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Nia 5 Stages

Nia 5 stages

Nia 5 Stages

Focus: Art of Self Healing

Intent: To facilitate optimal function and comfort in the body. 

As integrative practice based on the five developmental stages humans experience from the embryo to walking, Nia 5 Stages supports your body holistically to sustain mobility, flexibility, strength, agility and stability. Whether a Nia teacher, movement practitioner, somatic educator, health professional or individual seeking healing, this 2 day course provides a new skill set to add to your realm of expertise and practice.

"For everyone looking to dive into the wisdom of The Body's Way, Nia 5 Stages is your answer. As a lover of the body, always interested in learning the how, what, and why, this unique somatic course makes it possible to learn, practice and teach what you love. During the course of the training and teacher apprenticeship, you will explore 52 unique lesson plans designed to teach you and your student what makes living and moving in the body an amazing sensory experience."

Debbie Rosas
Founder + Co-creator of Nia Technique

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