful city, the studio is centrally located opposite the Opera House, surrounded by fabulous restaurants, cafes and my favorite coffee shop on the planet!

You could create a unique vacation exploring the city, balanced with enjoying daily Nia classes, experiencing being part of a great Nia community at the infamous “shift” studio.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 12.53.27 PM.png

On my way to Budapest I’m dropping in on Geneva and Lausanne to offer a day of special Nia classes and events, Sunday November 11.

The spark of inspiration to visit these lovely Nia communities came from the desire to celebrate Tamara Janser who has opened a new Nia Studio.

Who knew! taking a Nia class can connect us to a web of great movers around the globe!

Beam me up! ~ delights of Nia 1st Degree Black Belt

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 9.05.56 PM.png

I’m a recent Nia 1st Degree Black belt graduate!

In my opinion this amazing Nia training, is “off the charts”. I brought my Nia White, Green, Blue, Brown and Black belt knowledge and experience to the training, however this course really stands alone.

Someone with no Nia experience could have a transformational, amazing healing experience attending the Nia 1st Degree Black belt.

My fun standard statement is

in an ideal world, everyBody would take the Nia White Belt as a pre-requisite to attending a Nia class”.

My new additional statement is

everyBody should go through all the Nia belts (from white to black) simply so they may have entrance to the amazing 1st Degree Nia Black belt experience

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 8.58.06 PM.png

I LOVED being a student and cherished the opportunity to learn, dance and laugh with fellow Nia Black belts. I was touched to realize more than half the participants on the course had taken at least one training with me; to dance with them as peers and friends was a gift.

I only realized on my way home (while noticing how GREAT I felt!) it was the first “new to me” training I had attended in 22 years. That is 22 years ago I took the Nia Black Belt for the first time! Since then I’ve attended many trainings, and lead even more, however I’ve not been blessed with the opportunity to experience a new higher level course. I’ve also never been guided by Debbie Rosas (master teacher trainer and co-creator of Nia Technique) solo before. In her cooperative & collaborative spirit, Debbie usually trains accompanied by other trainers.

The course is beyond words.

We were flooded with amazing music, guest teachers, key concepts and fabulous multi media resources like this inspirational Flamenco clip.

Timing, frequency, vibration, genius, wisdom and brilliance are a few words that begin to capture the experience. Enjoy this clip as a flavor for the potential of 1st Degree Black belt and if you’re a Nia Black belt don’t walk, RUN! to sign up for 1st Degree Black Belt training ;-)

Here’s more information:

First Degree Black Belt

Focus: Art of Self | Intent: To explore your personal potential 

Art of Self is a profound step on the Nia Journey. It is the Belt that celebrates not just you, but your advanced potential. It's about stepping even further, out of your excellence and into your genius. Being in genius, in the zone, means letting go. It is expressed in beauty, power, and wisdom of spirit. It sets you free in Sacred Movement. It moves you further into brilliance. It is a movement dedicated to a single purpose and person: YOU.

The desire for First Degree is "more". More personal knowing and more about how to live in a world of pleasure, purpose, and freedom. Plato wrote that "all knowledge is already within us, no one really teaches anything new." In First Degree Black Belt, we remind each other of the archetypal principles of our nature, our body and how our spirit knows more but we have forgotten. 

The origins of First Degree Black Belt come from over thirty years of body-mind movement exploration. It takes you through Nia's White, Blue, Brown and Black Belts, further into Aikido and Sacred Geometry, all of which impacted Nia. This is the Belt that takes you beyond your wildest dreams. 

How It Works
The dan is a ranking system, a Japanese mark of level used in martial arts that was created by Kanō Jigorō (1860-1938) in 1883. The word dan literally means "step" or "stage", and is commonly equated with a - degree.

This training gives you 13 Tools called "vital factors", influenced by the medical term "vital sign." Each "vital factor" provides an energetic foundation to stretch and expand your relationship with Nia's 52 Principles and Nia TAS's; Triad Affirmation Spells. Each is a lesson to explore you and the expression of Nia in her finest form, which has always been more than physical. Gracing this training is a technique Nia believes contributes to the champion of all personal greatness: the beginner's mind.

What Does Beginner Mean To You?
Beginner implies you know nothing. You are empty. It means you consciously forget what you know from the past. You don't anticipate the future, you have nothing. You are simply here, not preoccupied with yesterday, tomorrow or even today.

Mind refers to the part of you that directs your thinking, actions, and choices. This salient training has been crafted with the concept of Omoto, "the great origin", and with respect to the "inquisitive" body-mind-emotion-spirit, you are.

Debbie's Personal Invitation To Start At The Beginning

I invite you to forget what you know. To trust in your eagerness to learn, and from start-to-finish, enter into your beginner's mind. Let's play. 

Ask yourself the question, "what does origin mean to me?" I arrived at the understanding that to me, "great origin" refers to the beginning, the moment of creation when I am fully present and in the moment of now. Be here with me... now.

Debbie Rosas
Founder + Co-creator of Nia Technique

Congratulations Nia Green Belts


Oh my! what a wonderful Nia Training. These girls were ON FIRE with regards what they brought to the training and their relationship with learning. The progress in teaching Nia, and their personal movement technique, improved dramatically over the 5 day course.


Different to all other belts the Nia Green belt does not bring more principles with regards the Nia curriculum. Instead the Nia Green belt brings development from principles from the White belt (for example exploring how to pair Universal Joy (~ how to sense the pleasure of vitality, life force energy, moving through us) with Universal Dance (~ how we each have a way to move fully alive; an organic, untrained, unique way of moving systemically).

The Nia Green belt also brings practical skills and drills specifically designed to help teachers teach better with increased precision and relaxation all at the same time.


With 8 engaged, keen participants on the course, Helen provided plenty of one-on-one coaching, where the rest of the group participated as the class. This is a most effective way of providing specific personalized coaching, while the entire group benefits. i.e. most often what one person needs to learn is also beneficial for the rest of the group to witness and learn from.

Cindy Miller visited Soma Ranch for the first time. She enjoyed joining us for classes and meals, and took the time to balance self care and work preparation while we were in sessions.

Jo-Ann Pinel took the Nia Green Belt several years ago. She returned wanting to improve her teaching. She shared a precious feedback “I returned with a wish to improve how I teaching, including how I cue in class. Through the training I developed hope that cueing precisely and effectively was possible, by the end of the course I KNOW I have the skills and ability to achieve my goal”

Nia Blue Belt Guests Share Their Soma Experience

We were super honored to have Cambrey Lindsey, one of NiaMoves’ lead teachers, come attend the recent Nia Blue Belt. Thank you Cambrey for sharing how you enjoyed your time at Soma Ranch.

Thank you Maria for traveling all the way from Australia and for sharing from your heart how you received nourishment at Soma Ranch.

Thank you Rachel for choosing Soma Ranch as your place for healing. For identifying your need for both emotional and physical healing and for sharing how you benefitted from your stay at Soma Ranch.