The People

We are a team, a small family business, a collection of like minded folks who love life and want to be an inspiration to others.


Helen Terry

“Ranchess”… I teach, I train, I dance…
Renowned international speaker and trainer specializes in manifesting and realizing dreams for herself and others.


Joe Terry

Helen’s husband Joe treats everything incredibly and impeccably like a piece of art. He brings 20 years experience in construction and 18 years in the restaurant business.

Joe was the mastermind behind making Helen’s dream retreat facility a physical manifestation, the backbone of the Ranch conversion construction and development. The result... an inspirational, breath-taking retreat facility. Joe is the recipient of the Nia “Creative Sacred Livelihood” award. He is the chef and facilities director during events. Joe brings many talents, skills, and experiences to Soma Ranch that makes a difference in the life of each visitor.


Liliana Terry

Our teenage daughter, an avid photographer, provided many photos for this website. Super general help when needed.



Amazing chef assistant, supports Joe and steps in solo as needed.



Behind the scenes angel, on call as needed for cleaning, painting, and cooking. All in all a fabulous cheerleader and supporter of Soma Ranch.



Super talented massage therapist.



Entertaining and knowledgeable reflexologist who provides group detox foot path experiences.